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Wellness and Yoga Retreat in USA

Looking to broaden your yoga practice and see it more clearly as a means to discover and fulfill your dharma (purpose or lifes work)? Then join Melina, Chiara, and Jenny Hayo at Breitenbush Hot Springs. This residential retreat-complete with healthy food, mineral-rich baths, thermal sauna, and the nurturing qualities of the old-growth forest in which Breitenbush is nestled-offers an ideal environmental to enhance your growth as a wholesome yogi/yogini.

Retreat highlights

  • Advanced yoga courses
  • Qualified yoga instructor
  • Use of Breitenbushs facilities
  • Cozy cabin accommodation with geo-thermal heat
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 7 nights accommodation

Yoga styles

7 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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Cozy, rustic, year-round cabins (some with bathrooms) and camping in summer give many options for your stay. Men and womens bathhouses serve the needs of campers and those in cabins without bathrooms.

Melina Meza Advanced Yoga Training in Oregon Program

8 Limbs Yoga Center

The center has been offering outstanding quality yoga programs for Seattle communities since 1996. Our teaching staff includes some of the most highly trained and experienced teachers from the Northwest including Melina Meza, Anne Phyfe Palmer, Chiara Guierreri and Jenny Hayo. In our teacher training courses we offer serious yoga practitioners and yoga instructors the learning circle that will support them in the prompt advancement of their practice and ability to share it with others.

Goal of this Oregon yoga retreat

To broaden the field of practice for each participant while encouraging yoga practice as a means to discover and fulfill ones dharma, or purpose. A residential retreat, with healthy food, old-growth forest, thermal baths, sauna, and the nurturing qualities of Breitenbush, offers an ideal environment to enhance your growth as a wholesome yogi/yogini. While the aspiration of this usa yoga retreat is to help you blossom into an elegant teacher that will advance reading and presentations during the retreat that are optional for other participants.

Subjects included:

  • Advanced Art of Teaching: Sequencing & Pranayama
  • Anatomy Workshops
  • In-depth Study of Yoga Philosophy
  • Student Observation & Diagnosis
  • Holistic Living as a Yoga Teacher
  • Supportive Adjustments
  • The Science of Ayurveda
  • Introduction to Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Advanced Training Reading List:

  • Yoga and Ayurveda, David Frawley
  • Awakening the Buddha Within, Lama Surya Das

Recommended Reading:

  • Yoga for Your Type, David Frawley
  • Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Yoga, Mind, Body & Spirit, Donna Farhi
  • Eastern Body, Western Mind, Anodea Judith
  • A Life in Balance, Maya Tiwari

Retreat location


Melina Mezas advanced yoga training will be at Breitenbush. It is a remote forest retreat of timeless natural beauty, blessed with abundant hot springs, a glacier-fed river and surrounding mountains, where you will discover a vast and personal connection with the natural world in any season.

The Sanctuary and Buddhas Playhouse

The uniquely beautiful Sanctuary and the whimsical Buddhas Playhouse are where you'll retreat for meditation, yoga or personal quiet time.


You'll take a meditative walk to the center of the labyrinth, a journey to ones own center, enhanced by the song of the nearby river.

Historic Lodge

Your center of activity is the Historic Lodge with its spacious decks. Here you'll find the library, a cozy place for lounging, the dining room, and the North Wing, where you'll enjoy various activities including concerts, dances, readings and workshops.



  • Hot tub/Jacuzzi
  • Massage
  • Sauna


  • Special menu request


  • Library
  • Shop


You will enjoy bountiful organic vegetarian meals served buffet style three times daily. We honor requests for egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free meals (may contain trace amounts of gluten). Sack lunches can be ordered a day ahead for your hike.

Things to do (optional)

  • Gift Shop: Youll find a selection of inspiring books and artisan-crafted gifts in our Gift Shop, along with any necessities you may have forgotten.
  • Hiking Trails: The Gorge, Spotted Owl, Emerald Forest, Devils Peak and Inner Path are all names of trails radiating from Breitenbush that lead you through ancient forest cathedrals, past river cascades, and to magnificent mountain vistas.
  • Hot Springs: Soak in The Meadow Pools lined in smooth river rocks or move slowly between the four Spiral Hot Tubs of varying temperature, or enjoy the Steam Sauna, a cedar cabin perched above steaming waters. A spirit of respect and sanctuary pervades the clothing-optional soaking pools

Spa treatments

Spa and Body Treatments

Aromatherapy: Many of our therapists will customize a blend of oils for use in massage to benefit your body, mind, and spirit.

