Monte Velho Retreat Centre

Monte Velho Retreat is the ideal place for any holistic learning and spiritual evolution, whether through retreats, teacher training, or other activities.

Instructors 3


Terra has learned how to communicate and transform consciousness in the relationship area and events production. She then slowly got more interested in nature and the therapeutic path. Terra traveled three times to India, from there she was inspired by great teachers and studied deeply the art of yoga, meditation, stillness, and well-being.

Cassia Rodrigues

Cassia completed a degree in Podiatry Health. Fortunately though, this didn’t quite fulfill her heart and instead, it drove her to travel and experience the world. She had the opportunity to live in India, Brazil, and other countries searching for ancestral wisdom. In India, she went deeper into the Vedic world that fascinates her so much. She had the bliss to contact with several masters, teachers, experiences, learning and being. She takes some courses in Asia such as yoga, Thai massage, Reiki, crystal and singing bowls, and Ayurveda yoga massage.

Ariadna Pallas

Ariadna was born in Barcelona, where she graduates as Nutritionist and Dietitian (Universitat Ramon Llull, 2006) and Food Scientist (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, 2008), and worked as a nutrition coach and educator in multinational food companies. Years after, her top passion for traveling and curiosity of learning from other lifestyles, set her off, living all over the world. Fiji, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Kuwait, etc. While traveling, she gained experience and knowledge working closely with naturopathic, herbalists, healers and alternative leaders in the nutritional field.

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