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8 Day Nordic Hiking, Yoga, Fitness, and Health Retreat in British Columbia

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa, 3800 North Street, Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC V0G 1A0 Canada

Canada Luxury Wellness Retreat

Imagine an all-inclusive luxury wellness retreat that not only takes care of your every need but also ensures you improve your health at the same time. At Mountain Trek’s award-winning fitness retreat and health spa in the lush nature of Canada, it’s easy to slow down, reverse the effects of aging, and feel healthy again. You’re going to relax fully and sleep deeply, reduce your stress, reset your metabolism, and dramatically change your body composition, increasing muscle and losing weight.

Meet the instructors

Kyla, Jenn, & Kristy
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  • Daily guided fitness hikes
  • Evening functional fitness classes
  • Gentle release and mobility yoga in the mornings
  • All organic, nutritionist-designed, and chef-prepared meals daily
  • Enjoy various health and lifestyle workshops
  • 3 50-minute therapeutic massages
  • 7 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Yoga styles

8 days with instruction
Group size: Maximum of 12 participants
Airport transfer included: West Kootenay Regional Airport
Airport transfer included: Spokane International Airport
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Check-in Time:


  • Gym
  • Hot spring
  • Hot tub / Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Steam room
  • Swimming pool (outdoor)
  • Dining area
  • Fireplace
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga studio
  • Library

Nestled in the lush forests of British Columbia, Mountain Trek’s beautiful modern timber frame lodge is the perfect place for resetting your wellness. It features all the amenities required to help you reduce stress, detox, eat well, and get fit again while you enjoy the surroundings of one of the most beautiful environments on earth.

The lodge boasts a vast yoga room and gymnasium that look out over Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains. The state-of-the-art spa has an infrared sauna, steam room, multiple private massage rooms, an outdoor jacuzzi, and a hydro-therapy plunge pool. Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, luxury linens, bathrobe, and organic, natural bath products to enjoy.


  • Large yoga room featuring a glass wall overlooking the lake and mountains
  • Outdoor spa area including a hot tub and cold plunge pool
  • Indoor spa area including steam room, infrared sauna, and massage rooms
  • Relaxing living room with wood-burning fireplace, comfortable couches, and library
  • Gymnasium featuring free weights, rowing machines, spinning bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and other exercise equipment
  • Dining room with views of the grounds, lake, and mountains, featuring a custom-built hardwood table that seats 16
  • Private bedrooms with ensuite bathroom, bathrobe, organic and natural bath products, and luxury linens
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry service

More than a lodge

It’s important to note that Mountain Trek is so much more than just a destination, it’s the most successful health and fitness program in North America. Mountain Trek’s health program is designed to change the way you live. It is not a diet. It is not a fad. It is a way of life, based on common practices of the healthiest populations from around the world.

Spa, sauna, and mineral hot springs

You need to reward your body with some rest and relaxation after your hike. Enjoy the mountain views or/and watch the stars come out in the new hot tub and plunge pool, relax in the sauna, or experience one of nature’s finest gems, the local mineral hot springs. Your body will thank you!

The spa facilities are designed with you in mind. The recent updates include an all-new hot tub and plunge pool facility overlooking Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains, that encourages your relaxation and detoxification. The large infrared sauna and steam sauna are also available for your pleasure. Enjoy unlimited access to the all-natural mineral hot springs right next door during your stay.-

  • Spa pool

The new, larger spa tub is great for resting after your hike and relaxing well-worked muscles. Socialize, drink in the views or just close your eyes and unwind to the sound of nature.

  • Walk-in shower

Located immediately beside the steam room and the infrared sauna is a private walk-in shower where you can cool down and cleanse.

  • Steam room

The steam room will get you sweating in no time, helping to release your body’s toxins and encourage relaxation before sleep.

  • Infrared sauna

There is nothing like an infrared sauna to penetrate deep into the tissue. This detoxification method is very popular and provides incredible results.

  • Cold plunge pool

For the brave, a hydrotherapeutic plunge in the cold pool is perfect for resetting your metabolism, increasing circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system, and shedding fat.

