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At Mahakala deepen your connection to nature and yourself by daily yoga, meditation and adventures in the wilderness.

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Vesna Lemm

One of the rare doctors that has build a bridge between the Western medicine and more Eastern, natural way of looking at health and well-being. As well as being a general practitioner, she is a certified midwife and trained in natural medicine, nutritional medicine, and acupuncture. Her driven passion towards a healthier being led her to become a Pilates teacher and practice yoga time to time. But after a spiritual experience, she found her answers in yoga philosophy and decided to become a yoga teacher and create a space for others to come and enjoy what she had learned and experienced.

100 hours at Polstar school (Pilates Instructor)

Yoga Vidya Berlin Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Sivananda Yoga)

Marijana Lemm

Marijana is the adventure guide who will show you the best nature spots Montenegro has to offer. She is also the creative spirit at Mahakala and will make sure you will feel home . Her classes are all about opening your heart and self reflection on your current life. .

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Sivananda Yoga)

Visnja Vukicevic

Visnia has been practicing yoga for over ten years running her own yoga studio in Belgrade. Her dream of living by the sea finally came true when she joined us at Mahakala. Her calming and relaxing personality is a perfect asset to our retreat. Her yoga classes could be challenging yet relaxing and are suitable for any yoga level. She focuses on teaching mindfulness and awareness to both body and mind.

Vidya Yoga school Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Hatha Yoga)

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Jessica Allan

from Croatia, December 2017

"Wonderful week in Montenegro "

Great facilities with a sea view and full day exploring other parts of Montenegro. Food was fresh, healthy and delicious. Wide range of yoga styles were offered by passionate instructors. The structure of the day made it possible for both personal time and creating an intimate family feeling.

Emily Mcgraph

from United Kingdom, November 2017

"Mahakala retreat of magic"

I absolutely loved the retreat that Vesna organized for us. The minute I arrived I felt very welcomed and part of a family there. The morning yoga and afternoon yoga sessions where perfectly combines with the daily cooking classes, it was a week in which I relaxed as well as learned so so many new beautiful things about yoga and health. Their where guests from all various countries and the vibe was energetic and inspiring. I went with one other friend and even our bond grew stronger then ever as what we experienced was so magical. I really did find a better path to myself through mahakala. Much love to the Mahakala family.

Dragana Mitic

from Montenegro, November 2017

"Hidden gem of Europe "

I have always wanted to try yoga but never been so committed to it. This retreat altered everything, the meditation lesson at the start where really hard for me as my brain is always son over drive but after the first days something clicked and suddenly everything seemed less rushed and harsh in my life. My mind was calm. I suddenly appreciated everyone and everything more. It was seriously like something in my brain changed. I learned that yoga goes far beyond just physical exercise but it becomes mental exercise in concentration and so much more. Thanks Vesna, Bijay and Marijana teaching me this magic. It was a blissful retreat that I will always thank for changing my life. The landscape Is also extremely beautiful and the yoga house became part of my resting place that I which I could crawl into every night. The cooking classes where also very useful and interesting.

Bojan Cvijovic

from Montenegro, November 2017

"Most relaxing holiday with the best teachers "

I really loved everything about this retreat! The place the atmosphere and the Lemm family. There are some sick adventures that Marijana took me on and the hikes where breath taking. The yoga classes where also asome and finally learned how to do yoga properly. I think my favorite part was the pranayama classes in which we learned different breathing techniques as well as the yoga philosophy classes where we learned so much about the history and benefits of yoga which made me realize what yoga is really about. The Villa is beautiful and the view godly just like Dr Lemm who is an incredible women with knowledge about nutrition and health that everyone should know.

Kate Brown

from United Kingdom, November 2017

"Mahakala retreat; what a truly amazing experience. "

An amazing location, luxury accommodation, food, yoga, meditation sessions and excursions.

The vegan and vegetarian food was amazing, we cooked together each morning learning a new recipe and skill along the way. It highlighted new ways of feeding your body with good and wholesome food. The yoga teaching style was truly inspiring; as the energy flowed continuously throughout the day.

We went all together on multiple excursion and soaked in the stunning natural surroundings. The accommodation was situated among the mountains with stunning views of the ocean, many times I gazed into the distance and was debating whether it was truly real or not.

on the whole it was a truly inspiring experience and I will be booking again in the future.

