Love is the Prize's mission is to cultivate spirituality and educate guests on the importance of consciousness in their everyday lives.

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Memo Ozdogan

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Angel Olivares

from United States, May 2021

"Amazing getaway from city life!!!"

For anyone that need to get away from there "world" and escape this is the perfect place.The schedule is lenient enough where you have plenty of time on your own while still getting things done.

Only issue i had was that only drinks are included but that was my error in judgment.Besides Memo was very nice by letting me use their own kitchen.Another thing is the volunteers there are great Taylor and Ian were great people.Taylor amazing food and Ian with the free guitar lessons

Sarah Brey

from United States, March 2021

"Transformational Spiritual Experience "

Memo amd Jennifer were wonderful guides and hosts. The itinerary was perfect. The accommodations were beautiful and serene. A very heart warming experience. Wonderful energy.


from United States, July 2020

Real effort to make guests happy and comfortable.

Traci Chenault

from United States, July 2020

"Not what it seems. "

I liked the volunteers. They were so sweet and helpful, also taught yoga classes and did the juicing.

Anna Garrison

from United States, February 2020

"A spiritual journey"

I very much enjoyed this retreat. This spiritual retreat has left me feeling calm, at peace, and grounded. Jennifer and Memo were an absolute joy. Come with an open heart and mind. I enjoyed the meditation with the crystal sound bowls, the nature walks, and the outdoor yoga session. Memo and Jennifer are both very wise and compassionate, and there to make you as comfortable as possible. There is plenty of alone time for personal yoga practice, meditation, and walking. The itinerary allowed us to be engaged with each other while having time alone as well. The location was beautiful and I felt very at peace with nature. Meditating felt far easier out in nature. Finally, the juices were delicious. I snacked on some tomatoes for night one out of habit but the juices and smoothies were plenty filling. Thank you Memo and Jennifer for a beautiful experience. I will be back :)

Barrett Tabeek

from United States, January 2020

"Yoga, Tantra & Meditation Retreat "

Spiritual discussions were really productive, open, free flowing and informative. Learned a lot that tested my current beliefs and has caused me to rethink and change certain approaches which I believe will be for the better. I liked that there was down time to journal, coffee, or whatever you want in the morning. The Labryinth is amazing for meditative walks. The juices were very good and filling. The Yoga exercises were new and unique experience. The Nature walk was also really great.

Kamala Easton

from United States, September 2019

"Thoroughly Enjoyed"

The facilitators were wonderful. The setting was healing and beautiful. The juices for the detox were divine.

Maria Marusyak

from United States, September 2019

Me and my friend absolutely loved the retreat. Juices were always fresh-made and delicious. Spiritual talks made me think about the life and problems I have in a different way. Hikes and yoga were amazing too (special thanks to Kate for yoga and "breath of fire" :)). Overall I feel recharged and started working week in a great mood. Thank you Memo and Jennifer for hospitality.

Isaac Diaz

from United States, September 2019

"Life Changing Experience "

being in this retreat I was able to learn so much about myself and how to live life full of love. The yoga was taught beautifully and was perfect for getting the mind in the right state for healing. Jennifer and Memo were excellent hosts and helped make this experience the best it could be. Memo is an extremely knowledgeable human being and always knew how to respond to all questions with very insightful wisdom. The location was surrounded by nature so it was a perfect area to stay grounded.

Jessica Gil

from United States, August 2019

"An honest review "

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first arrived. I was excited for some peace, quiet, and alone time. I enjoyed the group discussions and the fact that we got lots of time to ourselves. The discussions were eye opening and interesting. I would have loved to learn more meditation techniques and do some group activities. The people who lived on the compound were super nice and welcoming! I'm happy that I got to meet people that live such different lives than my own. The house is not a place of luxury, but it has everything you need for a cleansing weekend. It was alittle hot at night as there is no A/C, but it cools down quickly if you open the windows. We were supposed to sing and dance around the fire on the last night, but that didn't end up happening. That was alittle dissapointing. The morning yoga was great and I loved the nature walk! The location was very peaceful. Nature heals the soul. Would do again :)

Cassie Padon

from United States, August 2019

"Beautiful, Peaceful, Loving Environment and Retreat"

Memo and Jennifer host a wonderful retreat. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed how they stuck to the retreat schedule but it still gave a lot of time for us to be in nature alone and meditate in an environment where I felt comfortable to do so. The juices provided were organic, local, and very filling! I actually didn't even need extra food. They took us on local hikes, we had a bonfire, and got to be in nature 24/7 and chill in the hot tub under the stars at night. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Memo is a great spiritual leader and conversationalist. I also really enjoyed spending time with the other volunteers on the property as well. Everyone was so kind and loving!


from United States, May 2021

"No noise relaxation"

The small group size and the hideaway space in the mountains. I enjoyed the Hikes and free time. I did like the discussions and advice. It was relaxing and quiet.

Kaitlin Delaney

from United States, October 2019

"Most Amazing, Centering & Spiritual Experience"

I am so grateful for the time spent at Jennifer & Memo’s amazing retreat. I arrived to a warm welcome, the rooms were comfortable, cozy and everything for the bathrooms was provided. The house was grounding, the grounds immaculate, the company was amazing. Memo lead wonderful spiritual discussions at least once a day, Jennifer offered her amazing sound bowl experiences and they went above and beyond to make all guests comfortable and happy. I was so impressed. We went on amazing hikes I never would have found without them. I felt lighter and more grounded upon departure. I will definitely be back!!