Mandala Studio Yoga & Spa is the first yoga studio in Nepal which is signed in the CTEVT program guaranteed by the government of Nepal.

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Kriti Karki

Yogacharya Dipendra Bhatt

Rajendra prasad Neupane

Yogesh Pokhrel

Reviews (19)

Johan Osinga

from Netherlands, February 2020

"The Mandala yoga journey. "

The friendly atmosphere at the Mandala Studio is truly heartwarming. The whole team each with their own expertise will make you feel part of a beautiful tribe. Kriti is very gifted in understanding your body in how yoga is best done for you to uplift and transform it on various levels by her practices. For me there has not been a teacher over the last ten years of practicing yoga that gave me personal stretches to work on certain body parts that needed attention. She is honest, direct and hands on in bringing solutions for various poses if your body is needing adjustment. A great teacher with a great workflow and a strong spirit. In addition to Kriti, comes Nima, she and her morning class is the sun itself that enlightens your day. Amazing. Thank you so much for helping me on this expanding journey in many ways.

Om shanti Om.

Ella Winstanley

from Australia, January 2020

I completed the 200 hr teacher training. There was only two of us in the group which meant that Kriti could focus fully on us. I found that helpful in developing my self practice and my teaching skills. I really enjoyed learning about the history and philosophy of yoga, as well as practicing traditional Hatha yoga. I gained so much great knowledge and insight that I can now use in my everyday practice and in life. The accommodation at Sunny Hotel was lovely, all the staff were kind and the food was healthy and tasty. Overall it was a great experience, thanks Kriti and Biren!

Geneveve Lenders

from United States, July 2019

"Life Changing Trip"

This training was everything I could have hoped for. When looking at trainings I wanted to experience yoga as a culture and get down to the fundamentals, which is exactly what this course was about. Now I know what a yogi lifestyle consists of and I feel confident in teaching the classical form of yoga. The teachers at Mandala were all so knowledgeable and hard working but also fun-spirited, we spent so much time laughing and joking around together. It made all the challenging times just fly by. My favorite experiences was, going hiking up the mountain and running into a monk who taught us a chant while drumming, and visiting temples and seeing a wedding ceremony.


from Hong Kong, June 2019

"Yoga retreat at Mandala"

Yoga class, sound healing, mediation, sight-seeing


from United States, May 2019

"Incredible Experience "

From the moment I arrived in Kathmandu and was greeted with open arms and a prayer scarf I felt welcomed into the Mandala family. Kriti and Biren are so caring and genuine and were so concerned with our experience and wellbeing at all times; we were so well looked over. The studio itself was centrally located in Kathmandu and the Chandragiri retreat gave a nice contrast to the bustle of Thamel. I left with a great foundation to my journey as an instructor and inspired to continue my personal practice and to teach others.

Anne Brylla

from Nepal, May 2019

"200hrs YTT"

This training was a great experience! Super friendly people, who always take care and try their best. We learned a lot and had much fun during our classes.

Also the place where we were staying is nice and clean. Even though it’s in the middle of Thamel, it’s not too busy their and you have a nice rooftop with good views.

Siobhan Valente

from United States, May 2019

"Incredible experience!!!"

This teacher training was absolutely fabulous!! Everything surpassed my expectations. A traditional experience. The food, accommodations, everything is thoroughly thought out to every detail. The course itself is all inclusive, filled with a lot of information. The teachers are all so knowledge and compliment each other very nicely! Would recommend to anyone looking for a traditional yoga experience with a perfect mix of western comfort. The teachers will help progress your practise to a level you didn't know possible, in a comfortable way, it's like magic:)

Maud Bachelet

from United States, April 2019

"Traditional yoga and peaceful village"

All the stay is well arranged to be taken in charge with a free mind. I really appreciated the diversity of classes, the knowledgeable and friendly teachers and the free practices at the studio. It was convenient to be in Thamel with a short walking distance between the hotel and the studio. The hotel tenants were so available to answer any demand. The food was good and non spicy, the rooms comfortable and clean.

The highlight of the training was to move for 1 week in Rieke village, few hours by bus from Kathmandu. It was very refreshing and relaxing to be there, with the view on the Annapurna. The hosts were so nice and the food was very tasty. An amazing experience to recommend.


from United States, February 2019

"200 hour training "

Kriti had an excellent touch for correcting alignment and showing teachers how to correct future students alignment.


from Vietnam, January 2019

"Brett from Colorado "

Wasn’t planning on doing this when I first traveled but I’m so happy it all worked out. I learned so much about my body and mind that even if I never plan to be a teacher the class was well worth it. Definitely planning to go back for more classes from them.

