Mira Yogashala was established to help people rediscover their body and transform it in such a way that you will reconnect with the soul.

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Melanie Horn

from Germany, March 2020

"Best experience in my life"

It was the best experience in my life. I would recommend it for everyone.

Francesco Tirendi

from Australia, March 2020

"Highly recommended"

I subscribed to the Feb-2020 200hr YTTC. The instructors were of highest quality, they love what they do and they want their students to do well and to succeed. The course was intense, hard work however it was very rewarding. This is fantastic value for what I paid. I had very knowledgeable instructors who knew how to communicate well. Accommodation was basic but very functional. The food was excellent - unbelievable what Deepak and his team could deliver out of their kitchen. Mira Yogashala encourages team-ship and our group of 13 worked as a yoga family. In a reclusive location away from the traffic, however only a short walk to main roads for transport. Late night coffee/tea shop across the lane if you need it. Some great yoga bookshops in the local area. I enjoyed my early morning running around Tapovan across the suspension bridges and tracks(go early to avoid traffic and be prepared for hills!). I was perhaps one of the older students to go through the school(at 62), don't let age be a barrier, instructors, staff and my younger fellow students were wonderful.

I highly recommend Mira Yogashala, I have learned so much from fantastic instructors and they have laid foundations for me to build upon.

Vanessa Chant

from Canada, January 2020

"Great group, food and location"

I had a great time staying at Mira yogashala. Vikas was incredible and so accommodating to us and so helpful. We had a few issues with circumstances outside of our control and Vikas did his best to help us. The location is great, out of Tapovan enough that isn't too loud but an easy and nice walk into town (check out French bakery for great coffees and delicious snacks). Teachers were good and had a lot of information and I left with a lot of knowledge but as can be expected it is a lot of information so you'll need some time after to absorb everything.


from Great Britain, August 2019

"Best thing I have ever done"

I wouldn’t change a single thing about my month here! If you’re even thinking about booking it just do it. All the teachers are amazing, kind and knowledgeable and they practice what they preach. The food was insanely good too and I’m now converted back to being veggie. I learnt so much more than just yoga here- genuine principle I can take home and apply to life and the three other girls on the course became like sisters. Just book it it’s amazing. Thank you so much Mira Yogashala!

Nidhyawaani Kanniah

from Saudi Arabia, August 2019

"Mirayogashala has impressed me with yoga within"

A place I wished I was here since born.. as I find the teachings in Mira yogashala was was an eye opener to what I was searching in life... the wisdom the philosophy the true purpose of yoga.. all the bits and pieces I knew became more enlightened when am here ..it’s a place to learn to be a true yogi within.. and the knowledge and wisdom is implanted with love... I took back a new seed that was planted within which am happy .. good to go and begin my life in order... and to share the knowledge with love and devotion...

Laura Enache

from Ireland, August 2019

"Magical moments with Mira Yohashala"

I did the 200hr yoga teacher training course with Mira Yogashala during the month of July 2019. It has been an absolutely magical experience, which I even find challenging to describe in words. The team in Mira are extremely caring and careful to ensure their guests have their best time and all their needs are catered for - and they are great fun too :). The teachers are very, very knowledgeable, sharing with such openness, as well as listening with such openness. The food was the best ever - I absolutely fell in love with every single dish that the two cooks prepared and the variety was astonishing! I had a very peaceful, fulfilling and rewarding time with Mira Yogashala. I wholeheartedly recommend it and I look forward to returning over there.

Mariella Tonzanu

from United States, July 2019

"I loved every minute of my YTT at Mira Yoga Shala!"

The teachers were all knowledgeable and attentive to our needs, I have learned a lot about yoga Asanas, and also meditation and philosophy. Every single person that works in the school is fantastic and made the stay there so memorable. I really felt like home and really feel like we built our little yoga family there.The meals were mainly traditional indian dishes, tasty and fresh each day. The menu would vary every day and rarely the same dish was repeated. Most importantly not too spicy, but very tasty.

The building itself was very new, hot water, fan in each room, wifi. The school was always clean in the communal area and we cleaned our own room and bathroom. The schedule allowed us to have some free time for studying and exploring Rishkesh as well. The school organized trips, to see the sunrise and to the Ganga beach.

Everyone that worked in the school was fantastic:

Anuji, my favorite teacher of them all taught me a lot about alignment and much more, every day I was looking forward for his classes.

Deepak, morning classes were the perfect start of the day.Glenda, our mantra teacher changed completely my mind and idea of mantras.Anatomy, philosophy and meditation were as equally interesting as the yoga classes.Vikas, was both a teacher and a manager of the school. Last but not least, Romi, that took fantastic pictures, assured that everything would run smoothly and was always there in case you needed a hug.

Belynda Wynn

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Highly recommended"

Our group was small - just four of us, which was brilliant. It felt like being part of a big family - lots of teasing and fun, but also amazing support and caring. The teachers are very knowledgeable, skilled and competent, and the yoga teachers really push you to achieve optimum results. Very talented chef, clean rooms and building. Lots of local shops, cafes etc nearby.

