Mindful Adventure

Mindful Adventure is a sympathetic safari company that offers profound meditation, breathing, and yoga techniques during their tours in Tanzania.

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14 Days Meditation, Breathing, Yoga Safari in Tanzania

Mar 13-26 | Jul 30-Aug 12 | Oct 6-19, 2019
    from US$3,127
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    Instructors (3)

    Bart Wiegers

    Since 2003, Bart has been guiding Vision Quest’s and sweat lodges. He also gives training sessions and individual consults to men and women.

    Ralph Nelissen

    Ralph focuses on the vulnerable topic of intimacy and sexuality, which opened himself to my heart and enabled him to give and receive more. The discovery of his truth and that he wants to live that to the fullest is a beautiful adventure to dive into. This unknown journey is continuing and makes him live my potential more and more.

    Alina de Vilder

    After working for years as meditation teacher and therapist in the Netherlands (naturopath, bodywork, breathwork, hypno-and regression therapy, Clarity Proces and counselor/coach), I ended up unexpectedly in Tanzania. After an inspiring search on the spiritual and therapeutic market between 1985 and 2004, I came in touch with the Clarity Proces of Jeru Kabbal. I practiced his teachings on a daily basis for six years. This changed my way of looking at life radically. Our mind follows a script which is programmed in early years and endlessly repeats itself, even if reality is totally different.

    Testimonials (4)

    Jannet Netherlands

    Mindful Adventure website

    I felt this Safari was too short, so much happened. I needed to stay longer at one place to be able to take it in more deeply. The quietness, the space, the mindfulness moments were so inspiring, that I like to do more with that, in Tanzania with your guidance. Hiking was the most valuable to me, especially the one on music in slow motion. At the start it was very difficult for me, but because it lasted very long, I was taken into the flow and found rest and peace inside. Thanks Alina for these experiences. Also the waterfall and climbing to it was wonderful. The meeting with the Masaï village was overwhelming and difficult for me. Maybe to me it was too early in the trip. I have intensily enjoyed this land, the people and your crew; they were great. I am thinking back a lot of this Safari and I want more. It makes me feel more human”.

    Lizanne Croonen Netherlands

    Mindful Adventure website

    I felt carried by nature. Some moments I will never forget. When we were meditating at Empakai, the beautiful Vulcanic Lake in Ngorongoro. I had found a spot where I could just see the Lake through the plants. This was an unforgettable moment of looking within myself ánd looking outward. I felt so carried by nature. All my senses where wide open. Alina chooses for people and places that fit to her Mindfulness approach. The exercises (that certainly have an impact), the walking, camping in the wild, the Masai that we meet, it all was real and pure. I am grateful to Alina, Rama, Msafiri and Tuma for this very beautiful travel experience. A meeting with man and nature, and with myself.

    Lieneke Akkerman Netherlands

    Mindful Adventure website

    I had a wonderful time in every way. A camping spot between Masai villages, a tree with a wide view. Dancing Five Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth at daybreak. Memories of years of dancing, memories to profound events then. Now dancing again with emotions of mourning and loss; flowing and crying, stamping staccato and stillness. The Masai guide Muran dancing with us, the teen daughters of driver Rama as well. This is life as it can be in al it’s diversity and liveliness. On the road people are walking from village to village, they stand still, watch, and lean on their walking stick for a while, and continue. A Mindful inner and outer journey through Tanzania, adventurous and inspiring.

    Rob Noteboom Netherlands

    Mindful Adventure website

    A journey with beautiful faraways, incisive proximity and deep insights. And what an adventure it was; campfires, plains, Masaï, dryness, dust, silence, primitive, warriors, forgo, compressed energy, vulcans, emotion, clear nights. Unfamiliar men became comrades. And apart from that all the animals and wonders of nature on the way. But also; meditations, yoga and sharings. That was fairly new to me but it gave such en extra dimension. And all of that in such a setting.

    To describe the intensity, the contrasts, the small and the magnificence, words simply fall short. What I do want to share is what it brought me; personal leadership as human and man and a more intense relationship with my wife. The talks with the trainers and comrades, Tanzania, the Masaï, they all contributed in their own unique way. I end with a powerfull and loving Aho. Thank you Mindful Adventure and Tanzania for seeing the need for this and for making it possible.

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