Montezuma Yoga offers great yoga classes in the open, wooden pavilion looking out to the ocean while listening to the sound of birds, monkeys and the ocean.

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Sarah Ostrow

from United States, April 2020

"Best Yoga Retreat!"

This was my first solo trip for my birthday and it was more than I could have expected and has transformed my life! The yoga is phenomenal, each teacher and practice touching my spirit and allowing me to connect with my body. The atmosphere couldn't be better, looking at the ocean surrounded by jungle noises, which also provided the best sleeping! The massage was incredible, listening to the sounds of the ocean. The breakfast is at another hotel a 2 minute walk, and it's a beautiful sanctuary of peace and pure, healthy food served by the sweetest waitress. The entire team was amazing, especially when helping me with my travel changes short notice, EVERYONE was accommodating, friendly and warm. I said yes to everything- waterfalls, snorkling at Tortuga, butterfly brewery tour, ziplining with monkeys... this experience is amazing and I highly recommend!!

Nancy Stellick

from United States, April 2020

I arrived on March 15th rather than the 19th.

The Yoga instructors were phenomenal, the breakfast at the boutique hotel just down the road included “a lot” of delicious food. Even though I attended at the beginning of things shutting down around the Coronavirus, the staff did a great job of making sure I got everything that was a part of my package. I had a wonderful experience and will certainly be back.❤️❤️☀️🙏

Kudos also to the staff at Hotel Los Mangos.


from United States, February 2020

"Great vacation!"

All of the instructors were great! I'm disappointed that Eva isn't on the list because I thought she was amazing! The breakfasts were outstanding and the bungalows at Los Mangoes were quaint and comfortable. The yoga classes were among the best I've ever had. We loved the excursion to Tortuga. Everyone was exceptionally helpful and welcoming. The massage was incredible! The pool was wonderfully clean and helped cool us down in the hot weather.


from United States, February 2020

The location, massage, breakfast restaurant, and Spanish teacher.

Andreas Lehmann

from Switzerland, January 2020

"a m a z i n g"

thanks for that wonderful days! i never did yoga before, never did surfing. its been both a great experience, i would never miss it! all ppl are very friendly, nice, helpful and open. the destination is amazing! its paradise!

i will come back for sure one day, until then dont change anything please!

Sofia Wahlberg

from United States, January 2020

"Best rejuvenation for the soul and spirit "

I loved my experience at Hotel Mangos/Montezuma yoga, it was the best possible way to end the year. 1.5 hour yoga in the morning, the surfing 3 hours in the afternoon, followed by another 1.5 hour of yoga in the evening. It felt very meditative and mind cleansing. The hotel owner is very nice and personable and I loved the yoga teachers (Maija, Dagmar and especially loved Eva). I'm so thankful for my experience and highly recommend it to anyone.

Lindy Carter

from New Zealand, January 2020

"Fantastic so life affirming "

The location by the ocean, sunrises, yoga with experienced, insightful and knowledgeable teachers. Dagmar amd Eva were incredible. The delicious breakfasts at a stunning location by the ocean. All the other people there who were experiencing the same views and ways of understanding of the world. The massage was so relaxing, everything about the place was perfect for a reconnecting, reenergising holiday. I had never done Yin yoga and now I am a convert. Finally, a big thanks to Sylvester, the cat, who always greeted everyone and enjoyed the sessions. Special warm thoughts to Eva, you helped me improve my own yoga postures so much, I am following my new regime.Many thanks.

Tiffany Miller

from United States, January 2020

"Beautiful people, Good vibes, Perfect location!"

My stay at Montezuma Yoga was a pure pleasure. The location is perfect, in walking distance to the heart of town and right across from the beach. All three of the yoga instructors were diverse in their teaching styles and yogic knowledge. The yoga practice space is a beautiful, open air center were you can hear the crashing waves and smell the fresh flowers while on your mat. The breakfast was fresh, healthy and a large quantity. The private yoga class, massage and expedition were all add bonuses to an already great yoga vacation. I met other yogis traveling and staying at a higher end resort in the same area that ended but coming to Montezuma yoga for classes because the quality was better. I highly recommend this stay for the value.

Eve Galbraith

from United States, December 2019

"I am transformed."

