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5 Days Meditation, Yoga and Wellness Retreat France

  • Le Sor, Lempaut 81700 France


France Yoga Retreat

Grab this perfect opportunity to discover the benefits of meditation and yoga in the beautiful French countryside! Learn and experience different types of meditation and yoga taught step-by-step at your pace. Enjoy private services of massage or energy healing and Transformational Coaching as well as be amazed by an excursion to Nalanda Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Give yourself the gift of experiencing yoga and meditation in a relaxing environment while feeling restored, rested and rejuvenated.


  • Daily meditation
  • Daily Hatha/Restorative yoga and pranayama
  • 75-minute relaxation massage or Energy Healing session
  • 75-minute Transformational Coaching session
  • Excursion to Tibetan Buddhist monastery
  • Daily vegetarian meals and snacks
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Welcome gift package

Good to know

  • All ages are welcome as participants.

  • 5 days with instruction
  • English
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Enjoy peace and tranquility in your own private room with a double bed along with a shared bathroom. You also can share a bedroom with a double bed and a single bed (shared bathroom). If you would like to extend your stay, just inform Lotus Village at the time of booking so it can be added. Per night is at 70 EUR including all meals. Our shared room can be mixed gender.

The retreat will be held in a beautiful 2-bedroom wood and stone french cottage next to Revel.. There you will experience life in the French countryside with beautiful fields all around, horses, a river just behind the house, and a lake 10 minutes away with nature trails.

  • 75-minute relaxation massage or 1-hour Energy Healing session
  • 1 excursion to Nalanda Tibetan Buddhist monastery
  • 1 Transformational coaching sessions
  • 3 daily vegetarian meals and snacks
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Coffee, tea, water, and juice
  • Daily meditation with instruction
  • Daily yoga classes (Hatha and Restorative) and pranayama
  • Welcome gift package

Our Yoga

While there are many different styles of yoga that all offer valuable opportunities to learn and grow, here at Lotus Village, we utilize a combination of Hatha, Restorative and Yoga Therapy to teach you not only the physical aspects of the yoga asanas, but also the philosophy of yoga as well and the wisdom of this ancient method of self-inquiry. And to better illustrate the concepts of yoga, each day there will be a particular theme for the class such as, mindfulness, compassion, empowerment, grounding, etc. that you will learn about and focus on practicing through the meditation, pranayama and asanas. This helps to not only better organize your practice, but it also gives a structure to begin understanding how to integrate your practice into your day-to-day life, rather than simply experiencing a series of asanas that feel random and purely fitness oriented.

Our yoga is taught by certified yoga instructor and holistic therapist, Tania Manczarek, and is accessible to all levels whether you're a newbie, a beginner or you've been practicing for some time. Everything is explained so that you feel confident and relaxed each step of the way, making it easier to connect to the practice, understand the philosophy and learn the correct posture alignments. The Hatha and Restorative styles of the physical yoga practice are done slowly focusing on learning how to do the postures correctly, while using different props and adjustments for your body and level of skill. This way, each person can practice according to their physical ability and what feels right for them.

Our Transformational Coaching Sessions

Here at Lotus Village, our retreats focus not only on keeping the physical body in balance, but also the mind, body, spirit connection in balance as well. Because of this, a key part of our retreats are our private Transformational Coaching sessions with Life Coach and Reiki practitioner, Lucas Coelho.

Each session will include a discussion about different aspects of your life and practice exercises to create more balance between your mind, body and spirit. These sessions are designed to increase your self-awareness and to help provide you with practical tools to use in your day-to-day life to reduce stress, achieve your personal goals and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Day 1

  • Arrival starting at 2pm
  • Welcome gift package
  • Welcome orientation
  • Relaxation massage or Energy Healing Session
  • Dinner
  • Guided meditation

Day 2

  • Yoga/Pranayama/Meditation
  • Silent Breakfast/silent time
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Walking meditation
  • Dinner

Day 3

  • Yoga/pranayama/meditation
  • Silent Breakfast/silent time
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • Excursion to Tibetan Buddhist Monastery
  • Free time
  • Sufi meditation
  • Dinner

Day 4

  • Yoga/pranayama/meditation
  • Breakfast/silent time
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • Transformational Coaching session
  • Movie
  • Dinner

Day 5

  • Yoga/pranayama/meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • Feedback/final questions
  • Goodbyes and check-out at 3pm

Arrival by airplane

Book a flight to Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport (TLS) or Carcassonne Airport (CCS). Transfer from and to Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport (TLS) and Carcassonne Airport (CCS) is available upon request. The price is 90 EUR for a round trip and advance notice is required.

