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Marianne Wells Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance-registered school offering one of the most comprehensive yoga teacher certification programs today.

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Marianne Wells

Marianne's teaching draws on the traditions of Bhakti, Tantra, Hatha, and Vinyasa to help bring the ancient universal wisdom to modern seekers. Her multidimensional yoga trainings will inspire you to live from your heart, to find your peaceful inner strength, and to see the unity within our diversity.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga)

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Molly Holiday

from United States, August 2018

"Molly H. Yoga enthusiast."

Marianne Wells and staff provided an intensive study of all aspects of traditional yoga. The culture and camraderie of the group was carefully crafted from the first moment to give us an emotional, and spiritual connection to each other, while we studied types of yoga, focus of classes, sequencing, anatomy, asana workshops, the sutras, chakras, and more! I can honestly say that all students left with a ton of knowledge and new purpose toward the teaching of yoga.


from United States, August 2018

"Amazing experience to understand really real yoga"

I really loved the way this program is layed out in every aspect. Marianne and her husband Ron really understand their students on a level most teachers do not. They see each student for the bright light they have within and they do their best to bring that light out to help spread light on their future students. This training prepares the teacher on many levels- anatomy, understanding the breath, practicing safe and aligned postures, creating sequences for the student, and most importantly understanding yoga philosophy and your Self!

Carol Monette

from Canada, July 2018

"Marianne teaches really real yoga -pure, simple and fabulous"

Marianne and her team provide top notch training and information allowing practice and conceptual learning. I loved every minute of it and feel I can start teaching yoga right away after completing this course.


from United States, March 2018

"Not as great as expected"

I really loved the Goddess Garden. It was a beautiful slice of heaven tucked into the rainforest. Woke up to crickets, monkeys and wildlife every morning which was very magical. The yoga facilities were gorgeous. Our class was beautiful and filled with so many lovely people. With help from them I was able to open up emotionally and overcome personal obstacles that’s had been struggling with. I have never connected to a group of strangers in that way before. The food was amazing. I cannot say enough good about the chef.

Ashlee Dunston

from United States, March 2018

"Quality Two Week 200 hr Teacher Training "

Comprehensive program covering all aspects of the required curriculum for certification. Posture workshops were instructional and helpful. Teaching practicums were very effective and built experience and confidence. Very good introduction to what it takes to teach. Nice propert. Excellent food. Attracts a nice crowd of people who are there for the right reasons.

Fran O'neill

from United States, March 2018

"Yoga training extraordinaire "

I feel like I received a “Really Real” quality yoga training. Marianne and her husband, Ron, take the responsibility of training students serious and impart knowledge and wisdom that has been passed down from great traditional yoga lineage.

Mathias Suves

from United States, December 2017

Overall a fabulous experience. Not only Asanas but some much more, a lot of love in the time we spend together.

Highly recommend to everyone ❤️

Food was awesome, thank you Jonas🙏

Saras Chauhan

from Australia, December 2017

"Life Changing! "

There’s too much to say about how special this YTT is. Every single one in our group found what we were looking for, and far far more.

From amazing posture workshops, lovely morning yoga, auryuvedic and chakra teaching, studying the Sutra’s by the pool with sloths and toucans and monkeys, a beach on your doorstep, the most stunning jungle garden to the phenomenal vegan food made by the great chef.

But it is impossible to describe the magic and special emotional, spiritual, physical journey we all went on together.

If you’re thinking about signing up, don’t even think anymore - just do it! If you’re still unsure, just Skype call Marianne or Ron and they’d be happy to talk you through any questions.

Thank you so so much!

Julie Song

from United States, December 2017

"Awesome Marianne "

Marianne teaches yoga not just asana practice. She teaches you to be the best yoga teacher you can be

Juliette Leufke

from Germany, December 2017


This was one of the best experiences of my life. I absolutely loved it! It couldn’t have been better and I thank them for these amazing memories.

Tura Williams

from United States, May 2018

"An incredible learning experience!"

I felt like I was back in college again majoring in yoga and loved every minute of this learning experience. The instructors and TAs are absolutely wonderful people and were always open to questions. The program was well organized as a lot of valuable information was taught in this 2-week program.

This training requires that you put in a lot of work before, during, and after the program. I was definitely provided with the tools, instruction, and feedback to become an amazing yoga teacher, but I learned that it doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into becoming an effective yoga teacher and I feel that with this program, I am well prepared for that journey.

