Marly Camino

Madrid, Spain

Marly Camino offers assistance to those who wish to find their ‘way’ or their camino. Marly Tours is formed by an excellent group of high-quality people that guarantee direct and personal treatment.

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  • Colleen United States

    Marly Camino

    It was absolutely a wonderful experience(physically, mentally and spiritually) and that is being said from someone who didn’t really know what she was getting into. Would complete another tour the Marly for sure! Marly thinks of everything.

  • Kathleen United States

    Marly Camino

    Marly’s “Buen Camino” tour was everything I could have hoped for and more: amazing lodgings, fantastic, local food and two guides who tried to be sure we had everything we needed during the trip. This tour made the Camino experience a cultural tour of northwestern Spain introducing us to the regional dishes, history and people of the area. In addition to a moving, religious pilgrimage, I had a marvelous vacation and made new friends along the way., worth every penny and more!

  • Suze Orman

    Marly Camino website

    Over the top great. Marly Camino far exceeded any of my hopes and desires. From the first day to the end, it was total perfection. Five stars all the way. Cant wait to do it again.

  • Myrna Dubon Puerto Rico

    Marly Camino website

    For as long as I remember, I wanted to do the camino. I had no specific reason for doing it. It was Marly Camino that taught me, helped me to look inside of me and find specific and motivational reasons to keep on walking. It is while doing the camino that you connect with yourself, that you find within yourself the strength and force to overcome the pain, to let go and continue living with a stronger spirituality motivation and happiness in living. I just loved it!

  • Maureen Powell United States

    Marly Camino website

    Marly Camino helped make my camino a life-changing experience. From the informational meeting in Madrid with the delicious healthy snacks and introductions, to the comprehensive itinerary and directions, to the charming and comfortable accommodations and recommendations, everything about them exemplified professionalism at its finest. We could have not asked for a better bunch of fellow travelers and enjoyed sharing walks, laughs and meals with them along the way. I do hope we keep in touch. Marly and Samantha are a first class team and I look forward to traveling with Marly Camino again on another self-guided tour in the future!

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