Marianne Wells Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance-registered school offering one of the most comprehensive yoga teacher certification programs today.

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Noelle Battaglia

from United States, December 2019

"Yoga teacher training"

My expectations were exceeded by the depth of the training. So much mire than asana training. Marianne taught us how to be our best selves with the tools and experience of her many years of teaching


from United States, July 2019

"Nothing short of amazing"

Marianne Wells Yoga School was awakening, authentic and full of love. Really Real Yoga shined light on the significance of yoga lineage, asana techniques, anatomy, alignment-based teaching and provided an introduction to Ayurveda, Chakras, Yoga Sutras. It provided me with the right tools to teach safely and with confidence. Yoga is about teaching from the heart and soul and Marianne, Ron and Aly knew how to convey this to students. Also, Bodhi Tree Resort is such a wonderful location for a training - the beach was breathtaking, the area itself is beautiful and exotic and the food was wonderful and healthy. Staff were very friendly - they really care about your experience, are extremely welcoming, and are happy to cater to your needs. Thank you for providing such an authentic and well-rounded program - it has exceeded all my expectations! I am equipped with not just a teacher certification, but with tools on how to lead yoga with grace, peace and love. <3 Natalie V

Linda Curtis

from United States, July 2019

"Learn from the best"

Marianne and husband Ron have years of experience teaching yoga and helped me see yoga like I've never before!


from United States, July 2019

"Really Real Yoga!"

Marianne And Ron Wells changed my life. They gave me the roots and knowledge that I need to succeed in my journey. Marianne has put together a program that is Intense, supportive and informative. Her asanas are timeless and have history. Do not think you are going on a Cushy vacation though, it takes hard work and time to make it thru this program. It’s a must do for anyone looking to learn authentic yoga and get a good foundation on the path of wellness and calming the mind.

Hannah Millar

from United States, December 2018

"Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training"

The food was amazing and I am not vegetarian, so I was worried about the food but it was great. The location at the Goddess Garden is unreal, so beautiful and so close to the beach.

Qiyao Wang

from Hong Kong, December 2018

"Incredible experience"

This course really deepened my understanding of yoga. During 15 days, we practised different types of asana including Hatha, Yin, Tibetan, Kundalini, Ayurveda, Chair, Kids, Marianne improvised yoga sequence (which is absolutely amazing), and much more. Along with daily asana practices, we also had incredible discussions and learnings on yoga sutras, anatomy, and kosha body. I really enjoyed every minute of the course as it progressively revealed a holistic view on what yoga is and how yoga should be. Marianne is a very good yoga teacher who not only has comprehensive knowledge about every single pose but also on how they can be taught in class. It was an absolute joy to practice in her class as she deliberately delivered asanas with great pace in succinct and elegant language. I learned so much from her as a student and a teacher-to-be. Ron and TAs are also really supportive and helpful in the class. All of them are really professional in their field and very patient in answering questions from students or provide assistance when necessary. Food is so good that I never considered being vegetarian until this trip. Chef Jonathan did a fantastic job.

Federica Meo

from Italy, December 2018

"Amazing teacher, great lessons, unforgettable experience"

Marianne and her husband Ron are supportive, loving but also very professional. Marianne is an incredible woman, so I believe she is the perfect role model for a Yoga Teacher.

The training is hosted in beautiful Costa Rica so the setting is absolutely perfect for allowing you to really dig deep and get in touch with yourself and what gifts you have to share with the world.

Marianne's approach is unique and she trains us to be charismatic teachers who take into account the individual needs of our students. She is inspiring and attentive and has a simple and effective approach to teaching that ensures that her students don't get injured or don't injure their future students.

The training has a lot of anatomy, and Ron leads the anatomy lessons and he is so amazing! I also loved the philosophy yoga lessons too, it is really important in my opinion to get a deep understanding of it and we did it in a fun way.

They also have amazing food, and lots of healthy, plant-based options as well. My body never felt so good in my life!

I definitely recommend the Marianne Wells YTT to everyone who wants to know what is really real yoga.