  • Mineral hot springs

Located beside the BC location is a true gem, natural mineral hot springs. Experience several different pools including one of the only hot spring cave pool formations on earth.


Spend a week or two at the beautiful British Columbia lodge and receive the individualized attention you deserve. Nestled in the pristine mountains, Mountain Trek allows you to retreat from your busy urban lifestyle and truly reconnect with yourself and with nature. The all-inclusive program, which runs from Saturday to Saturday, hosts a maximum of 16 guests, and the experienced, caring staff, ensure you’ll be well taken care of your entire stay. While here, you’ll have nothing to worry about except immersing in your health reset.

What the health retreat accomplishes

  • Changes body composition (increase muscle, lose weight/fat) by Nordic Hiking three-four hours daily and proper nutrition.
  • Lowers stress levels (cortisol hormone) by spending time in the spa, immersing in nature, and limiting digital device use.
  • Improves sleep quality by raising melatonin through nature immersion, reduction of screen time, and spa time before bed.
  • Increases and sustains energy levels by balancing key hormones.
  • Detoxifies your body by accelerating eliminatory systems and removing inflammatory foods such as sugar, alcohol, starch, and processed food.
  • Improves metabolic rate and gut microbiome health through organic, gourmet spa-cuisine and proper meal timing.
  • Strengthens mental health by reducing anxiety and self-criticism through mindfulness education and training.
  • Plus: Raises human growth hormone levels (youth hormones), weight loss, increased creativity, improved skin health, deeper sleep, and toxin elimination.


Not happy with your body composition? Burn fat and gain strength as you hike the majestic trails of British Columbia with expert guides, do sunrise yoga, and exercise classes overlooking a lake.


Low on energy and constantly feeling bloated? Eat chef-prepared spa cuisine in the right portions at the right time, increasing, and sustaining your energy levels and improving gut health.


Feeling burnt out, anxious, or just need to slow down? Unplug from your stressors as you immerse in deep nature during the day and find tranquility in the spa and lodge at night.


Exhausted? Sleep deeply after a day of hiking, proper nutrition, and a therapeutic massage in the spa. Calm your mind to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.


Feel toxic inside? Eat clean, organic spa cuisine every meal. Eliminate sugar, alcohol, and caffeine, and reduce screen time. Reduce inflammation (number one cause of dementia and cancer).

Weight loss

Hiking, proper nutrition, stress management, sleep, and detoxification all come together in harmony to have a profound compounding effect on your body composition.

What to expect

The Mountain Trek program was carefully designed by doctors and wellness experts to be the most transformative health experience in the world. The success of guests is why they’ve been rated the "#1 Health Retreat in the US & Canada". Like climbing a mountain, this success does not come without effort. Mountain Trek is not a sit-by-the-pool, put cucumbers on your eyes, and sleep all day retreat.

Mountain Trek is for guests who dare to challenge the status quo, get outside and get a little dirty, and fight for the greatest gift you have, your health.

Sample daily program schedule

The following will help you imagine a day at Mountain Trek, where they have worked relentlessly with doctors and wellness experts to design the most transformative health retreat in the world. From the moment you arrive, every detail is planned for and taken care of, allowing you to fully relax and immerse in the experience. Every day offers a new hiking location, health talk, exercise class, menu, personal/relaxation time, clean mountain air, and outstanding views:

  • 06:00 Gentle wake up

If the songbirds don’t wake you up first, then Mountain Trek will gently tap on your door.

  • 06:15 Break your fast

Nourish the body and "break the fast" with a revitalizing tonic and protein shake in the dining room.

  • 06:30 Sunrise yoga

Greet the day with a gentle yoga stretch class while you watch the sunrise over the mountains. As you stroll into the yoga studio in the morning you’ll notice the sun starting to shine through the floor-to-ceiling windows, treating you to postcard views of the mountains and Kootenay Lake. At the yoga and hiking retreat, begin each day with Hatha yoga, using gentle poses and deep breathing to awaken the mind and prepare the body for a day of activity.

While with Mountain Trek, you’ll begin each day with a calming and gentle yoga session for one hour. You’ll flow through a combination of restorative, meditative, and active poses, specifically designed to support the program and prepare you for an active day on the trails and in the gym. The yoga instructor gently guides you and makes sure you enjoy maximum benefit from each pose.

