Located in the medieval village of Pyrgos, Luna Santorini Suites offers yoga retreats with panoramic views, the Aegean blue, and the famous Santorini sunsets.

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Lori D. Missouri

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Great location off the beaten path with wonderful views! The place was as advertised - well appointed and nicely decorated. It really felt like our home on Santorini! Our hosts were super helpful in getting us settled in and arranging for a rental car (needed) and a wonderful boat cruise. This place made our stay on Santorini as special as it could be!

Luke R.

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We stayed here on the last two days of April and the weather was very warm. The view is absolutely fantastic from the terrace but you do have to walk up a fairly steep pathway with the occasional set of steps to get there and it's a long 4 to 5 minute walk from the car park to the Luna Suites (but worth it) . I was offered a man with a donkey to bring our luggage up to our room but we declined as I thought I could do with the exercise. In hindsight, a donkey would have been lovely but we just couldn’t justify a donkey carrying two 20kg suitcases. The large apartment was air conditioned with a king size bed at one end of the room and a seating area with a TV at the other. We had our own dedicated wi-fi connection. There was a small kitchen with a hob and kettle. Kitchen utensils were minimal with no kitchen knives but only cutlery. We did have a frying pan, saucepan, plates, glasses and cups but no bowls. The bathroom was really nice. It was decorated blue and like a combination of classic Santorini cave-like bathrooms but with modern bathroom furniture. We both had a bathrobe and two sets of towels. We had our very own long curved, cave hot tub. This was the best thing about our stay at Luna Suites. The water was hot but not too hot and we were able to stretch right out and enjoy the hot tub and then float to the end and just stare at the view, even at night time with the twinkling lights of Fira, Imerovigli and Oia in the distance.

There have been comments about security not being very good at this location. I'm not really sure to what these people are referring as crime is not a big factor in Santorini and, at this particular apartment, we had a gate with a lock which led up to some steps which led to the apartment with a door and lock. I would say this is the most secure place we've been in Santorini ever and because we like to go to different areas around the island we have been to a few. There is no reception desk but I didn't expect there to be as I booked this on AirBNB. That was the whole point of going away and not being having staff take care of everything and just having a quiet relaxing couples retreat; this is the holiday we wanted. If you want a package holiday with a crowded pool and a load of guests everywhere you can easily go to Kamari or Perissa instead.

Pyrgos is a small little town but very beautiful. Luna suites are built into the castle grounds. For those people who love the blue domes of Oia but don’t like the crowds, Pyrgos is perfect as there are some very impressive blue-domed buildings here, especially from the cafe at the top of the hill where you have some spectacular views of the grape vines in the distance and the buildings in the town in the foreground. It’s a really nice place to explore and the Luna Suites are ideally placed to wander around and adventure. Everything is quite close by like the very interesting shops, such as the antique shop, wire sculptures made into the shapes of trees and an archaeologist who sells drawings that he’s done of ancient architecture. There are also lots of restaurants nearby. The restaurant Rosemary was lovely and the lamb there was just divine. Metaxi Mas is a very nice restaurant in the village below that has good food at good prices.

Overall, we really enjoyed staying in the Luna Suites. It felt like a different holiday experience to that of Oia and the beaches of Perissa and Kamari. Pyrgos as a town has a lot of charm that Oia seems to be losing and the very quiet and peaceful setting the Luna Suites are in is a welcome change to some of the other more lively villages in Santorini. We had a fantastic stay. Thank you.

A traveler New York

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This place was a delight. Everyone that we talked to were extremely helpful in setting us up with everything that we needed. Located in a beautiful town that is away from the over crowding of the rest of the island. I would love to stay here again. I would recommend using their taxi service to get from the port, this was my first visit to the island and so I did not fully realize the enormity of the task that is getting to the habitable parts of the island. To get to room from where you will park or be let out by a cab is a bit confusing and not very accessible but after a time or two we figured it out. Being in the center of the island it made everything within reach, recommend getting a 4 wheeler or renting a car (they can help set you up with a great service for this).