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MindZone is a group of mindfulness and meditation trainers.

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  • Fiona Europe


    Having started practicing mindfulness and meditation at home recently, I have just completed a very good course of it led by the excellent Sam Perry. He gave us different techniques and exercises to use and I can honestly say now that it has considerably improved my quality of life. Mindfulness has improved my confidence, Im a calmer person, my personal and work relationships have improved and Ive found that my concentration is better. Im now more compassionate towards myself and in turn am more compassionate towards other people.

  • Rachel Europe


    Im a normal working mum of two experiencing the stresses of every-day life. Ive suffered from insomnia, palpitations and panic attacks. Since learning mindfulness and meditation techniques with Sam Perry from Mind Zone, Ive got the comfort of knowing I can deal much better with anything stressful that gets thrown at me. Im sleeping better, the panic attacks have disappeared and the palpitations have stopped. My anxiety levels are lower and I feel that my general wellbeing has improved. I feel much more aware of the power of the mind and have learnt to remain detached from feelings that would have overwhelmed me before.

  • Bridget Europe


    I joined Sam on one of his mindfulness classes in Chiswick recently and not only is he a great teacher but he demonstrated and talked me through very simple ways to create calm in our minds. Through my own research, I understood the benefits and importance of mindfulness practice but I needed some guidance and after the session with Sam, I not only felt guided and on the right track but I can now practice on my own knowing Im getting it right.

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