Moinhos Velhos offers juice fasting detox programs with daily yoga and meditation, colon cleansing, pool and sauna to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

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Georgia Cowen

from Israel, December 2020


The ease and joy that emanates from this magical place is contagious. I felt free to be me, alone or social, as I like. The facilitators were excellent and clearly walk their talk with integrity and authenticity. I highly recommend this retreat and I look forward to returning. Big love!

Ursula Morrison

from Portugal, December 2020


Actually everything - even the rainy weather was very symbolicly - all the instructions running Moinhos velhos are extremly and authenthically friendly,helpful, supportive, knowledgeable and just adorable. I LOVE(D) IT and certainly come back to this place again. It was indeed really easy to follow the detox-week, being busy with drinking juice/tea/water/soup, talking, doing yoga, taking massage, zapping, clymaxing..-), meditation, sauna, walks, laughters... time just run out..-) thank you to all of you there putting your whole and heartly engagement in this wonderful job. Big hugs (even in time of Corona...-), Ursula

Frederic Rochet

from France, March 2020

Peacefull place, with good installation (swiming pool, sauna, jaccuzi)

Some nice walk to have arount in the country or to the sea.

The team is disponible, give good advice and give a good coaching.

Yoga coach help you to improve yourself.

It's a realy good break with a well thinking program. That i recomande it!


Barbara Hall

from Luxembourg, March 2020

"Surprise and delight"

Delightful location with lush green hills, gardens, pleasant walks, buildings that fitted the rural setting, pure delicious water, facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, temple, clinic with a fascinating library, delicious freshly-made juices, excellent yoga instructors each morning, and health practitioners with genuine expertise and a variety of interesting healing techniques that were instructive and seem to have worked for me. I was pleasantly surprised, for example, to find the amazing Physioscope in use (I'd just been introduced to one in my home town - the first I'd ever encountered) and other techniques I hadn't expected on a detox retreat. All this and excellent staff support throughout. A very congenial group of people during the week was another fortunate highlight. Greatly to be recommended if you are interested in health. Be prepared for some steep hills within the property and some challenging yoga workouts (although the instructors are all charming, flexible and helpful, so you don't need to be super-fit from the start: you will certainly feel fitter by the end of the week!).

The approach to healthy eating at Moinhos Velhos is vegan, but having some (sadly not all) staff pleasantly open to nutritious non-vegan foods (outside the retreat) was very welcome. We had some great and amusing discussions during the week.

Angela Slomke

from Canada, March 2020

"Brilliantly Developed Detox Program "

There wasn’t much not to like on this retreat. I have attended many yoga and meditation retreats and I can honestly say this was one of the best. The quality of instruction and shared teachings and knowledge from the varied backgrounds of the staff is superb. Every niche seems to be covered by one member or another. You feel very cared for and held. The program is very well researched and delivered confidently with nutrition and detox knowledge by their nutritionist and other members. The holistic treatments offered widely vary and you can choose the support that fits you best. I particularly loved Richards acupunture and his 5 element approach and sharing of how it works on the many layers of our being. I found after my sessions with him many dreams that seemed to deliver “aha” moments and give me greater insight and wisdom into my life and left me feeling like my heart was more open or less in protection. The whole program together I feel created an opening that just yoga and meditation alone seemed not to do in past retreats. There is something magic about blending the juice detox and that sense of being cleaned out that opened my wisdom vision in a clearer way and I left feeling more flexible than I had in a couple of years and that remains till today. The breath practices everyday also helped cleanse and my sinuses and respiratory system feel much clearer now. The place is also gorgeous and I highly recommended sitting near the lake fir it’s peaceful stillness


from Ireland, September 2019

"Everything Excellent"