Tom Ayling

from United Kingdom, November 2017

"Life changing week !!"

I loved the location and just the amount that i learned on this retreat was unbelievable. Dr Lemm and Bijay together have so much knowledge and I am truly a changed person after this retreat. I feel that I know my mind as well as body more and they defiantly where the main catalyst to this. Being right by the seaside and in the middle of green mountains also helped a lot. It was a great escape from the city life that I even decided to stay longer!! The food and the cooking classes where defiantly the highlight not only having yoga instructors but a qualified doctor teaching you the whole week about health and nutrition is price less. She is one of the most loveliest and most knowledgable people I have met and being able to spend a week in her retreat is a honour. Thank you for one of the best weeks and will come agains soon.

Daniel Lemm

from Germany, December 2017

It was a very beatiful and relaxing experience. Bijay and Vesna made the yoga classes really fun. I also liked the the cooking toghether which is an extra bond for the group.On top of that the weather was really surprising. we had nearly 20 degress and sun and that for end of november in europe. the surrounding nature in the mountains makes also very special.

Youmna Atta

from Germany, December 2017

I spent 1 week at yoga mahakala retreat which I knew will be good but in the end it over- exceeded my expectations. The retreat was very well organized and it was obvious that all involved people and teachers do their job with love and are very enthused. For yoga class I experienced 2 teachers(Bijay,Vesna) with different styles and both of them enriched me a lot with new ideas and thoughts . Apart from the classes there were lots of other interesting activities like going for a beatiful hike through the mountains, sitting next to a fire at the beach while having a lovely delicious picnic dinner. All in all it was a perfect combination of nice excursions,healthy tasty food and reall nice yoga classes. i will definetely recommend it and come again in the future.

Katharina Bonk

from Germany, November 2017

"Pure Zufriedenheit. Hätte schöner nicht sein können."

Die Kursleiter sind ausgesprochen kompetent und dabei unheimlich herzlich. Jede Frage wird beantwortet und wir alle haben sehr viel Wissen vermittelt bekommen. Theoretisch als auch praktisch. Die Appartements sind ausgesprochen schön. Auch die Lage ist wunderbar. Alles superschön!

Maren Rudolph

from Germany, November 2017

Es war eine perfekte Woche,angefangen beim Unterricht über mein traumhaftes Appartement,dem leckeren veganen Essen und nicht zu vergessen die Fußbodenheizung im Yogaraum.🙃

Nairac Peters

from United Kingdom, April 2018


This is no exaggeration! My time at Mahakala has truly transformed my outlook on happiness, work, stress, appreciating the now, the future and my own life tasks.

Firstly, the yoga instruction was sublimely kind and caring. We appreciated how our bodies felt and our minds correspond. Individually we understood our limits (as did our instructor perfectly so!) yet inspired enough to push our mind and body further opening new thoughts many of us knew we did not have!

Secondly, the exciting excursions, communal breakfasts and dinner meant that I can forever cherish a bond with the group of people I went with. Never have I had such a strong connection with people in such a short space of fast time. Every single one of them is now family to me who I truly love and care. A gift I can only thank Mahakala for.

The success of my week was also down to the great care put into every little detail! The mats were incredible (so good we even bought our own from a wonderful Montenegro market near by!), the colours of the wall hypnotizing. And the sound through out our time was mesmerising. With no doubt I will always go back to these mantras. As if this all wasn't good enough the cherry on the icing was the picturesque view! Every morning I woke up to the view on our balcony. Mountains fading into the distance with the sun gently floating above the sea. Please, please, please go! I can never thank Mahakala enough for what they have done to my future! I love you so much.

Seamus Mcnamara

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Yoga retreat "

Location was fantastic. Picturesk views in every direction.

Medora Davison

from United States, April 2018

"Better than I ever could have expected!"

Wow. Mahakala was like a dream. I was drawn by the very affordable price as well as several positive reviews. The accommodation was top notch. Very luxurious and in a peaceful beach village. The yoga classes were PERFECT. The style, speed and level were everything I could have asked for. The classes are just challenging enough where I felt a good workout and at the same time so relaxed physically and mentally. Beyond that the company was incredible. I came out of the whole experience with new friends, a new ideas to bring to my yoga practice, and identified new things to work on my Self. It was the best experience and I highly recommend it.