Elizabeth Moyer

from United States, April 2019

"An incredible experience"

I would highly recommend Mira Yogashala. Although a young yoga school they don't look at their guests as clients, but as family. We grew so close to Sachin, Liubov, Vikas, Rahul, everyone! They are incredible people that take pride in what they do and care greatly for your experience. I learned so much during my month at Mira Yogashala, not only about Yoga, but about Indian culture, myself and what it means to be a good yoga teacher. I can't wait to return!

Ina Lundström

from Ukraine, April 2019

I am extremely glad that I chose Mira Yogashala for yoga teacher training. The teachers are incredible, they are very knowledgable and good at sharing their knowledge. I learned so much during my month there, so much more than I could have ever imagined. I enjoyed every class, from morning hatha yoga to anatomy to philosophy and everything else. The training was very intense but also very rewarding, I felt that I developed a lot, both within yoga and as a person. I hope that many more people will get the chance to dive deeper into themselves and into the traditions of yoga at Mira Yogashala.

Ada Myrgren

from Sweden, March 2019

"Great people, great teachers. I really learned a lot."

I loved the set up; the structure of the course and the clases it had. The teachers felt really experienced and the location was nice.

Audrey Vaillancourt

from Uzbekistan, January 2019

"Amazing school"

The staff is super friendly and does everything they can to make you feel at home. The teachers are incredible and this is the most important part of a course! They are very authentic and strive to stay away from the commercial feel of so many yoga schools in Rishikesh. The progression during the month is very well planned. Oh, and the food is simply amazing. We were not tempted to eat outside the school at all.

Peter Van Der Perk

from Bulgaria, December 2018

"Yoga for beginners?"

The whole attitude and atmosphere created by the instructors was excellent and heart warming. A different way of looking at 'Life' was a great experience. For beginners it is challenging, but the teachers have a great way in 'activating, stimulating and motivating' . It will not be easy but you will learn the most.

Thomas Tanner

from Switzerland, December 2018

"I'm lucky I chose Mira Yogashala"

Most of all, I liked the instructors. I consider myself super lucky to have gone to Mira Yogashala mostly because I felt like the instructors are really great at what they're teaching.

- The alignment class with Sachin was very insightful and will benefit my personal practice of asanas and everyone I will potentially share my knowledge with someday

- Philosophy class with Vimal was my personal highlight. It provided me with the vocabulary to express experiences and thoughts related to spirituality more clearly and it made me think and re-think

- Meditation class with Benkat was very insightful as well, and great to end the day

- Hatha yogasana and pranayama with Deepak was very authentic and the most fun class

- Anatomy class with Liubov provided basic knowledge in the field, although I did not fully agree with everything when it came to subjects in relation to nutrition and especially vegetarianism and veganism

It was also great to have Vikas organizing things all around the course, he is super responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable!

The location was also great, the food delicious. The Pyramid is nicely located at the hillside and is very quiet compared to most other places. Apparently, the next batch of students will practice at a new location, the school is moving right now. So, anything in relation to accommodation, the yoga hall, food, etc. will not be relevant to Mira Yogashala in the future!

Adrian Benea

from Canada, November 2018

I was part of the October batch, just finished, I’m back home now and I already miss that place (especially that gorgeous view from the yoga hall) the teachers, my class mates and friends and all the other peoples I meet.

It was intense, it was interesting, beautiful. We had, of course, our share of problems, but nothing serious.

Many thanks to Liubov, the anatomy teacher, she’s that rare, wonderful combination of knowledge, passion, intellectual curiosity and a genuine desire to help.

To Sachin, the highly competent head of the school, someone who could perfectly align every cell in your body, if you spend enough time to he’s class

To Deepak, our positive and friendly Hatha Yoga teacher

To Benkat, our calm and composed meditation teacher

To our to passionate philosophy teacher

And then Vikas. I won’t say anything about Vikas, I’ll let you discover him. But I assure you that you’re in for a nice big surprise.

It was quite an experience, I’m sure I’ll be back some day. Until then, goodbye my friends, I wish you all the luck in the world.

Ailene Mora

from Philippines, July 2018

I attended a 200hours Yoga Teacher's Training at Mira Yogashala with the best teacher's around, for Hatha Yoga, Anatomy, Philosophy, Mantra, Adjustment and Alignment and Meditation.

I am very greatful for having had this experience and still feeling the bliss with me. I went there with zero knowledge what yoga really is and I came home with full of satisfaction... I was sad to have to leave as the 200hours end because there are so many things I still want to learn unfortunately 29days is like a blink of an eye.

Very nice place for yoga and relaxation.

Its located up hill at the edge of Kirmola, Laxman Jhula, sorrounded with giant mango trees(with fruits) and monkeys. Its only a couple of minutes walk to the shops.

The food was good, a standard yogi diet freshly cook every meal.

The few excursion was well pick.

My accomodation was the best, I had the view of Rishikesh village across and the mother Ganga River itself plus with the background of the 1,573 meters tall mountain, all that can be seen from my bed...

In all, I will deffinitely recommend Mira Yogashala, as myself is looking forward to go back there for the eventual 300hours training when they have it.

