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Mindful Nutrition and Retreats provides nutrition consulting, and luxury wellness & adventure retreats that focus on nutrition, yoga, meditation, and skiiing.

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Stephanie British Columbia, Canada

Mindful Nutrition and Retreats website

After having major reactions to food that resulted in ulcers, digestive issues and an overall poor quality of life, Julie helped me repair the residual damage and educated me on ways that I could continue to improve my overall health. My energy levels are way up, my discomfort is gone and my digestive system is like new again. Julie's approach to wellness is mindful of her client's ability to gradually change their habits, but the results are noticeable immediately. I don't remember the last time I felt this good!

Sandra British Columbia, Canada

Mindful Nutrition and Retreats website

What stands out most from my sessions with Julie is her enthusiasm, knowledge, and empathy. Having seen her for a variety of ailments, Julie always made me feel comfortable and listened to. Her recommendations were clear, easy to follow, and specific to my needs. I would recommend a meeting with Julie for anyone tackling chronic health issues.

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