Monika Nataraj

New York, United States

Monika Nataraj helps you explore the depths of your true essence and the call of your soul.

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  • Andrea United States

    Monika Nataraj website

    The journey into mystical dance has changed my life in the most beautiful and profound way. I can truly say that the woman who emerged on the other side of this six-week course is not the same girl who began the process. Through dance and a connection with the divine, I have gone into the depths of my heart and allowed the beauty to flow from me. Monika is a powerful and incredibly beautiful teacher, seeing the goddess in each of us and allowing us to see that goddess as well. She has a magical way of creating a process we all loved and enjoyed and that changed us each step of the way. The course has taught me the freedom of living through our hearts and allowing our passions to dance through us. We have all been taught how to be teachers, but what weve all learned is that the dance is the best teacher of all. I am so grateful to have been a part of the mystical dance TTC and feel extremely blessed to be able to share this with the world! Thank you to Monika and the dance.

  • Nola Canada

    Monika Nataraj website

    The six weeks I spent dancing the divine light with these glorious goddesses from across the globe is an experience I will hold close to my heart for as long as I walk my path on earth. The mystical dance TTC is a journey of playfulness, laughter, love, transformation, and most of all a journey of becoming the dance itself. Monika is a true gift of divine nature. Every day she would bring into our temple her love, her light, her passion, her creativity, and her presence. Day in and day out she would inspire us with her incredible capacity to hold the space for us as we transformed into mystical dancers. I am honored, and greatly humbled to now call myself a mystical dance teacher and carry this light forward into the world.

  • Elena Russia

    Monika Nataraj website

    In this six weeks I have gotten more transformations than during all of my life. I have become a completely new person. I have become the woman which I always dreamed to be, but never was. I have become beautiful. I have become open. I can give and receive love. I see endless beauty in each person. All of the exercises, dances, rituals and conversations gave me back my femininity and awakened goddess, which was hidden in me before. Monika, and all of my sisters gave me back the responsibility and respect, trust, and faith in humanity. And my dream to dance has become a reality. Thank you, Monika. Thank you, sisters.

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