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Mariposa Yoga provides group or private sessions of yoga, Reiki, massage, and dance around the world including yoga retreats.

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Ellanah Fawcett

An adventure-loving soul, Ellanah is forever exploring new ways of connecting to true self and the magic of everyday life. Her sunshine-infused classes explore the flowing dance between breath and movement - cultivating greater space, peace, and presence in both body and mind. A nature-loving Reiki master with an eclectic background in performing arts and anthropology as well as a love for all things of dance, Ellanah draws from a creative mix of inspiration, always exploring how people can come deeper into awareness and move deeper from love.

Nicola Orr

Nicola is a private chef whose greatest passions are food, yoga, snowboarding, and travel. With a huge calling to see the world, she used her skills to work around the world discovering new ingredients, recipes, techniques and nutritional ideas on her journey. Consolidating this on her return with an intensive year at Leiths Cookery school in London, she then became the chef for Quiksilver surf team where she was introduced to eating gluten and dairy-free.

Mollie Mendoza

Weaving together Vinyasa and traditional Hatha, Mollie's class is a unique creative exploration of the self through movement and breath. Her passion on and off the mat is a practice of coming home to your body, home to the breath, and allowing this to provide an anchor of deep connection with the present moment. Mollie focuses on 'UnMinding' - a constant practice of unwiring conditioned patterns of the mind in order to move back to a place where thoughts, stories, and anxieties no longer define the experience.

Sam Garrett

Sam Garrett aims to inspire and share experiences through music. He grew up in a little village in the countryside of England and began playing guitar when he was very young, He was always drawn to music and began playing in bands from about 15 to 19 years old. He has teamed up with Dcypha Records and been working on his first studio album entitled 'Grace' which will be in dedication and reverence to the great spiritual master Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and his master Sri Mooji who have inspired and directed him to the clear realization of his true self.

Carly Grace

Carly Grace is the instructor for crystal bowl practices, sound healing, and energy healing courses.

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A traveler

Mariposa Yoga website

Weaving together Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga Mollie's class is a unique creative exploration of the Self through movement and breath. Recently her training has been focused in offering Yoga as a form of therapy to relieve stress, anxiety, and aid in addiction recovery.

A traveler

Mariposa Yoga website

Mollie is dedicated to finding and sharing the practices that empower each individual to move in their own unique rhythm, and to begin a new, more compassionate conversation with the 'Self.'

Amy Colman-James

Mariposa Yoga Facebook

My first and only personal encounter with Mollie left a lasting impression. You have a beautiful soul and following your journey via the interwebs is inspiring. I look forward to meeting you again someday!


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