Marije Paternotte (E-RYT 500) is a an experienced yoga educator who offers yoga and mindfulness meditation retreats and trainings world-wide.

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Marije Paternotte

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from United States, April 2019

"Perfect retreat!"

Beautiful nature, friendly stuff, amazing food and yoga/meditation classes. Overall good.

Rebecca Sands

from United States, April 2018

"Lovely experience for my first silent retreat"

The experience was lovely. While I've been on several yoga/meditation retreats, this was my first silent one. Marije Paternotte organized the silent retreat up in a very accommodating, non-intimidating way, a perfect set up to ease the skeptic in me. I learned some new meditation techniques and was introduced to yin yoga. The area was very beautiful and peaceful, adding another layer to the retreat that allowed for reflection as I wandered along the trails. The last day's ending mediation sequence was one of the most beautiful, interactive ones I've done that allowed recognition our humanity in self and others. It left me in awe and in tears and heart changing. I came away with understandings/compassion for self and others that will stay with me for a long, long while.

Rascher Alcasid

from United States, April 2018

"Incredible Silent Yin Retreat"

Combination of yin, walking and seated meditation. Explanation of benefits of 24 min meditation, yin yoga and themed meditations.


from United States, April 2018

Wonderful weekend retreat in a modern and minimalist setting perfect for a silent meditative yoga retreat. Peaceful surroundings and comfortable and simple accommodations. Marije created relaxed atmosphere for a diverse group of meditation and yoga practioners of varying experiences to explore their practices in silence. I especially appreciated the balance of meditation practices and yin, which is a meditative practice in itself. The balance led to a profound change in my mind, body and spirit. Thank you Marije for making a space for this unique experience.

Testimonials (5)

Steve United States

Marije Paternotte website

"The training & meditation has made all challenges easier to ease through. Just like breathing through a difficult pose. The practice & teachings have made me a more creative outgoing person & able to relate to people on all levels. My self esteem has gone from 0-100 in a good way. It has changed my life period!”

Sofia Sweden

Marije Paternotte website

I'm thinking of the training we did with you a lot, it gave me so much! Thank you, I'm so happy that I did it even if I told myself that next time I'm gonna do a training with a teacher I met before in person. But I followed my intuition

Michelle United States

Marije Paternotte website

I really enjoyed our Yin teacher training – I have to say it was really one of the best programs I’ve participated in. It was really challenging and I needed that!

Maria Norway

Marije Paternotte website

It was a great experience for me to attend the Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand with Marije! Marije created a good and friendly teaching atmosphere. It was a nice open room filled with pleasant scents of flowers and incense. Marije has a fantastic talent of teaching in a strict and systematic way, yet she always took the time to explain difficult questions to me along the way. She actually saw and took care of each and every student of hers. She was indeed in the present at her classes. She was there for me when I was crying at some point doing some poses. She was giving me the inspiration and pushing me in a good way to start practice teaching when I was so afraid to fail. That was the first time ever for me being a yoga teacher! We were doing meditations at the beginning and at the end of the classes, which was very good to tune in into myself and concentrate on my breathing and my emotions at the moment.

I've learned a lot about Yin yoga principles in theory and practice, as well as anatomic basics of joints and ligaments, and being more present in the moment. I've learned about different breathing techniques in theory and practice. I've learned about the art of teaching and how to be a good teacher. We were doing a lot of good excercises in being present and listentening to another person/ your student. And exercises in how I speak to my students and exercises in examining and exploring my own thoughts and truths.

It helped me a lot to exercise in noticing my own emotions and how my body and mind reacted in different poses. Marije has created a very good mixed program of theoretical classes and practical exercises. She gave us a chance to make our own dicisions and mistakes and learn from them. She has a lot of knowledge of Yin yoga, she is a great teacher also in a way that she showed us that she is also vulnerable and human.

Thank you very much, Marije!!


Marije Paternotte website

I was fairly new to yin yoga when i decided to do the teacher training. i was trained in other styles but i wanted to learn more about finding stillness while in pose, mindfulness meditation, acceptance, training and strenghtening my muscles in a different way. i really enjoyed the training i did with Marije in Thailand. Shes such a wonderful teacher full of knowledge and compassion. i learned so much about myself physically, mentally, and emotionally within the 10 days of the training. I would highly recommend this training and Marije as a teacher.