  • 07:30 Breakfast

Enjoy a nutritious and delicious breakfast in the scenic dining room overlooking Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains.

  • 08:00 Check-in

Review the upcoming day with the guides and learn about the exciting hiking destination and upcoming weather.

  • 08:30 Depart for a hike

A variety of world-class Nordic fitness trekking trails awaits you after a short scenic drive in the four-wheel-drive vehicles. Each three to four-hour fitness hike is unique and they've picked the very best the area has to offer, taking full advantage of the local provincial parks and trails. Guests are divided into three to four fitness-based groups and led by experienced hiking guides trained in "Wilderness First Aid".

Lunch is eaten each day at a convenient spot along the trail, usually a scenic location such as a waterfall, alpine lake, meadow, or glacier-fed river. In addition to being a highly rewarding health program, they’re one of the most amazing hiking vacations in Canada, you will love the gorgeous hikes!

  • 12:30 Picnic lunch on the trail

The chefs prepare all your snacks and your delicious and hearty lunch, exactly what you’re looking for in a fulfilling meal on the trail.

  • 15:30 Return to lodge

Take time to shower or enjoy a hot tub soak, relax, and enjoy the accomplishment of your hike.

  • 16:00 Lifestyle talks

The unique health talks will teach you things you never knew about fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep, and detoxification.

  • 17:15 Enjoy dinner

The gourmet spa cuisine dinners are rich in color and variety. Prepare to enjoy fresh, tasty, organic, and very satisfying dishes.

  • 18:00 Fitness class

Participate in a fun evening fitness class such as circuit training, spin class, strength training, cardio class, and more.

  • 19:00+ Massage and detox

Relax with a massage and detox treatment in the spa or sauna. At the BC location, you can also visit the natural mineral hot springs, just five minutes away.

Is Mountain Trek right for you?

The Mountain Trek program has been designed, delivered, and evolved over the past two decades to help guests reclaim their fitness and health. They carefully and intentionally share and implement science-based methods that raise your metabolism, balance key hormones, reduce cellular inflammation, and modulate your endocrine and nervous systems. The result is lasting, genuine health improvements.

Guests attend because they are serious about improving their health, physically and mentally. They understand that while sitting by the pool with cucumbers on their eyes and a cocktail in their hand sounds relaxing, it won’t result in a happier, healthier life beyond that immediate moment.

As seen above, the retreat follows a specifically designed schedule and has some key inclusions and exclusions. Please send an inquiry to request more information or if you have questions.

Health talks and educational lectures

Life doesn’t come with a manual but Mountain Trek's lifestyle health talks come close. They cover the basics of wellness and give you the latest scientific and societal learnings so you can make the best health and preventative decisions possible.

Each afternoon and some mornings, the program director or one of the facilitators will lead informal talks on a variety of subjects that directly relate to the program experience. The insight provided will help you understand the inter-related nature of all facets of wellness, thereby achieving your health goals. The topics are based on the latest scientific information, years of clinical experience, as well as everything the in-house experts have learned over the past decade.

  • Stress

Explore your individual needs and stressors. Find ways to break the stress cycle and balance your needs for vitality.

  • Nutrition

Learn from the enthusiastic nutritionist about meal timings, composition, nutritional support, and the root cause of the muffin top.

  • Metabolism

Explore the metabolic phases and some of the actions you can engage in to boost your metabolic rate while balancing your hormones.

  • Sleep

Learn how sleep works on a natural and scientific level. Supporting your sleep cycle with healthful tips for insomnia, snoring, and other sleep-related issues.

  • Fitness

Get the formulas to switch your metabolism and start burning fat. Understand the importance of strength training and stretching in your fitness goals.

  • Detox

Releasing toxins and keeping them out is important for long-term wellness. Learn how your body detoxes and get tips for ongoing toxin release.

  • Goal setting

Start a fitness journal or make an exercise log to keep you on track. Achieve what you set out to do with take-home goals.

  • Will power

Learn about the importance of believing in what you do. These one-on-one sessions will provide lifestyle guidance and help you take the next step.