I came to Montezuma in desperate need of a decompression from a busy year. I came with the intention to celebrate my life, an early birthday present, and to be brave about being active; proving my capabilities and overcoming fear. I did yoga in the beautiful jungle overlooking the ocean and actively centered myself for at least 90 minutes every day. I learned to zipline. I learned to surf. I was social and made friends with everybody I met. I flew and breathed fire like a dragon. I was trained by a jungle cat with the moon on her head, who helped me find my inexhaustible strength and power, both inner and outer. My surf instructors taught me to look up, because that’s where I’m going- not down and under the waves. I climbed and jumped off of waterfalls. I opened my heart and was honest with myself and others. I found out that people actually live their lives even fuller than the imaginable extent of happiness, and all you have to do is is be brave and say YES to open your heart to the gifts the world has to offer. My most powerful tool is myself. My biggest limiting factor is only the fear in my mind, which can be easily overcome with bravery. Big changes are coming in my life, and it’s time to accept that I am someone who gives up good safety in order to do and be GREAT. I am ready to take risks. I trust my powerful energy to catapult me to the place I am meant to be. I cannot wait to return to Montezuma and am already looking at plane tickets for later this month.

Rich Smith

from United States, September 2019

"Pura Vida @ Montezuma Yoga"

Great people, wonderful yoga practice & superb location where the rainforest meets the sea! Dagmar & Silvia have created a fabulous yoga retreat in a perfect setting with outstanding classes geared for all levels, including amazing breakfasts, a fantastic snorkeling trip, an incredible massage and so much more...

Amanda Claus

from United States, August 2019

"wonderful experience!"

The yoga is highly professional and they are really nice people doing it! I got sick for a couple of days and they were understanding and let me catch the missed lessons up later on since I extended my stay. They were wonderful teachers too. I had the Wellness package and I enjoyed the massage included extremely. You get a full body massage fo more than 1 hour and was just better than everything I expected.

The Hotel were you stay, Los Mangos, is as well wonderful. The people are nice, the bed comfy. Everything got cleaned daily. For the breakfast you can go to the Amor de Mar Hotel and they are very accommodating. The food is good and the give you a lot of it!

Alyssa Scott

from United States, July 2019

"wonderful instructor!"

Silvia was an incredible instructor and very in-tune with how to make small adjustments to deepen the poses. Gorgeous location and so relaxing to be doing yoga listening to monkeys, ocean waves, etc. Delicious bfast at Amor del mar hotel nearby! Overall great experience for the money

Elise Farotto

from United States, May 2019

This was one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my life and I highly recommend this retreat! Montezuma is a magical place and the experience as a whole is something I will treasure forever. The yoga classes were fantastic, our Spanish instructor was an absolute joy, the breakfast was incredible, and the massage was one of the best I have ever had! Silvia was incredibly helpful and responsive during the booking process and our stay.

Catherine King

from United States, April 2019

"Excellent yoga teachers and location. Accommodations :("

I loved working with Silvia and Dagmar. They made everything so easy and helped me arrange transport and excursions and incredibly fun surfing lessons with Mauricio. The yoga was really lovely, with convenient times that allowed for excursions before or after. I didn't do a class at NYA, but stopped by and the location is beautiful. The town of Montezuma is friendly and safe, with lovely food and great beaches. The breakfast included with the package is delicious and in a beautiful location. I was traveling alone, but made wonderful friends and would recommend this location to women traveling alone.


from United States, April 2019


I lovely atmosphere, a great town, extremely relaxing, lovely people. The yoga teachers are seasoned and welcoming. They are wise and have lots to share.

Ana Maura Werner

from Brazil, March 2019

"An incredible experience"

The yoga classes are very good, Silvia and Dagmar are very special and kind.

The Hotel is ok (simple but clean), the staff was very kind, the coffe was delicious and in a very beautifull place.I had a good time in a place where I could rest,enjoy nature and practice yoga.I recommend this place!

Linda Lauer

from United States, February 2019

"Montezuma retreat"

All the yoga instructors were excellent.


from Costa Rica, February 2020

"Ein wunderbarer Aufenthalt in jeder Hinsicht"

Ich hätte noch ewig bleiben können ... Habe mich rundum wohl gefühlt und würde jederzeit wieder zurückkehren!

Lisa Santucci

from Switzerland, January 2020

"Magische Woche in Montezuma"

Wir hatten eine magische Zeit hier. Die Natur berührt zutiefst und hilft die Yoga-Praxis zu einer tiefen Erfahrung werden zu lassen. Super einfühlsame Lehrer, sehr gutes Essen, rundum top.


from France, December 2019

"Excellente retraite"

Le yoga

Caroline Drouin

from Canada, May 2019

"1 week yoga retreat"

Les cours, l'emplacement, l'accueil. J'ai vraiment apprécié ce voyage


from Canada, May 2019

"Bon rapport qualité-prix"

Le yoga, le temps libre, l'emplacement, l'amabilité de tous, l'enseignante d'espagnol, le vibe de Montezuma...

Robert Van Wees

from United States, February 2019

The yoga