Many thanks to all my teachers....


The time frame between Anatomy Class and Philosophy was hard for me, due to the heat in June and my poor blood circulation issue, sitting from 10:00 to 13:00 was tough.

Pache Vang

from United States, July 2018

"June 2018 200 HR YTTC"

I just completed my 200 hour teacher training at MIra Yogashala (June 2018) with some of the most gracious and wonderful teachers and colleagues. The community vibe was truly supportive and genuine due in large part to the heart that is poured into the program by the teachers. This was my first time in India, so I also really appreciated the excursions each week that we were able to go on lead by Vikas. Vikas knows what he is doing and always makes sure that the experience is meaningful to everyone involved. I really loved how the shala was located further away from the main road, quiet from the traffic and daily happenings, but only a stones throw away if I needed to make a run to the market-- literally a minute walk away. The Pyramid Cafe also prepared some very delicious meals everyday! With the physical intensity of the classes, I felt well fed so I could keep up with energy and there's always leftovers if a second serving is desired. Overall, I had a life transforming experience and would recommend such a full immersion into the study and practice of yoga for anyone who looks to deepen their practice as well. I left with more than enough knowledge to deepen my own practice at home and also some great curiosities about new areas I have not explored. Yoga philosophy and anatomy really helped expand my understanding of the physical practice. I am grateful for the light and love that I was shown at Mira Yogashala and hope to be back soon!

Maja Hirani

from India, July 2018

"Happy and thankful for choosing this school "

I liked everything about Mira yoga shala. Yes, the location is beautiful (central but away from the noise, very peaceful and quiet), the quality of food and the simple but clean single accommodation... But the best is the knowledge, kindness and dedication you will receive from the people and teachers involved. They each have their own personality and individual style, so together they will provide you with nuanced and wide knowledge in hatha, philosophy, mantra yoga, meditation, anatomy etc. The teachers compliment each extremely well. This is a new school, but they know their stuff and will work hard. Just go.

Thanks again to everyone at Mira yoga shala! Wish you the best.

// Maja, June18 batch

Glenda Satiro

from Switzerland, April 2019

"Wonderful school!"

Mira Yogashala is more than just a yoga school, it's like a family. The teachers (as well as the rest of the staff) are all

both passionate and knowledgable about their job, everyone of them is just wonderful. Very high quality standard of teaching. I learned so much during this month, more than I could have ever imagined! (And I'm not a total beginner). The food is delicious and the rooms are nice, hot water provided, and really good standard for India. Mira Yogashala feels like a home away from home, really. And Vikas is the golden soul that will always be there for you and take care of you, whatever you need. Thanks to him you will never feel lost. The school is also very responsive to feedback and puts really big effort in meeting your needs. This is extraordinary. From the bottom of my heart I can sincerely recommend you Mira Yogashala, you won't regret your choice.

Agnes Barba

from Spain, January 2019

"Very kind always with a smile in his face, Good teacher"

He want to do be perfect traditional yoga teacher, he take care of each people

Sachin is very very good instructor I love the way he teach and he know about the possibilities of each people, I really loved his classes and he is very nice person too

Meditation was my preferred class, he have amazing powerful soul, and contagious you with his amazing energy, I really miss his classes

The Anatomy teacher she is very professional and the way she teach is very easy to understand everything, she is very nice people too

Kathrin Steinmüller

from Germany, November 2018

Mira Yogashala felt like home for me. The place is amazing, located in the green where you hear the nature sounds, but you only walk 3min to the next shopping street with coffee shops, grocery etc. and where you also can walk down to the river bank. The room was perfect, had a balcony with excellent view, where I often relaxed and studied. The staff was super nice, the food very good and we even got extras like dessert when we wished for it! Teachers were very good and I learned a lot more than I expected! When I booked, I wasn't sure if I would like the ashtanga class, but actually this was an alignment class and super helpful! This and the anatomy class were my highlights. The anatomy class as well couldn't have been better, I actually doubt that you get this quality of teaching somewhere else. We were a group of 7 which I highly appreciated. The month october was also perfect to come here.

Jana He

from United States, July 2018

"Best yogaschool with passionate teachers"

I am so very happy that I’ve done my yoga teacher training at Mira Yogashala. This whole experience was much better than I could have ever wished for!

All of the teachers are incredibly experienced, authentic and motivated to share their knowledge. From the first day it was obvious that all of them are doing their job with all of their heart. I have learned a lot and gained very important personal insights.

There is literally nothing that I could slightly complain about.

The location of Mira Yogashala is very nice, away from the city noise in beautiful nature surroundings. The rooms are nice and cosy.

Apart from the classes, another daily highlight was the food, which was super delicious, healthy and with big variety. I am a vegan and that was no problem at all, the kitchen staff took great care of me:)

Whenever one of us had to face a problem or difficulty, we got immediate help and friendly support.

I am leaving Mira Yogashala with very much gratefulness in my heart and I can recommend this school with no doubts to all of you who want to learn from passionate teachers and follow the path of Yoga! Namaste