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Florida, United States

Marsha White Yoga Retreats offers annual customized yoga retreats in Costa Rica that will be etched forever in your memory.

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  • Jim Bonnie Florida

    Marsha White Retreats website

    What an amazing week we have had with Marsha in the rainforest. She did an amazing job scheduling fun and adventurous activities for us. Such a great mix to be in Costa Rica for all it has to offer and have our yoga also. And, what a peaceful place to be doing our yoga practice on the water. This trip has provided so many beautiful memories that I will cherish: waterfalls, dolphins, kayaking, SUP, focused and tailored yoga instruction, and such warm and caring and fun people. You attract what you set out and Marsha sets out love, caring, and peace.

  • Shalini San Francisco

    Marsha White Retreats website

    Dearest Marsha, I started this journey with a lot of trepidation, am I ready for an adventure trip on my own, who will be there with us, how will the lodging be. It exceeded all my expectations! I found Marsha White Retreats from BookYogaRetreats. I loved the little group that became my little family for the short 5 days we were together! The planning and details you did have been a lot of work! The yoga was truly inspiring, (maybe a studio on the beach had something to do with it). You are an amazing beautiful strong person and I am thankful we met!

  • Cary DC

    Marsha White Retreats website

    Dearest Marsha, my guru. Thank you for all the many gifts and your wisdom. I am loving the adventure I am on and may it continue. This has been a wonderful retreat.

  • Sophia DC

    Marsha White Retreats website

    Dearest Marsha, I loved the retreat because of your love and passion. I think of your beautiful smile whenever I need a mental hug. Thank you for all your help.

  • Kate DC

    Marsha White Retreats website

    Marsha, Thank you for your vision and enthusiasm. It was a great experience and I learned quite a great deal. I really didn't know what to expect with Bikram yoga and the rainforest on top of it, but it all fit together so well. It was a great combination. I know your yoga journey will continue and you will pass it on to others on your way, and they will benefit greatly.

  • Sylvia and Norman United States

    Marsha White Yoga Retreats website

    Thanks to Marsha White, Norman and I were introduced to Nicuesa. In 2012, we took our first visit here and it was truly life changing. Nicuesa is extraordinary in every way. From the moment we reach the dock to the last evening. You can't help but learn at every turn. The staff is genuinely kind, thoughtful, and interested and passionate about sharing their knowledge with you. Thanks to Donna and Michael for sharing their vision and dream with all of us.

  • Norman M United States

    Marsha White Yoga Retreats website

    The yoga at Marsha White Yoga Retreats was great, the company was fantastic. Marsha is the most gracious hostess and guide. Thank you for everything.

  • Kerry P United States

    2016. Marsha White Yoga Retreats website

    Thanks to Marsha White Yoga Retreats, I learned that balance, flexibility, and strength are probably the best anti-aging formula, which yoga Bikram provides, and that it is a lot better to practice by the ocean with no mirrors, I really loved the food, the people, and the whole experience. Kerry and Jenny are the funniest girls I have ever met and great athletes. Jennifer and I plan to come back again.

  • Jen E United States

    Marsha White Yoga Retreats website

    Three years ago, I was in a Bikram yoga studio at Fort Lauderdale when I saw a flyer advertising two of my most beloved things, Costa Ricaand Bikram yoga. I did not sign up at the moment, but then, one day about one and a half years ago you were the person who was offering the retreat, My husband, Kerry and I eagerly signed up. The past two years have been tough, but on this trip I was able to remove my even present knee brace and hike pain free. This place is magical. We will definitely be back.

  • Angela DC, USA

    Marsha White Yoga Retreats website

    This trip ranks among the top trips I have ever taken. Costa Rica is amazing, and Marsha is a fabulous guide and teacher. Practicing yoga outside as the sun rises over the ocean is a unique and magical experience. Your yoga practice will improve and you will have an amazing time hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and otherwise, exploring the incredible rainforest. This trip should not be missed.

  • Andy Setauket United States

    Marsha White Yoga Retreats website

    I feel fortunate to have studied under Marsha's tutelage so early in my practice. Although I am new to yoga, I have practiced incorrect postures. All of those who were amenable greatly appreciated Marshas's tenacity in helping us to keep the integrity of the postures and in taking us out of our cruise control yoga and forcing us to be present. I can't begin to explain how her teachings helped me to understand what I was missing in my practice.

    Knowing that she were here only for a week, she could have let us continue practicing mindless yoga. I respect and admire her for instead persevering so that we could learn what she were willing and felt compelled to teach us. After four days of her instruction ,not only the yoga begin to make sense, but I now practice the violin with unexplainable ease. I am not suggesting it has become easy, but it is no longer thought of as an obligation. Obviously my mindset has changed. I am not quite certain which words made it all come together for me but, it was undoubtedly something Marsha said during one of our classes.

  • Nurit Israel

    Marsha White Yoga Retreats website

    Marsha, thank you for teaching me so much and showing me that limits are only in my head. I give you a fish so you can swim in any kind of water. I love you very much, thank you.

  • Rosanna United States

    Marsha White Yoga Retreats website

    Marsha, it has been such a pleasure getting to know you. I tell my husband that you are an angel who has exposed me to so many possibilities. I thank you for the gift of your friendship and I wish you the best on the life's journey.

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