Mallorca Holistic Retreats

Mallorca Holistic Retreats are known for their unique therapeutic retreats with acupuncture and massage therapy treatments in the beautiful island of Mallorca.

Instructors 3

Nuria Franquesa

She completed her studies in Chinese Medicine in Barcelona and obtained a Diploma of Acupuncture after passing the exams of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies in Beijing, China. Studied also Oriental Food Energetics. Over the years, she has been continuously studied different acupuncture procedures and approaches. She worked with her master Kye Dong Son who transmitted his ancestral wisdom in the field of energetics. Presently, she works in her clinic in Palma de Mallorca.

Tahona Santana

She obtained her International Diploma of the Grinberg Method in Switzerland. This approach teaches body awareness and reconnection to oneself through being a body. She worked as an independent bodywork practitioner in several locations worldwide. She is continuously learning, participated in many international courses, including the Recovery Course level 1 and 2, and continues touching people’s lives at her clinic in Palma de Mallorca.

Rita Rütsche

Rita has been learning and teaching about self-development, physical recovery, and well-being for more than 20 years now. The practice of the various branches of yoga and the activity as a yoga teacher formed the basic ground of her work with the body and all it’s aspects. ​The Grinberg Method made her conscious of the fact that humans are in a continuous learning process and gave her a perfectly structured way of approaching the body.​ ​Hsin Tao and with its thousand-year-old exercises taught her in a subtle way to perfectly let go of unnecessary efforts.​

Testimonials 3

Daniel L. - Communication Specialist

Mallorca Hollistic Retreats Official Website

I’ve had blocked nasal passages for years, messed up stools and a host of other issues that were so prevalent that it became my normal. Since MH and the changes I’ve implement, I’ve already seen significant changes - I thought of it this morning as I was doing my sun salute and could actually breathe through both my nostrils!

A traveler

Mallorca Hollistic Retreats Official Website

The MH Retreat reconnected me with my body and helped me remember what my body needs and what it naturally knows. Since coming back from the retreat I’ve stopped drinking coffee, made getting enough sleep a top priority and started doing some yoga or qigong every morning. I’m also much more consistent about eating healthily. Only a few weeks in, these changes have resulted in a noticeable reduction in inflammation in my body, a more balanced mood, clearer thinking, and waking up naturally without an alarm. And the most remarkable thing is that I’ve managed to put these changes (many of which I have struggled with for years) into practice almost effortlessly. I’ve no doubt that if I had continued the way I was going that I would be faced with chronic disease down the road. Best ROI ever!

Steve S.

Mallorca Hollistic Retreats Official Website was the recent retreat that made the biggest impact. The individual sessions, the lifestyle workshops and discussions have unblocked joints and muscles and made me aware of how to address some of the causes. I feel better than I have for years, I am ready for sport again!

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