Marina De Lima's retreats are about crafting unique and worldly experiences through yoga, meditation, adventures, and culture.

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Marina De Lima

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Melissa Gerlach

from United States, January 2018

Marina was a great yoga instructor

Testimonials (4)

Jacklyn Rae

World Travelers Association website

I had the best experience of my life! This was my first time traveling with WTA and not even half way through the trip I turned to my new friends and we said "what trip are we going on next with this group"! They are the nicest people I have ever met the yoga was a wake up call on your life and self awareness that I learned how I can be a better person for myself and others. Volunteering was always a thing of mine but I have never done it on this large of a scale going across the world to give back and the reward and feeling was even bigger then I imagined! I loved learning and experiencing the culture. Mariana and Jorge really know what they are doing I feel I could not have planned a better trip ever, not even with a travel agent. The places we went: temples, shalas, rice fields, surfing, beaches, towns, ceremonies, restaurants, and so much more I really feel like I saw Bali for what it really is. I can't wait to go on my next trip it's just a matter of which one!

Angela Munchkin

World Travelers Association website

World Travelers Association has brought joy into my life that I didn’t even know I needed. Marina and Jorge are the most inspiring people I have had the pleasure of meeting and traveling with. They plan amazing adventures but more importantly, they take the time to learn about each person they travel with. This creates a community of like minded people who want to continue to spread joy to others. To travel with a purpose truly opens your eyes to the world around you. I will treasure the new friends and memories I’ve made and I look forward to the next adventure already.

Sarita Friddle

World Travelers Association website

WTA is an incredible organization that strives to give people a unique travel experience through adventure, yoga, volunteering, cultural immersion and human interactions and connections. One of my favorite things about WTA is that they spend time living in the country and getting to know the people, culture and area, in order to give their travelers the best possible experience. They are extremely thorough in their planning and make the entire experience extremely memorable. WTA provides you with the opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals and see the world through a different lens. You leave their trip feeling extremely connected to those around and feeling deeply connected to yourself. My husband and I attended their Bali trip as part of our honeymoon and we couldn’t have dreamt up or planned a more invigorating experience. It was truly life changing!! I highly recommend traveling with WTA if you’re looking for a rewarding, humbling and exciting experience.

Gina Martucci

World Travelers Association website

World Travelers Association promises adventure, great sights, yoga, and more. And you can see all of that from their amazing website and videos. What you can’t see is the life changing experience that this trip will be for you. You get all of the aforementioned things, like adventure, but you also get a Marina and Jorge, two people who are so incredibly passionate and addicted to giving you the best experience possible. And you get a group of people who are all passionate and looking for opportunities to connect positively and deeply with others.

Marina runs the yoga, and her teachings are masterful and thought provoking. As a person who was looking for guidance and clarity about life, that’s exactly what Marina and her yoga teachings helped me achieve. Furthermore, Marina is supportive and loving outside of yoga. She treated each person with kindness, love, and trust as she opened up her world to let us into hers.

Jorge runs a lot of the logistics and volunteer work, and he is as funny as he is kind. Each portion of the trip was planned perfectly, and while there are so many things Jorge deals with behind the scenes that you will never see, he is always present and supportive during the trip. He is fun, intelligent, and just plain amazing. Like the big brother I never had!

In Bali, Marina and Jorge fostered an environment of contemplation and rejuvenation. As you got to know the culture of Bali, you began to understand more about yourself and the world around you. I will never forget the people I’ve met, the things I’ve discovered about myself, and the greater understanding of people and the world I now feel I have. While Bali was an experience of a lifetime, meeting Marina and Jorge and learning all they have to teach and give are truly things you experience just once in a lifetime.

If you want this type of experience, where you will be surrounded by genuine and travel hungry people, this trip is for you!!!! From adventures to volunteer work, It is personal, powerful, and life changing.