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Marco Pompeo and Yamuna Devi offer yoga, bodywork, Thai and modern clinical massage, and Eastern meditation through their retreats and workshops.

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Mark Boreen

Marco Pompeo website

I have been working with Marco for a few months and my body feels completely changed. Between his massage techniques, advice on stretching, and great energy, I have rehabbed a pretty bad back injury. I have referred a few friends to him as well and they have had nothing but great things to say as well. I dont know what I would do without him. Im honestly bummed he is leaving San Diego to travel, but very excited for him to travel and learn new techniques and return back to San Diego. I'll be a customer of Marco's as long as he is taking clients. On top of all of that, he is a great guy with amazing energy. Can't wait for him to be back!

Mira Netherlands

Marco Pompeo website

Meeting Marco, being at breathtaking Vale the Moses, I experienced the most to the point massage I ever had. Besides the confrontation of muscles needed to be loosen up, the warm hearted en open approach created a way deeper unforgettable sense. I’m still very great-full to have met Marco and being treated by his golden hands.

Pam Bouyssou United Kingdom

Marco Pompeo website

I was fortunate to be able to have massages with Marco on the four consecutive days I was at the Vale de Moses retreat. Never having experienced a Thai Massage before I found them extremely beautiful, gentle, rewarding and beneficial. Each time I felt energised and strengthened by the massage. Marco was so gentle and caring and the whole experience was something I shall carry with me for a long time. Thank you Marco, not only did your massages benefit me physically but also mentally.

Joanna United Kingdom

Marco Pompeo website

I met Marco at Vale de Moses where he gave me a fantastic Thai massage. Marco has got incredible energy and is easy to relate to. During the massage he was conscientious about making me feel comfortable and safe. He was able to easily pinpoint my problem areas, adjusting pressure and applying various methods as appropriate. Through patient and intuitive touch he allowed me to release a lot of the tension at my own pace. On top of that Marco has a deep passion for his practice and genuinely cares about his clients. I strongly recommend.

Ruth Netherlands

Marco Pompeo website

The Thai Massage I had with Marco was my first experience with Thai Massage, and it was so relaxing en relieving. Marco takes time to explain the technique in advance, and with his pleasant, respectful way of being, he directly makes you feel at ease. His massage was a combination of subtlety and firmness in both touches and pressures, and powerful stretching positions, based on the body’s own abilities to stretch. Marco has a gentle carefulness in his technique, and an amazing attention for the person he’s treating. Thank you again Marco, for all of your energy! Hope we’ll meet again.

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