Arthi Nadhan

from Australia, December 2018

"Yoga is life "

I liked how supportive and caring the team at mandala studio was. The classes were fun, the teachers not only had a lot of knowledge but also had great passion for yoga and what they were teaching.

Holly De Burgh

from Ireland, November 2018

"Amazing experience with professional teachers"

Everything at Mandala was very well organised and the teachers were so professional and knowledgeable in their areas. Each teacher took the time to make sure us students understood every topic and their positive attitudes made it a wonderful environment.

Definitely great value for money - food and hotel are to a very high standard.

Tatsiana Kali

from Canada, November 2018

"It is an unforgettable life changing experience!"

I loved each and every day that I spent with Kriti’s course!

You have to becoune like a sponge to absorb all the beautiful knowledge that teaches give you about yoga. Every teacher has a unique spirit and approach, they all are so different, but all amazing!

This course helps you to deepen the knowledge in theory, philosophy, physical part of yoga. It makes you more and more curious and provokes the desire to study more, to discover more, never to stop your education, and keep the positive spirit.

Some days are hard and intensive, but you will definitely love it if your purpose is to study yoga, to be surrounded with it.

It was a great time in Kathmandu in a lovely and cozy hotel, where the stuff is indescribably hospitable and kind!

The Mandala studio is a great place in the heart of the Thamel with an offer of perfect massages in the free time 😊

You can do additional Reiki and Singing bowls sessions and workshops in the free time, which makes the stay completely great.

Thank you for your knowledge that you share, for your kindness, for your motivation and hospitality!

Hope to come back soon 😊

Eliott Langlois

from Mexico, September 2019

"perfect course"

tout était parfait,

les profs sont tous différents ce qui nous permet de voir et de s'imprégner de plein de styles d'enseignement, mention spéciale à Kriti, Biren, au #thedoctor et à Dipendra, grâce à vous je peux continuer mon chemin de prof sereinement ,

hotel comfortable et staff attentionné malgré la nourriture qui devient repetitive et incite à aller picorer dans la rue, ou au resto

projet en cours de construction d'un centre eco friendly qui je l'espère contentera les futurs étudiants,

200 heures restent maigres alors qu'il y a tant a apprendre après coup j'aurais préféré les 300h !! il ne reste plus qu'à apprendre encore plus une fois rentré

encore merci pour tout et à très bientôt l'équipe :)


from Germany, August 2019

"Would do it again! "

I liked especially the Theory class with the Dr, because he told us so many interesting things beyond the book. In the practical classes Kriti and Dipendra were simply the best. Kriti pushed us in some postures we never did before and it was really impressive how much the body can do, even though we weren’t aware of. Dipendra was a Little walking Sunshine himself and his classes were sometimes really exhausting, but you will and also want to smile anyway! All in all I can say, that I would do the teaching training again in the mandala studio if i had the chance to choose again.

Francesca Grasso

from Switzerland, June 2019

"I enjoyed every moment - the good and bad ones"

I really liked how kriti pushed us into to the poses. To going deeper and deeper. She pushed us out our comfort Zone and I am really thankful for this. I never would be able to do this by my one and would always stay in my comfort zone. Now I know, I am able to do more than it is possible. So thank you for this Kriti. We were for 3 weeks at the kushi kushi Resort, the food was really delicious, best: Breakfast :)

If you have any doubts, thoughts or something you worried about, they're listening to you (Kriti, Biren, Swami) and they will try to found an solution. To Swami, his Knowledge is incredible. I really enjoyed the classes with him. Talking about yoga history, philosophy, the world, also about ourself. You start to learn everyday more and more about yourself. And that is really precious.

Claire Romagnoli

from Monaco, October 2018

"Amazing journey"

- great teachers (nice, available, careful). Many thanks to Kriti, Dipendra and Swami Alok

- great staff (at the Mandala spa, Sunny hotel and Riepe village) and special thanks to Biren

- great knowledge and techniques

- good and clean accommodation

- good food


from France, October 2018

"Double feeling about YTTC"

The place (Mandala Studio in Thamel in Karmandou).

The yoga philosophy and the kriti class.

The visits during the days OFF.