Michaela Navarova offers yoga, naturopathy, aroma oils healing therapist consultation and treatment, retreats for your soul, and holistic life coaching.

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Michaela Navarova

Kristina Salmon

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Valentina Rivas

from Switzerland, February 2021

"Awesome week! "

Tejita is a beautiful area, everything you need is around. Amazing sunsets, nice restaurant and good facilities. The yoga classes were perfect. Michaela is very professional, attentive to your needs and flexible with free time and extra activities. She was also very helpful with everything I needed, inside and outside the yoga practice. The surf courses were great too! Highly recommend!


from Germany, February 2019

"Very personable retreat and beautfiully put together! "

I loved the combination of surf&yoga lessons, it is really a wonderful and fulfilling combination! Michaela and her partner were both really nice and very competent. It was a lot of fun, very relaxing and I had a very good time!

Michaela did 90 minutes Yoga sessions and her style is really great. Michaela drove and picked us up all the time. For an additional price per person, she brought breakfast snacks basically every day. She also organised to get catering now and then and picked it up.

She also organised a trip to Mount Teide for us. Michaela was really forthcoming and I felt very comfortable with her all the time.

The setting was very beautiful too. Even though El Poris is a bit away from El Medano, she picked us up and brought us back all the time.

I wanted to have more yoga lessons and she organised that we could have extra lessons with her colleague.

Even though El Poris is a bit away from El Medano (where the surfing took place) and without a car it is difficult to move freely we found it very relaxing to be in this cute, little fisher's village and to just relax. It's very sunny in El Poris and I loved being there and Michaela drove us almost every day and give as extra hints where to go or what we could do.