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Canoa, Ecuador

Love Life Adventures offers yoga, surf, and paddle surfing retreats in Canoa, Ecuador, that include delicious healthy food, fun, and memories.

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  • Kimberly

    Love Life Adventures website

    My November trip turned out to be a key to changing my life path. Not only did I learn to SUP and surf, but I also met some amazing women entrepreneurs. Being inspired by learning about their lives, and feeling the energy of doing what they really want to do and are meant to be doing, gave me a light out of a tunnel I hadnt yet seen. Ecuador is beautiful, and Janna delights in showing you her home and making you feel at home. I came back healthier and happier than I arrived only 10 days prior. I really do love life now!

  • Sabrina

    Love Life Adventures website

    A big thanks to SUPGirlz for a great time in Ecuador. It was a fun and memorable experience to say the least. I have traveled all over the world and I have to say this was one trip that will always stick out. The fun, the adventure, the people and the hospitality it was all amazing. It really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and was very grateful for the opportunity. It was amazing to do yoga, surf, and SUP every day. The food was great; instructors were patient and always willing to help. I would definitely recommend this vacation to friends, family, and strangers. Thanks again and hope to return someday soon.

  • Lindsey

    Love Life Adventures website

    I did the March surf camp in Ecuador last year and I must say, it was amazing! I went into the camp never having traveled to South America, so the location was ideal to me. Janna and the surf team not only taught me a ton about Surfing and SUPing, but they also offered an amazing introduction to Ecuadorian culture. We were busy surfing most days, but the team was always sure we ate local food, tried traditional dishes, and saw the real Canoa. The week was challenging from a physical standpoint, but incredibly rewarding. Gaining strength and confidence at the mercy of the ocean is truly something everyone should experience, and can do, thanks to Janna and her team. The yoga component of the surf camp really connects the experience, allowing you to process, absorb, and reflect on everything the camp has to offer. It is the perfect blend as far as athletic adventure tourism goes in my mind. This will be one of the best weeks of your life. Go alone like I did or with a friend, you are bound to come out having met some very cool people. It was just an incredible week what can I say. Fresh food, morning surfing, sunset yoga sessions, endless days on the beach. How can you go wrong?

  • Leigh

    Love Life Adventures website

    In the summer of 2010, I heard an enthusiastic girl named Janna on the radio talking about stand up paddle boarding. Always drawn to the world of surf, I instantly felt a pull to learn more about stand up paddle boarding and contacted Supgirlz for my first lesson. From the moment I saw the boards lying on the grass in the East Toronto beaches, I knew I was already hooked. Three seasons later, I paddled nearly every day and dream constantly of surf and stand up paddle boarding when Im not in the water. This past winter I even traveled to Canoa, Ecuador to be a part of Supgirlz first surf / SUP / yoga camp, what an adventure! Janna is a patient teacher, more friend really and fun to be out in the water with. Canoa is inviting and warm, the cliffs stunning, and the patios full of life. The waves are fun, and sleeping so near to the surf in little grass huts was enchanting. Flowers bloom bright and big and the sunsets were unforgettable. Wish I was back on a surfboard in the sea right now!

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