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Mangalam Yoga

Mangalam Yoga offers retreats and workshops with a perfect combination of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga set in inspiring surroundings to help you rejuvenate.

Instructors 3

Amit Manber

Amit has a deep passion and knowledge of yoga philosophy and practice and devotes his life to sharing this. He runs retreats in France, Spain, and classes and workshops in Israel, his home country. He has walked the yogic path since 2006, when he first met the magical practice in Rishikesh, India. In 2009, he was introduced to Ashtanga and his teacher to this day, Shimon Ben Avi. He studies, practices, and teaches yoga in the spirit of the tradition given by the great teachers Patabi Joyce and Krishnamacharya. He is happy to share all his knowledge of yoga with anyone who pleases.

Jade Franklin

Jade came to yoga via Vipassana meditation. She trained as an occupational therapist with a special focus on Mindfulness (as based on Vipassana teachings), before becoming a Yoga Alliance certified instructor. Her style of yoga combines Vinyasa Flow with Yin and Mindfulness practices. Jade's guidance centers on the role of the breath in connecting mind to body and allowing space from the thought-stream. In this way, she helps you delight in the joy of movement, be fully alive to your senses, and feel a deep and positive connection to yourself, to others, and the greater energy.

Avi Nir

There are some people in this world who are 'connectors' and Avi is one of them. He has always worked to bring people together, providing a platform for them to share their art or their passion. His events, whether based around yoga, food, planting, or music have a consistently natural, unforced, and beautifully positive atmosphere because they come from a simple desire to share and enjoy. It is this spirit that he brings to the yoga retreat holidays. A long-time yoga practitioner with a great passion for nature and food, Avi is their wild walks guide and takes a lead with cooking.

Testimonials 3

B. London

Mangalam Yoga website

Thank you for my amazing introduction to yoga in such a beautiful place. You created a real community and warm atmosphere. Unforgettable!

O. & E. Israel

Mangalam Yoga website

Thank you for a great weekend and for a wonderful adventure. We enjoyed your relaxing energy and the loving and kind hospitality.

Thank you for showing us those beautiful places - it's like we were in another dimension! The food was amazing!

R. London

Mangalam Yoga website

Huge thank you for making my first yoga retreat/holiday such a wonderful experience. Will be a hard act to follow! And the food-delicious! The yoga in the mornings and the 'wild place' sessions finally/hopefully has me on a yoga pathway!

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