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Moinhos Velhos Detox Yoga Retreat

Moinhos Velhos offers detox juice fasting programs, with daily yoga and meditation, colon cleansing, pool, sauna, to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.

Instructors 6

Janni Jensen

Janni is a Sivananda yoga teacher. She has a background in traditional medicine. She is a physiospect practitioner and a re-connection therapist. Together with Frank, she facilitated the yoga, fasting, and detox programs for several years at the Sivananda Ashrams in Canada and India. She is one of the main facilitators for the current Moinhos Velhos programs.

Frank Jensen

Frank is one of the co-founders of Moinhos Velhos. He is a Sivananda yoga teacher. He studied with a German Heilpraktiker school and his specialty is kinesiology. He is an international Touch for Health instructor, a Three-in-One facilitator, educational Kinesiology instructor, professional health provider (PHP), and a physiospect consultant and trainer. Frank is partially retired from the daily operation of Moinhos Velhos, but is still a n active physiospect consultant and maintains the Moinhos Velhos website.

Karuna Manning

Karuna hails from Austria, and alongside her Shiatsu practice is also an energy worker, deeksha giver and Sivananda yoga teacher. She has run her own Yoga and treatment studio in Goa, as well as previously helping direct retreats here at Moinhos Velhos.

Trevor Worman

Trevor practices various forms of Light Touch Therapy. He is a qualified teacher of Spinal Touch Therapy and Orthobionomy and has been a member of the Bowen Research Group and Served on the Council of The Association of Light Touch Therapists. Dependent upon individual problems or requirements, he may use any of the above techniques.

Beatrix Denneborg

Beatrix is originally from Austria and has been living in Portugal for the past 20 years. She has worked at Moinhos Velhos for 15 years; as a Swedish deep tissue massage therapist for the first six years and, since 2005, she has been a full-time therapist. She practices the body therapies of relaxation and remedial massage, sacrio-cranial massage, spinal touch, herbal stamp, allergy testing, and meridian face. Trixie is also a trainer in massage. She runs courses in Algarve. She is a teacher of the Mayan calendar and runs the bio-dance sessions at Moinhos Velhos during the fasting programs.

Chris Lloyd Pack

Chris and Karen are originally from England and have been living here in Portugal for many years. Both are qualified Sivananda yoga teachers. They both studied in Kerala, India, while they also facilitated of Moinhos Velhos fasting programs during the off season. Chris became holistic in 1971 after being referred to a naturopath and later being introduced to a faith healer. He has had some wonderful teachers, one being the late Jack Temple, a renowned dowser and healer as well as a pioneer organic farmer. Jack was able to introduce Chris to dowsing and the benefits of organic gardening.

Reviews 2

Hrefna Regína Gunnarsdóttir

from Iceland, November 2017

Everything was superb!!


from United States, September 2017

"Life Changing Experience"

I liked the comprehensive nature of the program which included full days of yoga, juicing, supplements, and a wide variety of therapies with exceptional practitioners in an extremely supportive environment as well as time for both calming relaxation at the pool and invigorating walks around the property or nearby trails. I also enjoyed the beach outing which provided both mental and physical benefits with a nice change of scenery.

Testimonials 4

Julie Stubbs

Moinhos Velhos Detox Yoga Retreat website

Moinhos Velhos has given me my life back, after being ill for so many years. The treatments, support, and love have changed me. I haven't been ill since returning. I will never be able to thank these amazing people enough.

a traveler


Without a doubt the best detox ever: Having spent the last 13 years cleansing/fasting in the same resort in Thailand I was both excited and a little bit nervous about going to Moinhos Velhos and trying something 'new'. Safe to say any anxieties I had were completely and truly unfound.

Stephanie Glucina

Moinhos Velhos Detox Yoga Retreat website

I did a 10 day fast in early July. I wanted to get back in touch to share some fantastic news. The next scan after my retreat showed no ovarian cyst and now I am 7 weeks pregnant with twins: I want to thank everybody for their love and support during the retreat.

Anna Laing UK

Trip Advisor website

Having spent the last 13 years cleansing and fasting in the same resort in Thailand I was both excited and a little bit nervous about going to Moinhos Velhos and trying something new. It is safe to say any anxieties I had were completely and truly unfounded. From the minute I arrived with my mother, (we were the latest arrivals with all of the other fasters safely tucked up in bed) we were met with total and genuine hospitality by Mel, the manager, and enjoyed our last meal of a fab vegetable soup. To be honest, I could wax lyrical for as long as I've got about this place but I'll try to do a little summary for anyone who is thinking about coming.

Accommodation: wow! We stayed in one of the cottages which is essentially a beautiful wooden chalet; it felt like we were in the Swiss Alps. It had very comfortable beds, lovely touches, such as a pellet burning stove, perfect in the chillier month of February, and it was impeccably clean.

Morning yoga and evening meditation: As a disclaimer, I hate yoga and meditation and avoided it every single day of previous fasts. This time was different. The yoga is completely inclusive and fun. You can't bend your legs over your head? So what? It's about being part of it and an amazing start to the morning. Evening meditation was absolutely epic. I laughed, I cried, and I even slept through some of it but I always went away feeling as chilled as if I've had an elusive cheeky G and T.

The program itself: this was what made the difference for me. It is unbelievably well run. It is structured so your days are always full but that you never feel part of an army bootcamp. It was the first time during a fast that I thought that time was passing too quickly. The juices are amazing and change through the day and the week. The day ends with the group sitting down for the evening meal of strained vegetable broth, with all of the fasters and the team members, who are taking evening meditation. It just adds to the resounding feeling of community that fills the place. I can highly recommend the piri piri sauce that you can flavor your broth with.

The team, treatments, and facilities: There was so much to do at Moinhos Velhos I didn't have enough time but I certainly tried my best. All of the staff and volunteers embody the ethos of the place and that filters through to create an amazing atmosphere. Everyone is clearly working ridiculously hard but there are always plenty of people on hand if you want a quick chat or advice about anything. There is a huge outdoor pool, hot tub, and sauna. Hugely recommend going straight from sauna to outdoor pool if you want to get your circulation going!

Overall: this is the longest review I have ever written and I could have gone on for ages. Probably, the easiest way to sum it all up is that the day after I arrived back in the UK, I emailed Mel to book onto another fast. So, if you're thinking about coming in August, then I'll see you there.

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