Retreats specifically for introverts and highly sensitive people that focus on renewing self-compassion and deepening our connection to nature.

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Melissa Renzi

Gabriela Flores

Citlali Aguilar

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Alaina Zyhowski

from United States, August 2021

"Exactly what I needed!"

This yoga retreat in Maine was exactly what I needed!! It was the perfect balance between restorative yoga, nature outings, and free choice time. My highlights were beginning and ending each day with yoga, kayaking, hiking, getting a magical deep tissue massage, and seeing an eagle fly over the Kennebec River a few days in a row. Popham Beach was also a fun time and not too far. THE FOOD was so delicious! J.B. is a fantastic host and chef and used locally sourced fresh produce and proteins for colorful, flavorful meals with zero food waste. Melissa is a phenomenal organizer, from the planning phase through the closing circle. She facilitated us collaborating for ride shares from and to the airport and was always timely with online docs and reminders. She also made sure to connect with each one of us and helped personalize our experience by being flexible to individual and group needs. Her yoga instruction and guided meditations were a good pace and she is responsive to the needs of each student. She definitely created a safe space. I got to relax, let go, and fill myself up with positivity, ready for the next phase of my life. It was a truly grounding experience that helped me feel ready to get back into the flow of life with a clearer mindset. Some of the best things about the trip were the female camaraderie and how much we laughed together. Two things I definitely want to put back in my life more. Thank you, Melissa and J.B., for a top notch vacation experience!