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14 Days Meditation, Breathing, Yoga Safari in Tanzania

  • Arusha-Ngorongoro-Karatu-Serengeti, Tanzania


Yoga and Meditation in Safari, Tanzania

The force is strong in Africa

Africa means red Earth. Africa means extraterrestial Nature. Africa means elemental, wild and strong. Mindful Adventure takes you on an authentic safari to Tanzania, where you get the chance to connect with yourself and your roots in a more profound way. Meditation and yoga during your journey will reinforce your potential to see, hear, feel, smell and taste "the Force" in Africa. And for sure your senses are the bridge to the here and now.


  • Safari tours
  • Yoga sessions
  • Meditation sessions
  • Most meals and drinks are provided
  • 13 nights' accommodation
  • Trips and free time
  • 12 days with instruction
  • Dutch, English
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The group will stay in local guesthouses, camp in the wild nature, tented camps and one luxury hotel in Arusha. The mattresses during camping are superb!

This particular safari has everything a safari to Africa needs to provide. While walking through the stunning Crater Highlands you automatically become overwhelmed by the beauty and authenticity of the landscapes. Mindful Adventure groups are nomads on safari and meditation and exercises are woven through the itinerary, sometimes in the morning, but also in evening or during the ride in jeeps.

Safari adventure

Adventure means to leave your safe well known world behind to enter a new and unknown world. When you step in, you will never know what you will meet on the way. Most safaris to Africa follow a similar pattern. They take you on a whirl wind trip in a jeep from one highlight to another, passively sitting for many hours, staying in luxurious resorts and eating western food. Travelling that way you are missing real interaction with local people and life in East Africa. Many times you will be brought to a local tribe that will serve you a fake show for some food or dollars.

Mindful adventure

Mindful Adventure will support our travelers to connect with wild life and the local people of East Africa in a more profound way. We would like to see them touched and enjoy pure adventure. Pure means that we offer a tour that shows highlights, as well as exploring the uniqueness of the locals, tribes, flora and fauna, villages, towns, restaurants and accommodations. To do so we will tempt you to leave the jeeps and luxurious resorts behind. Mindful means that our special attention is focused to provide for you an active (walking/biking) and also peaceful and relaxing tour to reach a sincere experience of your safari.


You are offered simple but profound meditation, breathing in yoga techniques to support this process. There will be music played to increase your relaxation. When you return home you will have understood what is necessary to reach a level of more relaxation in your daily life.

Daily schedules

Day 1

You will arrive at Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania where you will be met by the guide and taken to LOasis Meserani just outside Arusha to spend the night. LOasis Meserani is a spiritual place. It has been built up during the past 17 years by a Tanzanian lady called Margaret.

You can see she did this in a loving and caring way. What makes it extra special is that she also has her own vegetable garden and takes care of her animals in a eco-friendly way.

Alternatively you can arrive one day earlier at Nairobi airport and take a taxi to Wildebeest Ecocamp just outside Nairobi. This campsite is spacious, quiet with good showers and has a nice shop and good restaurant. Theres a variety of choices in tents to stay overnight, from basic to luxurious.

The next morning you will be taken to the bus station by taxi to catch the bus to Arusha which will take five to six hours. In Arusha you will be picked up by the guide to be brought to LOasis Meserani.

Day 2

You will be picked up for a game drive in Tarangire National Park. Tarangire is well-known for its many elephants and baobabs. In the evening you will stay at our favourite campsite Mto Wa Mbu. You will be dining under the beautiful Acacia trees being observed by the mongoose, monkeys and tropical birds.

Day 3

Today you will leave to Ngorongoro and vist some Masa friends in Endonyowas. You will be heartily welcomed into their ceremony and have a chance to get in touch with them. Meanwhile the donkeys will be packed to join us in the afternoon for our first walk to Bulati. There we will spend the night on the edge Embulbul depression in your own tents.

Day 4

From Bulati you will walk a sturdier walk to the Empakai Crater. Following a special path, you can even enter the crater to enjoy silence, atmosphere, smells and if youre lucky even a group of flamingos. Thats where you will stop and spend the night listening to the sounds of the bush.

Day 5

From Empakai we will walk to Akesha Campsite. You will visit the village of Nayobi to have lunch and get extra water for our trip. You will camp in the wild at the edge of Great Rift Valley.

Day 6, 7 and 8

Fom Akesha campsite you will do a breathtaking trip alongside Great Rift Valley to Lake Natron. There you will spend three nights at Lake natron Tented Camp to relax and enjoy the trip to an amazing, crazy waterfall where you can go for a lovely swim. You will also visit the special lake where the biggest colony of flamingos in the world resides.

