Mahasiddha Yoga is a highly acclaimed Tantra Yoga school in Chiang Mai, Thailand, offering profoundly transforming theoretical and practical teachings.

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Uriel Yariv

Blandine Wegener

Radu Nichitescu

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Matthew Molloy

from Ireland, February 2020

"The teachers were excellent, full of integrity and knowledge"

The teachers were excellent, full of integrity and knowledge. The content of the course was inspiring . The setting was excellent. In summary, it was a very authentic experience.

Nick Sabine

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"A soul-nourishing week"

The teachers, content and structure of the week were all superb. A perfect harmony of meditation, reflection, education and inspiration. The perfect way to start the new year.

Simay Yaylacı

from Turkey, January 2019

"Opening heart ❤️ "

They are pure! They are love ❤️


from United States, January 2019

"Tantra Yoga is the Best!"

The entire program is heart centered and intent on raising the vibration of the planet, starting with each person. It’s so sincerely Divine oriented. Am blessed to have discovered it 🙏

Watie Eshuis

from Indonesia, December 2018

"Very good immersion 2 programme"

Alderation ,spiritual path journey and spiral gathering. The Tantric ML information for couples..

Karma Voce

from Indonesia, December 2018

"Heart opening & healing experience"

Blandine & Uriel are both great teachers, illuminating the spiritual path of Tantra with great clarity & very grounded integrity. As an introduction into the Tantric spiritual teachings, it was extremely accessible and non-intimidating. The group exercises were incredibly powerful and healing, and held in a safe space of love completely between all participants. The group was larger than expected at 50, but it actually was the perfect amount I think. Radhu (spelling?) was also a great yoga teacher. Highly recommend.

Tim DeSutter

from Indonesia, June 2018

"A life changing experience!"

The level of instruction, preparation and presentation unlocked inner-knowings in me that have been held physically, emotionally and spiritually, but had never had opportunity to be awakened. This was such a profound week for me that what I learned will take time to unfold as I digest and step into a more authentic way of interacting with myself and all those I come into contact with.

The facilitators were absolutely superb and delivered complex information in a way that was understandable and digestable. They created an environment of structure and safety that invited authenticity and encouraged all who attended to lean into the space in such a way that breakthrough was not simply possible, but happened almost spontaneously.

Language limits my ability to express my appreciation for having been a part of this masterful learning experience.

Leslie Kay

from New Zealand, June 2018


The yoga meditation instruction and program

Dani Om

from Vietnam, February 2018

"Transformative experience"

I expected a week to take it easy and do some yoga and little I knew how much my partner and I would learn about ourselves and our relationship. The teachers were inspiring, the technique is unique and I felt refreshed and energized after the week. The place is really beautiful, the facilities were to a high standard and the food was fresh and yummy although a bit repetitive.

immo blaese

from United Kingdom, February 2018

"Chiang Mai Tantric Immersion"

Being surrounded by wonderful people on the immersion and such great friendly teachers like Uriel and Blandine and their team. Both being psychologists as well as their in-depth Tantra knowledge, Uriel and Blandine have a deep understanding of us humans, they are both fascinating and inspiring to listen to. Originally I was just going to stay for a week and then travel on. I decided to ditch my other plans and stay for the second stage of the immersion.

Sri Susanti

from Indonesia, January 2018

all the program especially some games which can build our relationship each others

Watie Eshuis

from Indonesia, January 2018

"The title is very good as targetted and informative"

I like very much the practice im 5 days leaning. It builds up my yoga knowledge also spiritual level and being able to feel loves more with people with different cultures using love energy we could feel closer as we are one..

Judith Schulte

from Switzerland, January 2018

"wonderful silent journey "

amazing location

wonderful, knowledgeable and inspiring teachers

nice group

heart opening retreat

Sally Chua

from Singapore, January 2018

"Speechless! "

Absolutely love the way the lectures are being conducted; the emphasis on breaking down each step towards a pure meditative state; and the many anecdotes to bring to life the yogi way! Thank you for such an amazing experience.


from Germany, January 2020

"Gute Einführung in Meditation, schlechter Hatha-Yoga"

Der Aschram wurde neu errichtet in wunderschöner Lage mit Blick auf die Berge. Insbesondere die Deluxe- Räume sind sehr großzügig und schön. Sehr bequemes Bett. Großartiges abwechslungsreiches veganes Buffet 3x/Tag. Schöner Swimmingpool. Gründliche Einführung in die Meditation.

Hannah Van Den Bosch

from Netherlands, January 2018

"Precious reset fot a rich, loving life"

Peaceful ambiance and loving guidance and education of the teachers.

The comraderie of the students

Julie Vuarambon

from Thailand, January 2018


Full on schedule. You learn a lot during the lectures and you put into practice during the workshops. Time for questions. Uriel and Blandine are always available for more explanations. The workshop are really pushing you through your emotions and the healing power of the group is immense!

Was a bit worried about the size of the group 58 people! Yes! But it is actually 58 times more interresting to share with a big group. Space for everyone. So many good people to meet, and you can always blend into the group if you don't feel comfortable.

Life changing experience!

Thank you!

Doing the 2nd immersion straight after to deepen the knowledge!

Wilco Bommelje

from United States, January 2018

"Gratefull "

De oefeningen, de meditaties, de yoga

Marianela Arias Lamicq

from Costa Rica, January 2018

"Amazing "

This was the best decision, the retreat change you in a deep, loving way and let you connect with others bringing yourself to a full potential