Megan Lloyd

from United Kingdom, April 2018

I would wholeheartedly recommend this retreat.The location is outstanding, with beautiful coastal views from the accommodation and yoga room. There were fantastic walking trails right on the doorstep, as well as the beach.

The yoga and meditation classes were fantastic, with some focus on mantras, which I really enjoyed. Vesna was a very clear and helpful instructor, always on hand to answer questions and to adapt the sessions to the needs of the group. I felt physically challenged, but also found that the sessions touched mon a more emotional level, bringing me closer to myself and really helping me to live in the moment. The beach yoga was a particular highlight!

The accomodation was spacious and clean, with large bathrooms and great kitchen facilities. Each apartment has its own balcony, where I spent many an evening on the retreat, enjoying both the views and the company!

We went on some fabulous excursions, which included beautiful natural walks and visits to local towns, including the old town of Budva. A brief stop at Lake Skadar on the way from the airport was a great addition.

I felt that on the retreat it was very much up to each person how much time they wanted to spend with the group, or at peace by themselves. . I personally could not have asked for better people to spend the week with. We all came from different backgrounds, but became united, and left as friends <3

Thank you so much Mahakala, for the most magical week of my life. Until next time...

Salomé Wu

from Montenegro, April 2018

"Stayed in the room opposite the sea, very peaceful..."

A week yoga really help me to calm myself. The people i’ve met on the retreat were amazing, we had a sense of community and all bond very quickly. The hosts of the retreat were very sweet people, helped us to learn how to get in touch with our emotions and how to manage our daliy stress.

Kitty Wilson Brown

from United Kingdom, March 2018

I loved the whole week. I loved being around likeminded people and exploring beautiful places. I also loved learning yoga and meditation that i have continued to do. I think this will really help me in life. The whole week was a fun, friendly and cleansing. A week I will remember for ever.

Karla Lahti

from Finland, February 2018

"Loved every second of it!"

The Mahakala retreat exceeded all my expectations and was so much more than just a typical yoga retreat. It was a week of connecting (both with myself and everything and everyone around me), love and joy. The yoga lessons were interesting and didn't just concentrate on the physical aspects of yoga which was lovely. Vesna made the time we spent on our mats feel special and made the sessions very personalized. There's not much else you can say about the accommodation and the area surrounding it than it was stunning: the views from our balcony, the breathtakingly beautiful places we saw and especially the yoga room never failed to make me have some happy tears in my eyes! This week changed me and I can wholeheartedly recommend their student retreats to anyone wanting to learn even just a little bit about themselves, yoga and true human connection.


from Germany, February 2018

"Best week of my life "

Never had so much fun and love in one week, I felt part of a family and really connected to all these people on another level. Before I came on this retreat I was very stressed and my excitement for life was very low. After it i felt like a new person, don't really know how to describe the feeling Mahakala gave to me. I think what I loved the most that it wasn't just yoga but dancing, art, amazing views and walks which really connected me to nature and myself again. The yoga was just the style as well Dr Lemm combines it with some dancing which made me feel more free and less ashamed. Would recommend this week for anyone that wants to feel refreshed and mindful again. The views from the Villa are incredible too mountains and the sea in your front yard. So much love for you Mahakala.

Esmée Turlej

from United Kingdom, February 2018

"The most amazing week full of the best experiences!"

Everyday was completely different and allowed the group to gel and bond in ways most groups of people don't get the chance to do. Even on the rainy days, the scenery was beautiful, especially the seascape view from the balcony. The yoga instructor was really calming and opened my mind a lot(i especially loved the mantras)! I'm so so grateful for everything I experienced whilst in Montenegro, I cannot be thankful enough for that week <3

Linnea Lappalainen

from Finland, February 2018

"Yoga, meditation and unforgettable adventures "

Mahakala retreat was a great combination of activities and free time. The location is perfect for connecting to nature as you are surrounded by the ocean, mountains and forests. I liked how we had not only yoga but also meditation classes, most of which were held in an atmospheric room (candle light, mantras..) and we were able to tell our preferences on what type of meditation we wanted to practice each day. We also had yoga on the beach and meditation by gorgeous waterfalls. It was really easy to make great friends on the retreat, and everyone in the group had an amazing attitude toward life!!

Jack Lawrenson Jones

from Germany, February 2018

"An incredible experience."

The location, the views and the simplistic apartments with everything you need.

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