  • Success

Learn how to take the success of your Mountain Trek retreat home, with a realistic take-home plan that ensures long-term success.

Nordic Fitness Trekking

There are a few resorts and programs around North America that offer hiking as a small component of their fitness regimens but what differentiates Mountain Trek is the fact their main activity is so much more than just hiking: it’s "Nordic Fitness Trekking"!

A fun, off-road cousin to Nordic Walking, Nordic Fitness Trekking not only gets you outside and enjoying the best gym in the world it also helps to engage 90 percent of your body’s muscles. It’s the perfect sport for those who want to see beautiful sites, burn calories, get fit, and work off the kinks from sitting for so long every day. Here are some other benefits from Nordic Fitness Trekking:

  • Mountain Trek employs "Postural Ergonomic" instruction to maximize muscle power while avoiding joint injury
  • Mountain Trek utilizes "Nordic Trekking Poles" to ensure a full body workout, increased cardio output, and to protect knees on the downhills
  • Your core stabilizer muscles are strengthened by trekking on varying terrain
  • Everyone’s stress hormone, cortisol, is lowered (research proves that 50 minutes in “complex” nature lowers cortisol and raises “feel good” hormones, serotonin and oxytocin)
  • Detoxification is encouraged via deep breathing clean, oxygenated air, and releasing toxins through the lungs
  • You’ll sleep better and deeper thanks to the physical exertion coupled with fresh, clean air

Have a look at the video above which depicts the program director, Kirkland Shave, participating in the style of Nordic Fitness Trekking, promoted at Mountain Trek. You’ll notice his back is straight, knees are bent and his arms are fully engaged: they’re bent at a 90-degree-angle and when he plants his poles, he uses his triceps to drive the poles down into the earth.

Another main benefit of the Nordic Fitness Hiking activity includes an increased sense of personal accomplishment! After all, nothing beats the empowered feeling of getting to the top of a mountain!

How to prepare

The nutritionist and kinesiologist recommend adopting the following guidelines leading up to your retreat, ideally beginning one month prior:

  • Eat fibrous breakfasts
  • Consume smaller, low-carb dinners; breakfast and lunch should make up 2/3 of your daily calories
  • At least two fruits and two to three cups of vegetables per day
  • Less caffeine
  • At least eight glasses of water daily
  • Fewer refined carbohydrates, such as white breads and pasta
  • One multivitamin daily
  • Less salt when cooking and snacking
  • Increase your cardio activity
  • Aim to hit at least 10,000 steps daily
  • Increase leg strength when possible, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator


Kyla Tucker

Jenn Keirstead

Kristy Shields

Retreat location

Located in the village of Ainsworth Hot Springs, a beautiful 45-minute drive up the lake from the world-famous Nelson, British Columbia, Mountain Trek’s lodge is easily accessible, yet removed from it all.

Nelson, British Columbia

Mountain Trek is located in the Kootenays, a region of South-Eastern British Columbia. Just 45 minutes north-east of the ever-unique town of Nelson, they are ideally situated to take full advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer. Mountain Trek is a proud member of the Nelson & Kootenay Lake Tourism Council.


During this retreat, all organic, nutritionist-designed, and chef-prepared cuisine tailored to your food preferences are included.

Portion controlled spa cuisine

At Mountain Trek, they care about your overall wellness and balanced health, and this means focusing on your nutrition in addition to your fitness, serving you delicious, nutritious food at the right time in the right portions. Under the guidance of their registered nutritionist, world-class chef, and kitchen team, they prepare meals that are beautifully simple, yet fully nutritious and satisfying.

They believe eating is about nourishing a healthy, active body and so they serve nothing but fresh, organic, healthy, power-packed, and delicious meals and snacks. You will wake up to a protein shake, enjoy a savory breakfast, eat snacks and nutritious lunch on the trail, then relax at dinner over a satisfying, mouth-watering entrée.

Check out the sample daily menu below. Talented chefs and kitchen staff have designed an inventive menu, that meal by meal, will provide you with all the energy you need for hiking and fitness activities while meeting your health goals. They are pleased to accommodate any dietary requirements or preferences and, don’t worry, they’ll take care of counting all the calories for you. They’ll also send you home with their cookbook so you have an easy reference guide after you leave the Mountain Trek program.

