MATAIP Yoga Pilates

MATAIP Yoga Pilates is an organization which leads in modified yoga Pilates and mind and body programs. They offer yoga, Pilates, personal training, group and 1-1 coach.

  • Bradford, United Kingdom
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Offers starting at US$1,310
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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is a Master Coach and founder of MATAIP Yoga Pilates. He already has over 25 years of coaching mind and body. Coming from a sporting background riddled with injuries, he had to find a way to heal quicker to keep the bodies' numerous systems in balance. His education in Biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, and exercise started well over 20 years ago leading onto Reflexology, NLP / Hypnotherapy, personal and training development, stress management, and coaching.


  • Review by Debbie from Keighley

    "I attend Mark's Pilates class and I am more than satisfied with his tuition. He was calm, patient, amusing, and helpful. He gave everyone different options relating to their ability. He offered advice on injuries and gave instruction on what to do and what not to do in the session. I would highly recommend this class."

    MATAIP Yoga Pilates website, edited

  • Review by Val from Bradford

    "I began Pilates about 7 years ago following a back operation. Pilates was recommended by the hospital physiotherapist in order to strengthen muscles to support my spine. Attending Pilates has proved to be successful in reducing my back pain. Mark aims to meet the needs of all who attend, whether they are beginners or experts in their practice. The sessions were delivered with humor in a calm, positive, and encouraging manner. I would highly recommend Pilate as it has certainly helped me."

    MATAIP Yoga Pilates website, edited

  • Review by Lauren Cooke from Keighley

    "Mark is awesome, the classes were awesome, and you feel awesome. If you really get into it and you continue to work on yourself, this becomes not just a session you do so many times a week, but it becomes a way of life. Remembering "one chin", "switch on your girdle", and to "keep tall", you begin to do it automatically. It's like "intelligent programming from within". I would recommend Mark to anyone no matter your age, fitness level, or experience if anything it makes taking care of yourself fun. Thanks for everything, Mark. You've been awesome."

    MATAIP Yoga Pilates website, edited