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4 Days Balancing Meditation and Yoga Retreat Luang Prabang, Laos

Ayurveda Yoga Retreat Laos

You are invited to enjoy daily meditation, Ayurvedic Vinyasa Flows, and Yin yoga with Antje Lubbe as your guide. With insights to Ayurveda, you will learn more on how to create a healthy lifestyle through diet and a daily regime tailored to your unique constitution. Beginners with some experience, and seasoned practitioners alike, all are welcome to join.

Retreat highlights

  • Yoga sessions
  • Morning meditation sessions
  • Morning flow & pranayama sessions
  • Use of pool and natural sauna
  • 3 breakfasts & 3 dinners
  • 3 nights' lodging

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Yoga styles

4 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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Mandala-Ou Resort is a premier bungalow resort that is situated high on the banks of the scenic and tranquil Nam Ou river, offering spectacular sunset views over the virgin rainforest and karst limestone mountains of Nong Khiaw.

The resort offers ten spacious clean and comfortable detached bungalows, mixing traditional Lao styles with all modern conveniences you can expect from a home away from your home. The custom-built yoga shala sits directly on the banks of the Nam Ou River, harnessing the energy of life.

You can choose from fountain bungalows and riverside bungalows. There are only two bungalows with twin beds (one fountain bungalow and one riverside bungalow). All other bungalows have double beds.

If you are traveling as a pair and would like to share a bungalow, but do not want to share a bed, fountain bungalows with double beds can also accommodate an extra twin-sized bed for an extra fee per night. Luang Prabang Yoga will try to accommodate your request for single or double occupancy, but this will depend on the availability of the room as well.

In the construction of the raised yoga shala, Mandala Ou worked closely with the teachers at Luang Prabang Yoga to create a space that will fully support your yoga practice. Mandala Ou is also the only resort in Nong Khiaw to offer pool and sauna facilities, a complement to your yoga practice.

Luang Prabang Yoga Retreat in Laos Program


Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vital while realizing their full human potential. Providing guidelines on ideal daily and seasonal routines, diet, behavior, and the proper use of the senses, Ayurveda reminds everyone that health is the balanced and dynamic integration between the environment, body, mind, and spirit.

With insights into Ayurveda, you will learn more on how to create your healthy lifestyle, in everyday life and in your diet. You will look into how you are responsible for the intakes to your body, where these intakes take place and how they affect your body, mind, and soul. Luang Prabang Yoga will guide you to see, such as what can you sense and feel in this particular living organism, i.e. in your body, and what can you do to move towards a healthier state and stay in a healthy state. When diagnosing yourself, all aspects of life are involved, any relationships in life to things, people, situations, emotions. To live "ayurvedically" is to live in harmony with all these things in and around yourself.

Vata (space and air)

In Western science, the Vata body-type is also known as an Ectomorph. Their physical body is long and lean. They don’t have prominent bones and dry skin, and they have a hard time gaining weight.

Emotionally, they can be inspirational when balanced and scattered, spacey, and anxious when out of balance. Eating foods containing high amounts of the space and air elements, such as raw vegetables and dried fruit, can cause a Vata imbalance. Choosing grounding foods, such as cooked root vegetables help to bring the Vata back into balance.

Pitta (fire and water)

In Western science, the Pitta body-type is also known as a Mesomorph. Their physical body is generally well defined with good muscle tone, have skin with a rosy tone, and can gain and lose weight fairly easily. Emotionally, Pitta’s are determined and focused when balanced, and aggressive and angry when out of balance.

Foods containing high amounts of the fire and water element, such as hot peppers, and pickled foods, can cause a Pitta imbalance. Choosing foods, which are cooling, like cucumber and watermelon help reduce Pitta.

Kapha (water and earth)

In Western science, the Kapha body-type is also known as an Endomorph. Their physical body is generally stocky and stout. They have thick, sometimes oily skins, well-developed muscles, and have a harder time losing weight. Emotionally, they are stable and secure when balanced but can be stubborn and attached when out of balance.

Eating foods containing high amounts of the water and earth elements, such as dairy products and heavy, oily foods can cause a Kapha imbalance. Choosing foods light in quality, like raw vegetables and little meat can reduce Kapha.