Arrival by train from Toulouse-Matabiau train station

Arrive at the Toulouse-Matabiau train station. After you arrive in Toulouse, you can book a taxi to get to the retreat location. Transfer from and to Toulouse-Matabiau train station is available upon request. The price is 90 EUR per person for a round trip and advance notice is required.

Check in

From 2 p.m. (Flexible depending on flight schedule)

Check out

3 p.m. (Flexible depending on flight schedule)

Group size

Maximum 3 persons.

Extension options

You can extend your stay in Lotus Village for an extra cost of 70 EUR per night including all meals.


Transfer from and to Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport (TLS), Toulouse-Matabiau train station and Carcassonne Airport is available on request. The price is 90 EUR for a round trip for Toulouse and Carcassonne. Please let us know at time of booking.

Additional information

For more information, ask your questions directly to Lotus Village, who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Send Inquiry button to send a message.

  • Excursion to Nalanda Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

Tania Manczarek

Tania is an intuitive energy healer, certified yoga instructor, massage therapist, and hypnotist with over 15 years experience as a psychotherapist from Los Angeles. Tania focuses her life and practice on the mind, body, spirit connection and works in helping people to uncover their authentic self and life. Tania believes that true healing comes from listening to the deepest needs and dreams and that it is from this place of honesty that everything is possible in life.

Lucas Coelho

Lucas is a certified holistic life coach, Reiki practitioner, and hypnotist from France with additional knowledge in techniques such as NLP, visualization, and inner child work. His practice is focused on assisting people to reconnect back to themselves and their needs. Lucas is skilled at guiding people towards solutions and ways to make concrete changes in their lives.

  • Airfare
  • Additional excursions
  • Extra treatments
  • Transportation and airport transfers

Passionate about cooking, healthy living and vegetarianism, Lotus Village offers delicious vegetarian cuisine during your retreat. Lotus Village loves showing others how vegetarian food is not only healthy but tasty and satisfying as well. If interested in learning how to cook vegetarian food, don't hesitate to ask questions as Lotus Village is happy to share recipes and information. For your retreat you will receive 3 meals per day with snacks, juice, water, coffee and tea.

Your retreat includes a 75-minute relaxation massage or 1-hour Energy Healing session, however, if you would like to add another massage or an energy healing session, please let Lotus Village know at the time of booking. Below is a menu of services offered:

  • Energy healing (65 EUR for 90 minutes)
  • Massage (50-60 EUR for 60 minutes) - Relaxation or Deep Tissue
  • Swim in the pool (summer only)
  • Lounge in a hammock
  • Read a book in the park
  • Go for a bicycle ride in the surrounding countryside
  • Enjoy a book from our spiritual/self-development library
  • Hiking
  • Mountain walking / trekking
  • River
  • Lake nearby
  • Library
  • Tour assistance
For information about the booking conditions, please send Lotus Village an inquiry.
  • Review by Michelle from Malaga, Spain

    "My stay at Lotus Village was very healing. I enjoyed the range of treatments and services as well as the delicious vegetarian meals. The couple running the retreat are kind and attentive. The atmosphere is relaxed and inspiring movies are played in the evening -- a much needed get away. I left a better person. Thank you Tania and Lucas!", edited

  • Review by Anne from Scotland

    "I had one of the best experiences of my life with Tania and Lucas at their retreat in France. I stayed for 3 days on a transformational retreat but wished I had booked for longer! The retreat consisted of yoga, massage, energy healing and life coaching as well as amazing food and company. A life changing experience!" website, edited

  • Review by Nicky from UK

    "Lotus Village is a place of calm, love and acceptance. Tania and Lucas are extremely welcoming and I felt at home immediately. Their blend of expertise, energy and sense of humor meant that I was comfortable trying a wide variety of practices and new ways of thinking, even though this was my first retreat! The massage on the first night was invaluable as far as relaxing me into the whole retreat experience. I enjoyed the variety of activities and trying new things such as sufi meditation and energy healing. I enjoyed opening my mind in a place without judgement or expectations on me. Most of all, I enjoyed being able to be myself."