Italian: Marianne e suo marito Ron sono adorabili,affettuosi ma anche molto professionali. Marianne è una donna incredibile, credo che sia il modello perfetto per un'insegnante di yoga.

Lo consiglio vivamente a chiunque abbia voglia di scoprire cos'e' davvero lo yoga!

Cynthia Dugger

from United States, December 2018

"Yoga Teacher Training"

The overall experience to educate and consume the yoga lifestyle; physically, emotionally and spiritually was uplifting and I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life.. The structure of this program is to be completely immersed in the practice, education, lectures and philosophical discussions. It was exhausting and consuming, yet so rewarding and provided the necessary foundation required to understand and choose how yoga will change your life. Marianne and Ron Well are experts in this subject matter; with the hands on knowledge and life wisdoms and hardships to share during this process which provided the context to fully consume the information with an authentic delivery.

I will be gifting this journey to my daughters upon college graduation as this is the perfect recipe to begin your adult life as well as any other stage of life.

Linda Sjöberg

from Sweden, December 2018


Everyone and everything was great!!!

Lauralee Mills

from Canada, December 2018

"Amazing "

Marianne, is a amazing caring person. She instructs from her soul. I was there only 2 days due to a family situation. Within those 2 days I learned so much and felt my insides move. Very difficult to explain, yet I am returning in Feb. I will review then.

Samah Majadla

from United States, December 2018

"Transformative and inspirational experience"

What an incredible 15 days! Marianne and Ron have cultivated a wonderful curriculum to share and teach Really Real Yoga - one that is emotionally, mentally and physically challenging to the extent that you as the participant are willing to reach. If you are willing to commit to the experience you will find extreme value and support in your training and through your changes and explorations of yoga, anatomy, philosophy and yourself.

Not only are Marianne and Ron very genuine and caring, but they have also fostered an empowering and safe environment that allows for connection and transformation. The TAs are equally amazing!

My main concern when choosing a YTT was that we would learn how to teach and practice yoga safely. This expectation was more than exceeded, and I feel comfortable and confident to go out into the world (both in teaching and my personal practice) with a healthy and anatomically safe yoga practice. As someone recovering from two recent hip surgeries this was of extreme importance to me and I am so so SO happy to have joined this YTT where everyone is met where they are in terms of body limitations. I've learned a lot over the last two years about taking care of my body, and this easily surpasses what I learned through PT and recovery.

I was not expecting to have so much time dedicated to the discussion of yoga philosophy but it turned out to be one of my favorite parts!

If you are willing to dig deep and be present you will have an incredible experience!

Samantha Bollinger

from United States, December 2018

"It's Really Real Yoga!"

It was a life changing two weeks! I learned more yoga in 2 weeks with Marrianne, than I had in 6 years of practicing yoga. The program is incredibly well organized and the activities promoted self reflection, growth, and a lot of love between all of us women!! The program is an intensive, with lots of hard work, but it is so worth it! The cooks are amazing at the Goddess Garden and the facilities are well taken care of. If you want to gain a solid foundation for teaching, learn real yoga, anatomy, and the philosophy behind it all in a nurturing environment this is the teacher training for you!

Sara Gramsey

from United States, December 2018

"Excellent value and training for the price "

The goddess garden is an amazing place to stay, Jonah’s cooking is supreme and the resort is a short walk to the Caribbean Sea. The training itself was intense, I learned every minute I was there, and I wouldn’t take back a second of the experience. Ron and Marianne are very knowledgeable about what they are teaching, and I feel very prepared to go into the teaching world of yoga!

Molly Holiday

from United States, August 2018

"Molly H. Yoga enthusiast."