  • Portions

Your meals are designed around your body’s needs to fuel your daily activities. You’ll never be hungry but you will be totally satisfied.

  • Food pairings and timing

The right food combinations at the right time of day balances your energy and metabolic levels. No more hunger pains or energy crashes.

Sample daily menu

You will enjoy some of the most outstanding meals you’ve ever experienced and you’ll never eat the same dish twice. They believe that healthy does not mean boring, quite the opposite! Guests rave about the delicious food and return home with a stack of recipes that they’ve tasted during their stay.

Morning breakfast

  • Protein smoothie
  • Lemon ricotta pancakes
  • Fresh fruit

Morning snack

  • Apricot bliss ball
  • Almonds

Lunch on the trail

  • Backcountry chicken and leek soup

Afternoon snack

  • Celery, carrots, jicama, and cherry tomatoes
  • Sun-dried tomato hummus


  • Cedar plank-grilled salmon
  • Baby spinach and arugula salad
  • Steamed broccoli and snow peas

Why no caffeine?

For the week or two you are at Mountain Trek, you will not have sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. While the sugar and alcohol might be obvious, cutting caffeine might be perplexing. Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands to produce the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine. Higher and prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream have been shown to have a negative effect on raising the metabolism, altering blood sugars and blood pressure, and decreasing muscle tissue and bone density. It has also been shown to increase the deposit of belly fat for a significant percentage of the population. Mountain Trek offers substitutes at the retreat that will satiate your coffee needs.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water
  • Tea

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Organic
  • Other dietary requirements on request
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Spa treatments

Three 50-minute therapeutic massages are included in the package.

Evening therapeutic relaxing and rejuvenating massage

An evening massage is one of the best ways to relax after the day’s activities, unwind, and prepare for a night of restful sleep. All programs include evening massages to help you rest and recover after your active day. Mountain Trek loves the benefits it offers including healing sore muscles, releasing toxins, and encouraging total relaxation. The 50-minute massage sessions are provided in private rooms in the style of your choosing.

  • Swedish

Get deep with this massage style as you release pockets of stress and clear the lymphatic system while relieving aching muscles.

  • Relaxation

Exhale as all stress is massaged from your tired body and you are deeply immersed in a state of total relaxation.

  • Reflexology

Gentle pressure is applied to meridian points on the feet to help clear energetic pathways and relax the whole body.

  • Acupuncture

Experience one of the oldest healing practices in the world. Acupuncture is an effective treatment for pain and over forty medical problems. It supports the body’s potential to heal, repair, and rebalance itself.

  • Cranial sacral

A gentle yet powerful treatment that can release the deeply held patterns of pain or disease that accumulate throughout life as a result of injury and illness and become held in the body tissues.

What's included

  • Daily guided fitness hikes (Multiple hiking groups to accommodate varying fitness levels)
  • Gentle release and mobility yoga in the mornings
  • Evening functional fitness classes
  • 3 50-minute therapeutic massages per week
  • Health and lifestyle workshops
  • 7 nights accommodation at the award-winning lodge and spa
  • Organic, nutritionist-designed, chef-prepared cuisine tailored to your food preferences daily
  • Access to the state-of-the-art spa facilities including infrared sauna, steam room, outdoor jacuzzi, and hydro-therapy plunge pool
  • Services of staff and guides/instructors (Industry-leading staff-to-guest ratio with a maximum of 12 guests per week)
  • Access to local hot springs
  • Transportation to and from local airports
  • Taxes

What's not included

  • Airfare
  • Additional activities, treatments, etc.
  • Personal expenses

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

You can fly into the international airport located in the city of Spokane in Northern Washington State (GEG), or into the smaller airport of Castlegar, British Columbia (YCG). From any of these airports, you will ride a private Mountain Trek shuttle to the lodge. You may also drive to the lodge if you wish.

Airport: West Kootenay Regional Airport Airport transfer included: West Kootenay Regional Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.
Airport: Spokane International Airport Airport transfer included: Spokane International Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 17% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.
8 days / 7 nights
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