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8 Days Yoga and Fasting Detox Retreat in Thailand


Yoga and Fasting Detox Retreat in Koh Samui

  • 7 days with instruction
  • When properly utilized, fasting is a safe and effective means of maximizing the bodys self-healing capacities. Fasting, or the abstinence from food, is a means used in nature by all creatures from the beginning of time. This means has been used to assist the body to relieve itself from discomfort, pain, and disease. When fasting, recovery from illness speeds up, as the body gets rid of toxins in excess, therefore enhancing the function of every cell. The organs of elimination in the body are the liver, lungs, kidneys, colon,etc. When these organs are overloaded, toxic material will store in the joints, muscles, organs, and tissues of the body.


    • Three massages
    • Daily yoga classes
    • Morning meditation sessions
    • Colonics, power shots, and vegetable broths
    • Daily natural/herbal supplements
    • 8 days accommodation
    • Two Body scrubs



    • Instruction language: English
    • Spoken languages: English
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    Accommodation in private cottage at resorts nearby. One resort is on the hillside in beautiful settings with a swimming pool. The other resorts in on the beach front.

    Hatha yoga

    Classes include pranayama techniques, asana, and relaxation and last 90 minutes. These are open classes (Sivananda) and they are suitable to the majority of people.


    Toxic material is found in everything we eat and drink and in the air we breathe, as well as in alcohol, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs. We also produce toxins internally when we are stressed as our body releases toxins accumulated in the fat cells which circulate in the bloodstream. Vitamin and mineral deficiency as well as allergies are common symptoms of a toxic body, as well as fatigue, depression, skin problems, back pain, joint pain, etc. A detox is a natural way to get rid of unwanted toxic material in the body, a vacation for the entire organism which is purified to achieve maximum health. When toxins are released during a detox program, symptoms of headache, irritability, tiredness and skin eruptions, nausea, heartburn, as well as aching bones and joints can be experienced. This depends on the amount of toxins in the body and it is a natural process.

    Detox at Marga Yoga

    Marga Yogas detox programs combine a healthy raw diet, fresh juices, and natural supplements to give the body all it needs and to assist in removing toxic material from the intestines with the aid of natural ingredients and colonics. We use a combination of Ayurvedic and Thai herbal remedies, as well as Tibetan therapies aiming at cleansing and rejuvenating the body. Himalayan salts are used to provide the 84 essential minerals we are made of, resulting in a well-balanced detox.

    What to expect

    By using natural ingredients, we can assist in the detox program depending on the symptoms manifesting. Once this stage is passed, the feeling of a clean body manifests and we will feel more energetic, alert, and full of vitality. A detox is a time of reflection; once we learn to listen to our body, we will learn what is good for it and be more aware of our lifestyle. All the products used in our detox are 100% natural.

    The fasting process

    The first few days of a fast can be difficult, because of the amount of toxins passing through the bloodstream. The tongue gets a coating and the breath is foul as the body excrete waste. After a couple of days of fasting, there is little desire for food and the body starts cleansing out mucus, fat, and diseased cells. Clearing these obstructions restores the proper functioning of the immune system and of metabolism; the digestive organs and intestines are rested and purified, helping the body heal itself. Fasting is rejuvenating and it also affects our emotional and mental health. After the first few days of a fast, during which one can experience headaches and depression, the brain is nourished by a clearer bloodstream, promoting clarity of thoughts. The mind is clearer and more alert promoting emotional stability.

    Benefits of fasting

    • Removal of toxic material from the body
    • Mental clarity
    • Increase in energy levels
    • Improved skin appearance
    • The body becomes more supple
    • Digestive functions are increased
    • Fat deposits and mucus are removed
    • The intestinal function is restored
    • The body goes through a process of rejuvenation

    What we use

    A mix of Thai, Indian, and Chinese organic herbs and teas; Himalayan salts and natural remedies to balance the functioning of the body and to relax the mind.

    Daily schedule

    • 08:00 Ayurvedic herbal detox drink
    • 08:30 Meditation
    • 09:00 Yoga
    • 10:30 Detox drink
    • 11:00 Colonic
    • 11:30 Power shot
    • 11:45-13:30 Free time (swim/relax)
    • 13:30 Detox drink
    • 14:30-15:30 Massage
    • 16:00 Detox drink
    • 16:30 Colonic
    • 17:00 Coconut water
    • 18:30 Vegetable broth
    • Bed time - probiotics and herbal tea
    • Simona Granata

      Simona started practicing meditation in her home town in Italy in 1990. She took her first Thai massage course in northern Thailand in 1997 and immersed herself in different meditation techniques in Bali. She also studied Thai massage in Chiang Mai and in Bangkok. Later on, she opened a Thai massage school and yoga center in Dublin. She also opened a yoga studio in Taling Ngam. She provides yoga classes and hosts retreats for groups in and outside of Thailand.

    The yoga center is situated by the beautiful Taling Ngam beach in Koh Samui

    • Seven nights accommodation
    • Meals/natural supplements
    • Healthy teas and other beverages (coconut water, juice etc.)
    • Yoga classes
    • Activities
    • Relaxation/meditation
    • 3x Massages
    • 2x Body scrubs
    • Any other activity not mentioned in the above given accommodation, program, and amenities is to be paid for additionally.

    Driving directions from Elephant Gate

    • Drive straight to Taling Ngam Temple (Wat Kiri Wongkaram).
    • Turn right at the temple and drive 100 m.
    • You will find the Marga sign on the left side of the road, before The Five Island Restaurant.

    Arrival by airplane

    A taxi service is available to/from Koh Samui airport at the cost of 800 THB per trip. Please contact the organizer for details.

    Arrival by boat

    A taxi service is available to/from the nearest pier at the cost of 400 THB per trip. Please contact the organizer for details.

    • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

    Koh Samui, Thailand

    Marga Yoga is a center that organizes yoga or detox retreats in paradise, offering classes and workshops, yoga and massage, nutrition, and meditation.

    Speaks English

    • Availability: The Yoga Retreats of this organizer are available 83% of the time.

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