In the weeks leading up to the training, I was sent all of the information I’d need for my trip and all of my questions and concerns were addressed within 24 hours. I followed the packing lists and had everything I needed throughout the training. Also, the included transportation to and from the training really added to this worry-free experience.

I really think the immersion program was the best for me as I was able to remove myself from the distractions of daily life and just concentrate on yoga. Bohdi Tree is absolutely lovely and really helped me to just focus on studying and assignments. From the delicious meals and friendly staff to the clean accommodations and available laundry service, I really felt at home during my two-week stay. I am truly grateful for this amazing experience!

Maria Savostianova

from United States, April 2018

"Costa Rica Marianne Wells School Teacher Training "

Marianne is a great yoga teacher. She knows what she does. A very talented and exceptional professional. Sutras with Ron was eye opening: so many new, but at the same time obvious information that I had never even think of.He made us discover it for ourselves, he encouraged us thinking deeply. I think it was my favorite part of the training!


from United States, August 2017

"Amazing life changing experience!"

This experience helped me to grow and change personally! I will use the teachings for the rest of my life.

Testimonials 5

Ryan La Bonte

Marianne Wells Yoga School website

Marianne’s training gave me everything I needed to become who I want to be: a successful, genuine yoga in-structor. The program is incredibly well rounded and gives you the benefit of exploring the vast universe of yogic thought, practice, and industry. The intensive schedule is most conducive to the learning process; you are separated from the push/pull of your typical life and you get to fully immerse yourself and learn what is truly possible. Marianne is the center of all of this. Her extensive knowledge and experience rolls off her tongue with no pretense. I was personally stretched in every aspect: physically, mentally, and spiritually. I had to check my ego at the door and that to me, is what yoga is all about. And Marianne fully embodies that idea and practice.

Sabine Arning

Marianne Wells Yoga School website

I truly and thoroughly recommend Marianne Wells Yoga School. I attended my first training (200h) in August 2013 and my second training (300h, Yogatherapy) in April 2014 in Costa Rica. Marianne is an incredible, amaz-ing, and inspirational teacher. She teaches with professionalism, and is full of knowledge, wisdom, love and compassion. She guides, supports, and challenges every student to her/his needs, within their capabilities. Her intuitive and sensitive way allows everybody to grow – on and off the mat. Together with her husband, Ron, and their TAs, they make a great team. In Anatomy and Sutra lessons, Ron’s teachings are comprehensive, relative, adaptable, and allow for deep philosophical discussions. The TAs provide great assistance, organization, and help in every way possible. Both trainings were deeply inspirational experiences and I could not be prepared any better to make my own yoga path!

Maribel Melendez

Marianne Wells Yoga School website

Marianne helped me uncover insight into myself and discover a voice I’ve never had before. She showed me all the ways to use yoga as a healing tool and how to effectively integrate props into a practice. During training, I became deeply connected to the universe and had one of the deepest spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. Mari-anne’s curriculum made for an unforgettable experience that made clear for me my purpose on this earth. I will highly recommend their program to anyone who would ask.

Alison Cantrill

Marianne Wells Yoga School website

Marianne Wells Yoga School is more than just getting a “certification”. I truly was able to explore myself on and off the mat. I learned so much about yoga aside from the physical practice and how to incorporate those spiritual aspects into my teaching. Marianne is truly a Godsend. I have done many trainings, workshops, etc. But, I have never felt the genuineness from anyone that I felt with Marianne. She honestly cares for every one of her students and she sees the potential in everyone. In just the short time of getting to know her, I can hon-estly say she is one of the strongest people I know. I love her passion for what she does and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Rochell Gifford

Marianne Wells Yoga School website

Marianne’s training left me refreshed, centered, energized, and with a clearer mind. Her depth of knowledge amazes me; she is always coming up with something fresh and new to add to the class. She has a real talent for accommodating those who like a more vigorous practice, as well as those who need to be gentler on their bodies – this is seamlessly done all in the same class. Marianne has a special way of including the spiritual aspect of yoga into her classes that accommodates all individuals, wherever they are on their spiritual journey. A significant amount of Marianne’s training is devoted to moving beyond the physical asana practice of yoga, which prepared me immensely as a teacher. And now, the feedback I receive from my students is incredibly positive and encouraging.

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