Marianne Wells and staff provided an intensive study of all aspects of traditional yoga. The culture and camraderie of the group was carefully crafted from the first moment to give us an emotional, and spiritual connection to each other, while we studied types of yoga, focus of classes, sequencing, anatomy, asana workshops, the sutras, chakras, and more! I can honestly say that all students left with a ton of knowledge and new purpose toward the teaching of yoga.


from United States, August 2018

"Amazing experience to understand really real yoga"

I really loved the way this program is layed out in every aspect. Marianne and her husband Ron really understand their students on a level most teachers do not. They see each student for the bright light they have within and they do their best to bring that light out to help spread light on their future students. This training prepares the teacher on many levels- anatomy, understanding the breath, practicing safe and aligned postures, creating sequences for the student, and most importantly understanding yoga philosophy and your Self!

Carol Monette

from Canada, July 2018

"Marianne teaches really real yoga -pure, simple and fabulous"

Marianne and her team provide top notch training and information allowing practice and conceptual learning. I loved every minute of it and feel I can start teaching yoga right away after completing this course.

Tura Williams

from United States, May 2018

"An incredible learning experience!"

I felt like I was back in college again majoring in yoga and loved every minute of this learning experience. The instructors and TAs are absolutely wonderful people and were always open to questions. The program was well organized as a lot of valuable information was taught in this 2-week program.

This training requires that you put in a lot of work before, during, and after the program. I was definitely provided with the tools, instruction, and feedback to become an amazing yoga teacher, but I learned that it doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into becoming an effective yoga teacher and I feel that with this program, I am well prepared for that journey.

In the weeks leading up to the training, I was sent all of the information I’d need for my trip and all of my questions and concerns were addressed within 24 hours. I followed the packing lists and had everything I needed throughout the training. Also, the included transportation to and from the training really added to this worry-free experience.

I really think the immersion program was the best for me as I was able to remove myself from the distractions of daily life and just concentrate on yoga. Bohdi Tree is absolutely lovely and really helped me to just focus on studying and assignments. From the delicious meals and friendly staff to the clean accommodations and available laundry service, I really felt at home during my two-week stay. I am truly grateful for this amazing experience!

Maria Savostianova

from United States, April 2018

"Costa Rica Marianne Wells School Teacher Training "

Marianne is a great yoga teacher. She knows what she does. A very talented and exceptional professional. Sutras with Ron was eye opening: so many new, but at the same time obvious information that I had never even think of.He made us discover it for ourselves, he encouraged us thinking deeply. I think it was my favorite part of the training!


from United States, March 2018

"Not as great as expected"

I really loved the Goddess Garden. It was a beautiful slice of heaven tucked into the rainforest. Woke up to crickets, monkeys and wildlife every morning which was very magical. The yoga facilities were gorgeous. Our class was beautiful and filled with so many lovely people. With help from them I was able to open up emotionally and overcome personal obstacles that’s had been struggling with. I have never connected to a group of strangers in that way before. The food was amazing. I cannot say enough good about the chef.

Ashlee Dunston

from United States, March 2018

"Quality Two Week 200 hr Teacher Training "

Comprehensive program covering all aspects of the required curriculum for certification. Posture workshops were instructional and helpful. Teaching practicums were very effective and built experience and confidence. Very good introduction to what it takes to teach. Nice propert. Excellent food. Attracts a nice crowd of people who are there for the right reasons.

Fran O'neill

from United States, March 2018

"Yoga training extraordinaire "

I feel like I received a “Really Real” quality yoga training. Marianne and her husband, Ron, take the responsibility of training students serious and impart knowledge and wisdom that has been passed down from great traditional yoga lineage.

Michaela Spörri

from Switzerland, February 2020

Die Abgeschiedenheit von Santillan Resort ist die ideale Voraussetzung für ein solches Yoga Teacher Training. Mein Einzelzimmer war gross und hatte eine schöne Terrasse.

Der Unterricht war gut strukturiert und Marianne und Ron haben ein sehr grosses Wissen, welches sie in einem knappen Zeitplan vermitteln. Zwei Wochen sind eine kurze Zeit für sehr viel Lernstoff. Die spirituellen Elemente wie zum Beispiel den Love Tunnel fand ich extrem schön und werde es immer in guter Erinnerung behalten. Marianne hat eine wundervolle Art die Teilnehmer durch die Savasana zu führen.