Day 9, 10 and 11

At Lake Natron you will be picked up by the driver to spend three days in Serenegeti and look for lions, leopards, elephants, hippos and other wild animals who can be found in the park. At night you will sleep at campsites amongst the wild, listening to the wonders of the night. On day 11 you will return to Mto Mbu and Migunga campsite.

Day 12

After a short visit to the favorite, flourishing town Mto Wa Mbu the group will return to Arusha where you will be dropped off in the luxurious Safari Lodge on the slope of Mount Meru. Safari Lodge is run by a brave Dutch lady called Annelies. The Lodge has a very good restaurant, a swimming pool and a nice shop. Its the perfect place to enjoy peace and quiet after the impressive tour youve just accomplished.

Day 13

You will be free to do whatever you want. You can explore daily life with Msfari and visit markets, shops and other places of interest. Its up to you.

Day 14

Today you will fly home. If you fly through Nairobi, it is better to book a night flight which gives you the opportunity to travel by bus to Arusha during the day.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The following dietary requirements are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
  • Other dietary requirements on request
(If you have special dietary requirements its a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)
  • All camping costs and hotels in Tanzania
  • All entree fees for national parks and walking fees
  • Almost every meal and drinks during camping
  • Transport costs and rental of jeeps, donkeys, tents and matresses
  • A few meals on free days (Arusha and Mto Wa Mbu)
  • Taxi costs from the airport in Nairobi to Wildebeest Ecocamp
  • The hotel, all meals and bus ticket when you fly to Nairobi
  • The plane ticket
  • Tips ( USD 5 - 10 USD a day as a group)
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa for Tanzania and / or Kenya
For information about the booking conditions, please send Mindful Adventure an inquiry.
  • Review by Margo Noordhoek from The Netherlands
    10 out of 10

    "Wow, what a trip! I knew there was something with me and Africa, but this trip made me experience and see this even more. The (walking) meditations made me experience everything more intense and made mee see the beauty of the African landscape even more. The walking trekking, The Masaï, the wild animals, driving through the African landscape, hearing the roaring of a leopard, the African relaxedness, all highlights of this extraordinary safari!"

    Mindful Adventure website, edited

  • Review by Lindsey Arnouts from Belgium
    10 out of 10

    "A real wow feeling! This safari was a trip to an incredible beautiful country but also an incredible inner journey. From the first moment I was there, my nerves fell away and there was only excitement: what would happen these coming 2 weeks. And so much has happened. We watched for lions, elephants, leopards. What was it beautiful to stand amidst of all that! A real wow feeling. Apart from that there was the amazing beautiful landscape during the walks where we enjoyed so much more because of the mindfulness exercises that made us live completely in the NOW. Every meal was a feast from our loverly cook. If you are in doubt, just do it and let you be carried away in a special adventure. I am taking it with me and am absolutely less fearful since I’m back. Really wow!"

    Mindful Adventure website, edited

  • Review by Linda Heilygers from the Netherlands
    10 out of 10

    "AFRICA! I didnt know much about it really. I felt attracted to Africa, but also tense because of my ignorance about the country and its inhabitants and not knowing what was going to happen. Msafiri was welcoming us on arrival and that was very nice. I felt safe from day 1 onwards. The people are very sociable, speak reasonably English and are cheerful with a positive attitude. They also take good care of the food. I especially appreciated camping on small sites and being in touch with nature and locals instead of traveling around like a rich tourist. The contrast between rich and poor was made crystal clear during this trip. The climate is good and certainly not too hot. Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful. I have never been in a country with so many different animals and birds. Streets are colourful. The trip itself has a diverse program with riding, walking, temperature differences, heights, relaxing, meeting Masai villages and towns. I felt I was traveling with friends instead of a travel organisation which made the whole experience very special.Africa, Im glad I met you. Many thanks to Alina and Msafiri for this beautiful experience."

    Mindful Adventure website, edited

  • Review by Anita Smulders from the Netherlands
    10 out of 10

    "It has been a fantastic experience to travel to Tanzania with Mindful Adventure. It was a completely different holiday compared to standard trips offered by most travel agents. Walking with the Masai through the ever changing views of the countryside; absorbing the greatness of nature and camping with donkeys, their riders and our own cook. My three highlights were Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti and I also really enjoyed swimming underneath romantic waterfalls! It is indescribable how many animals can be spotted in such a short time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and often still think about it with great pleasure."

    Mindful Adventure website, edited

  • Review by Maarten van der Velde from the Netherlands
    10 out of 10

    "It has given me the experience of slowing down, a closer relationship to nature and myself, a sense of respect for the Masa people and their unchanged lifestyle through the ages, the beauty and purity of the landscape and a hard question to ask: who is taking better care of this earth, the Masai or the remaining people in this world?"

    Mindful Adventure website, edited

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mindful Adventure is a sympathetic safari company that offers profound meditation, breathing, and yoga techniques during their tours in Tanzania.

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