Michelle Yoga

Michelle Yoga hosts weekly group classes, monthly workshops, teacher training, apprenticeship programs, and private classes for students of all levels.

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Michelle Rubin

Michelle Rubin has accumulated over 8000 hours of teaching and 2500 hours of yoga therapy experience. She has developed numerous yoga teacher training programs, bi-annual retreats, and monthly workshops. She also produced free online yoga videos. Michelle’s boutique-style and non-drop in yoga classes allow her to work on each individual’s needs to develop a personal practice specifically designed to rehabilitate both body and mind.

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Tina Grimes

Michelle Yoga Facebook page

Over the years, I have experienced quite a lot of different teachers in different cities across the country and I have found none who are as skilled at teaching yoga as Michelle. Michelle is a very attentive teacher who ensures that every individual in the class is aligned safely and is in the version of the pose that is best suited to their unique body. She teaches a range of levels from beginner to advanced and always seems to master the perfect challenge level in each class accordingly. I have never left a class of Michelle's without feeling complete in my practice and full of gratitude to have been taught by a true Yogi.

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