Maui Eco Retreat is Maui’s premier eco-tourism retreat center offering vacations which lead to transformations.

Reviews (2)

David Hered

from United States, December 2018

"Maui Yoga Retreat"

It was such a beautiful and peaceful place to stay. Would have liked to stay as one of the volunteers and never come home.

Mary Oneill

from United States, January 2018

"Remove yourself in the jungle"

Remote, yoga room out of this world

Testimonials (5)

Lloyd Luna Hawaii

Maui Eco Retreat website

What a breathtaking experience! The Maui Eco Retreat was perfect and exactly what we where looking for. We currently live in Honolulu and wanted a true off the grid mini vacation. The Eco Retreat feels very isolated, yet its only a couple minutes drive to the nearest town. From the drive to the home to unlocking all the wonderful trails, it was an adventure behind every corner. We look forward to coming back and sharing this peaceful sanctuary again and again.

Jess B. California

Maui Eco Retreat website

Our one-week stay at the retreat was fabulous! It was the perfect setting for a relaxed and magical experience. We enjoyed meeting the other guests and made some very synchronistic connections in this space. Every structure was intricately and intentionally adorned with beautiful art pieces and sacred objects. The energy of the property is truly special. Thank you, Kutira and Raphael. You have created an enchanting space to share.

Robert L. Maryland

Maui Eco Retreat website

Words cannot describe the sheer beauty and peacefulness that is this place. Waking up each morning in this sacred temple to a beautiful vista of the ocean was the greatest treat. Kutira and Raphael were the best hosts. Their warmth and inviting nature truly made the trip so enjoyable and memorable. You don’t even need to leave the property to experience what Maui is all about…truly an amazing experience. We will be back… Thank you for everything!

Beth F. North Carolina

Maui Eco Retreat website

Kutira, Raphael, and their staff are kind and welcoming hosts who have manifested a unique vision of alternative, eco-conscious travel. Maui Eco Retreat is situated on land that is private, calm, and amazingly beautiful. You will discover a private waterfall and pools, breathtaking views high above the ocean, land that is lush with plant and animal life, and calm spaces for peaceful reflection or meditation. Each room in the Opua house has a unique theme with carefully selected pieces of art and world cultural objects. This place will be your home for a few days; make of it what you will. You can unwind by meditating or by enjoying a glass of wine while surrounded by lush flora. Whatever pleases you. If you can’t tolerate the mere presence of objects that represent diverse global religious traditions, then you should reconsider visiting. Maui Eco Retreat is purposely alternative. Everything about my visit was wonderful. In sum: if your expectations are clear, if you seek an environmentally progressive place to stay, and if you wish for an unforgettably beautiful setting, then Maui Eco Retreat is a dream realized.

Miles S. California

Maui Eco Retreat website

A wonderful gem just off the Hana Highway. Even driving in, we felt like we were going on a jungle safari, which was a blast. We didn’t get to spend time with Kutira, but Raphael was a gracious host with intriguing stories and a genuine interest in our having an uplifting and authentic experience. Right as we arrived, he spent time getting us acquainted with the massive, adventure- and spirituality-filled property called The Land. The accommodations are charming, and include themed rooms with beautiful artifacts and a well-appointed and organized kitchen for cooking. Some highlights included finding and eating fresh lillikoi, playing with their sweet dogs, hiking down to the ocean and to an immense waterfall, and meditating in the Music Temple. We had originally planned on driving to Hana but enjoyed The Land so much that we just stayed there and explored. Extra points for a kind and helpful staff and the eco-consciousness built into every facet of this imaginative and wonderful place.