Day 1

  • 12:00 Arrival and check in
  • 15:00 Introduction and overview and getting to know each other
  • 17:00 Vinyasa slow flow
  • 19:30 Organic dinner

Day 2

  • 06.30 Morning meditation and pranayama
  • 07.30 Morning flow
  • 09.30 Breakfast
  • 14.30 Introduction to Ayurveda (and Ayurvedic flow)
  • 19:30 Organic dinner

Day 3

  • 06.30 Morning meditation and pranayama
  • 07.30 Morning flow
  • 09.30 Breakfast
  • 14.30 Your Ayurveda (and Yin yoga)
  • 19:30 Organic dinner

Day 4

  • 06.30 Morning meditation
  • 07:30 Morning flow
  • 09.30 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Closing ceremony
  • 12:00 Check out and departure


Antje practiced different types of yoga for 15 years until she moved to Thailand for a job. In Chiang Mai, she started practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa on a regular basis and only then did the prana really hit her and she understood what has meant by 'Yoga is something I am, not something I do'. She wanted to learn more about the philosophy behind this movement therapy and spread the love.

Retreat location

This retreat will take place in Nong Khiaw, Laos. Nong Khiaw is a sleepy village, nestled in the highlands of Northern Laos. Located approximately 150 kilometers from Luang Prabang, Nong Khiaw is easily accessible by road and river. Travel by road to Nong Khiaw from Luang Prabang takes approximately three hours, although many travelers opt for the longer, six-hour boat ride as the views along the river are spectacular (check with travel agencies in town for availability and pricing of boat travel and this has been affected by the recent building of dams along the Nam Ou River).

Life in Nong Khiaw takes place primarily along the banks of the Nam Ou River. A main street and bridge running through the center of town, connecting the two sides. From Nong Khiaw, day trips to Hmong villages, rock climbing, and visits to caves and waterfalls can be arranged, but the village is best experienced at leisure.

Ultimately, Nong Khiaw's draw is its impressive landscape. The Nam Ou River is flanked on both sides by rolling hills and stone massifs. The river cuts through the mountains, opening spectacular views into the distance. It's a destination not to be missed.

Unique features


  • Steam room
  • Swimming pool (outdoor)


  • Dining area
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga shala


  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi


During this retreat, you will be served healthy breakfasts as well as organic vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet dinners.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

What's included

  • 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners
  • 3 nights' accommodation
  • All yoga and meditation sessions
  • Bicycle available for each participant
  • Use of pool and natural sauna

How to get there

Arrival by bus

Buses are available from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang but expect a long and uncomfortable ride as roads are unsealed part of the way. If you're coming from Vientiane, overnight and day buses are also available (approximately ten hours) and the view is spectacular.

Nong Khiaw is easily accessible by road from Luang Prabang. Nong Khiaw is approximately 150 kilometers from Luang Prabang and mini buses run regularly between the two. Mini bus tickets can be purchased from various travel agencies in Luang Prabang. Mini buses depart Luang Prabang at 09:00, 11:00, and 13:00. The journey takes approximately three hours.

If you are traveling either from Northern Thailand or Northern Laos, you can travel to Nong Khiaw either by public or VIP buses. Depending on the route, you may have to stop in Pak Mong and hire a tuk-tuk to take you the rest of the way to Nong Khiaw.

If you are traveling by road and river from Vietnam, regular buses run from Hanoi to Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam. From there, you can connect by bus to Mueng Khua in Laos. From Mueng Khua to Nong Khiaw is a lovely six-hour boat ride.

Luang Prabang Yoga recommends that you arrive in Luang Prabang before the retreat date so that you can arrange your transportation with a travel agency the day before you leave for Nong Khiaw.

Arrival by ferry / boat

From the northern border with Thailand, several boat options are available including a slow boat from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang (two days with overnight in Pak Beng) or the speedboat (seven hours). For a more comfortable trip, opt for the Luang Say Riverboat, departing from Huang Xai to Luang Prabang and takes two days with an overnight at the Luang Say Lodge in Pak Beng. The price of the Luang Say Riverboat trip includes meals and overnight accommodation in Pak Beng.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
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