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London, United Kingdom

Mindful Movements was created by Aya Jane and Hana Saotome, experienced and passionate teachers who offer yoga retreat with Vinyasa flow, Hatha, and yoga Nidra.

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Hana Saotome

Hana first came across yoga during her dance training. Throughout her professional career in dance, her practice of yoga supported her and kept her sane and balanced during challenging times. Yoga eventually became a passion and her knowledge and experience of the physical and emotional body through dance eventually became intertwined with her practice and teaching of yoga.

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  • Maureen Etherington Great Britain

    December 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    We had a great group of people and Hana is an exceptional teacher dealing with all abilities and making the weekend special, fun, relaxing and fulfilling.

    I am relatively new to yoga but would highly recommend Hana as she explains positions simply and makes corrections to your posture when necessary which makes an amazing difference to the benefit of the position. Great Weekend!

    I can't say that there was anything that I didn't like.

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    • Hazel Demster

      Mindful Movements website

      Thank you for a fantastic retreat! It was wonderful to be taught so well and to focus on my yoga practice. Hana is an excellent teacher who made a huge difference to my practice. I left the retreat feeling completely restored and at peace. Very highly recommended. Thank you, Hana!

    • Sarah Savritt

      Mindful Movements website

      One of the best moments of the retreat was doing a full wheel for the first time. Hana challenged and helped me (as she always does) to achieve something I thought was impossible. I also had some of the best sleep in my life on the Saturday night - testament to how relaxed I was during the retreat, and how satisfyingly worn out I was after lots of yoga!

    • a traveller

      Mindful Movements website

      I am writing to say how much I enjoyed and benefitted from my retreat. The venue and scenery were lovely, and the atmosphere for the whole two days was relaxing and supportive. The meals were absolutely delicious. It felt like an oasis of calm, compared to my busy London life. I felt as if my batteries were recharged ready to face yet another busy week at work.

    • Jane Coulston

      Mindful Movements website

      I attended a Mindful Movements retreat in Suffolk and it was truly fantastic. Teacher Hana Saotome is clearly an expert in her field and she passes on her knowledge and passion to each and every student. There was a real mixture of abilities in the classes and Hana is excellent at giving everyone the support and feedback they need to develop a safe and confident yoga practice. With a sense of calm, great food, excellent company, my very first gong bath and a roaring fire I couldn't have spent a December weekend in a better way. I would recommend mindful movements to anyone, beginner or a yoga teacher yourself...you will love it.

    • Tanya Greig

      Mindful Movements website

      Thank you so much for an incredible weekend. It was more than beautiful.I found the weekend calming, invigorating, energising, inspiring and rewarding. I cannot express enough my gratitude to you for helping me find my way back to Yoga. Everything you suggested, encouraged or led seemed to be the perfect 'next thing to do' Exceptionally grateful and definitely motivated.

    • Claire Jackson

      Mindful Movements website

      Mindful Movement's weekend retreat involved a variety of styles of yoga, including workshops and yoga nidra. The venue Potash Barns was really comfortable, food delicious and I left feeling cleansed and relaxed. Hana is a very inspiring and versatile teacher. I can definitely recommend.

    • Linda Davidson

      Mindful Movements website

      I have never had such an incredible yoga experience. Hana is a fantastic teacher and is really forensic in her corrections. She really knows where to just touch you so you can move into position and you can really feel it. I have learned so much about my body and how to practice yoga in a more fulfilling way and Hana is really such a lovely soul.

    • Annie Hall

      Mindful Movements website

      I have been working with Hana for 3-4 years and I feel that I have made some massive achievements that I could only do with Hanas help, guidance and patience. It thought me a lot in terms of how I look in my day to day life, how I look after my body and to be kind to myself. Its really been worth sticking to, the benefits are phenomenal.

    • Oliver Fitzgerald

      Mindful Movements website

      My whole body has completely opened, released and changed. Hana is an absolutely phenomenal teacher. She has really ignited a fire within me. Such intensive training and practice has had an instant impact in my body.

    • Toni Stait

      Mindful Movements website

      I would definitely recommend yoga with Hana. I have started having one to ones with her and it is inspirational. I have found a passion learning yoga with her and its been just incredible to have this opportunity.

    • Clare Jackson

      Mindful Movements website

      I can totally recommend the beginners course, which I did this time last year. Even if you are not a complete beginner, it gives you time to focus on particular positions, etc. And Hana is a brilliant teacher!

    • Karen Shea

      Mindful Movements website

      Just completed my second basic course with Hana, it was fantastic! Hana magically adapts to each persons level with a little bit of push to make you go that bit further without even trying. Absolutely recommended to anyone who has done yoga, there is so much information to make the plank even better - and to those not sure but want to try yoga for the first time. Everything is taken at ones own pace.

    • Sam United Kingdom

      Mindful Movements website

      Yoga introduction was brilliant, thanks. I feel like I have had a really thorough stretch all over my body and tested my balance. Will definitely give yoga another go at some point, I am now more interested in making my body more subtle and flexible. Many thanks!

    • Linda Jackson

      Mindful Movements website

      Fantastic! Keeps the body supple and trim. It is the best form of exercise - so much fun and an amazing way to feel the burn. Fab music and lots of laughs!

    • Victoria Craft

      Mindful Movements website

      Each week, Hana challenges me to push myself a little further and I am amazed at what my body can do! I have suffered from back problems for some time and yoga has helped me to strength muscles in my back as well as ease my tension and niggles. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Hana as a private instructor to anyone looking for that personal approach.

    • Harriet Walsh

      Mindful Movements website

      I had never done yoga before, being able to do it in the comfort of my own home with an experienced and encouraging teacher was just perfect! Instantly I trusted Hana because she made me feel relaxed and challenged me to try positions I never thought I could do. By the end of every lesson, I feel amazingly at ease, relaxed and excited about finding time to try it all again.

    • Gillian Horgan

      Mindful Movements website

      I love the individual attention that ensures my posture and poses are correct and I can improve at my own pace. Everything is always broken down so clearly and I feel confident, strong and happy in my body! Having regular classes with Hana I feel energized, invigorated and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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