Breema Bodywork: Breema Bodywork is a direct expression of Breema's Nine Principles of Harmony through touch and movement. The practitioner's movements and quality of touch communicate directly with the recipient's body on both physical and energetic levels. This initiates a return to physical, emotional, and psychological harmony and balance. Breema is so deeply nourishing that it enables the recipient to begin letting go of conditioned patterns and connect, instead, to more natural ways of moving, thinking and feeling.

  • Chi Nei Tsang: Chi Nei Tsang is abdominal Massage for improved health, helping with the systems of digestion, reproduction, circulation, and respiration. An average session is one hour of CNT mixed with half an hour of other work.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue Massage is often mistakenly thought to mean deep (hard) pressure. Rather, this technique targets specific muscles located in deeper layers of the body. Pressure used varies according to the state of the muscles, and may be applied with or without movement. The aim of deep tissue massage is to release these deeper muscles, and to help the client experience release of deeply held tension. To that end, the client is sometimes asked to facilitate this release through deeper breathing and conscious contractions.
  • Hot Stone Massage: Geothermally-heated Basalt stones are used to ease stiff muscles, increase circulation, and warm up an area for deeper work. Combined with the flow of a Swedish massage, hot stones are warming and deeply grounding.
  • Hydrotherapy Sessions: This treatment begins with a hot bath in our private tub with a customized blend of essential oils and Epsom salts. After raising your core temperature, you will be wrapped snugly in wool blankets and sheets on our crystal table (see below) to further the purification process. The session will conclude with a half hour of massage or energy work. Deeply detoxifying, this treatment is highly recommended for those coming off of cigarette and other addictions.
  • Prenatal Massage: Addressing the special needs of the mother-tobe, prenatal massage in the second and third trimesters can help increase your breathing capacity, relieve the tensions created by your changing body, reduce fatigue, and prepare you for delivery by increasing kinesthetic awareness. Prenatal energy work can also help you to connect with your baby.
  • Reiki: In this technique, which originated in Japan, the therapist channels life energy to the client by lightly laying hands on or above the body, eventually covering the entire body. Effects during and afterwards include peacefulness, comfort, pain relief, calm.
  • Swedish Relaxation Massage: Classic Swedish massage uses kneading and flowing strokes to increase circulation, detoxify body tissues, relax muscles, relieve pain, and bring peace and pleasure to your mind.
  • Thai Massage: Thai Massage is a type of bodywork that involves stretching and deep massage. This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor, and the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement. No oils are used in Thai massage. It is known in Thailand as "Nuad Boran" literally, the ancient-manner massage. While the client relaxes and is prompted to breath and release the practitioner explores range of motion using their whole body in a gentle but deep manner; utilizing rocking, traction, rotation, etc. the flow of energy/life force is freed.

Additional Offerings

We often have visiting therapists who may bring additional modalities, including Thai, Polarity, Shiatsu, Acutonics, Intuitive Readings, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage), Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, Structural Bodywork, Treatment Massage and others. The reservations desk will be happy to share these with you when you call.

About Our Crystal Table

Donated by a friend of Breitenbush Hot Springs, our crystal, healing table contains hundreds of quartz crystal points, with angelite, amethyst, fluorite, and rose quartz. These powerful crystals are held together by an epoxy resin that is mixed with vibhuti, a dust that was manifested through the hands of Sai Baba.

Spa Treatments Information

Treat yourself to a 90-minute session in the expert hands of one of our caring licensed massage therapists. Many modalities for deep relaxation and healing are available. Reservations can be made any time up to 4 weeks in advance of your visit by calling the Breitenbush office.

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

The nearest large airport is Portland International.

Rent a car at the airport.

Driving directions from Interstate 5

  • Important note: alternate route, Highway 224 (US Forest Service Route 46) from Estacada to Breitenbush is impassable from early fall to mid-June. Every year people get stranded on this road.)
  • From Interstate 5 at Salem, take exit 253 and head east on Hwy. 22 toward Stayton/Detroit for approximately 49 miles to Detroit, OR.
  • After crossing the Detroit bridge, turn left onto Hwy 46 at the only gas station in Detroit.
  • Drive 9.1 miles and just past Cleator Bend Campground take a right onto the single lane bridge crossing the Breitenbush River.
  • The road is gravel after the bridge and has three forks in its 1.2 mile course.
  • Take a left at every fork and you will end up in our parking lot. Youre home!
  • Do not follow mapquest, google maps or GPS directions.
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