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Kayleigh from South Africa

    "This retreat has been life-changing for me. It came at a point of cross-roads in my life and I could not have made a better decision. It has inspired me to pursue my dreams; it has challenged me to take the journey within even deeper; it has has allowed me to meet "family" away from home, and it has rejuvenated my soul. I am filled with so much happiness and peace and my heart if over-flowing with gratitude for Tania and Lucas."

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by John from The Netherlands

    "Perfect location with a very good atmosphere. It's a great environment to have a further introduction to mediation and yoga. It was a great experience for me as a person. I will definitely continue the things I learned in my life at home. Also, as a professional in psychosomatic medicine, I got inspiration from these days. Tania and Lucas made me feel welcome and at home, resulting in three relaxed days and a full "bag" of new things I can take home."

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Sylvie from The Netherlands

    "It was a very informative and wonderful retreat. Tania and Lucas really made me feel at home. You can be yourself around them. The practices of meditation, yoga and inner-child work was really wonderful. It helped me to be in "the now." In the meditation, I felt "in the flow," which was a very nice feeling. The house and the yoga space were very nice and peaceful with candles and singing bowls. There is a lot of space around the house so you can have space on your own. I really recommend this place if you are looking for a relaxed weekend and want to learn to be relaxed as well."

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Selina from Hong Kong

    "I stayed 5 days with Tania and Lucas for a Transformational Retreat. A simple holiday with yoga and meditation experience turned out to be an amazing journey of self-discovery, development and spiritual renewal. It totally exceeded my expectation and I felt so lucky and privileged to have chosen this retreat. Tania helped me to identify the real need of my body, my energy and gave me tools that I can use and continue to practice in my post-retreat life. Lucas guided me though some of the essential issues I have in my life and showed me the possibilities and different ways to deal with them. Tania and Lucas made themselves available and mentally present for me when I needed their advice or to express myself. I felt myself reconnected to my body, mind and soul. Thank you Tania and Lucas."

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Heidi from Germany

    "The days I spent here were very relaxing and soothing. A chance to set back the clock, reconnect, remind myself to focus on the present and quiet the "monkey mind." Tania and Lucas are wonderful and easy-going hosts who make you feel at home."

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Angele from France

    "I received this retreat as a birthday gift and I really thank my mom for having this great ideal!"

    "I discovered here very beautiful people and new things. I needed guidance, and I received what I was needing. I spent a great time that brought me a lot. "

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Mandy from Germany

    "Amazing experience with lots of insights and fully re-charged batteries! The holistic approach that considers body, mind and spirit makes it very effective and the dedication and positive energy that is given by Tania and Lucas makes it very special. Lots of laughter, good conversation (and food!) and smiles and lots of good vibrations to be taken home. Without knowing me they got to the grounds of what I needed to be focusing on immediately - that was very impressive. I felt understood from the very first minute and all the way through."

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Line from Denmark

    "I had an amazing 5 days at Lotus Village. It's like being in a little bubble far away from the buzz and stress of the city. Tania and Lucas are very loving and supportive. I loved all the new ways of meditation they taught me. The talks around the dinner table and the food were all very memorable. I will definitely recommend others to go."

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Denise from France

    " A unique break with one-to-one attention by people who are really trying to apply their experience to your profile inorder to make the retreat most satisfying and useful for you."

    "Relaxing, restful and yet a full program!"

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Birdie from France

    "I came here for a 5 day detox retreat in order to escape the banalities of life that were pulling me down and pushing me in wrong directions, and I left with a quieter mind, a stronger body, a lifted spirit and a happier heart! "

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Tayane from Bresil

    "As my first retreat I came expecting to expand my knowledge about yoga and meditation. But I got so much more, by actually expanding my knowledge about myself, and how my mind works. And most important, how to guide it towards happiness and for that I'll be never grateful."

    "I enjoyed everything! The space is super cozy and relaxing. The schedule was perfectly balanced, the food was amazing. "

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Malaika from Tanzania

    "I came here needing time alone and to heal from the chaos of life, and it's exactly what I got. All was organised in an incredibly efficient manner and it all felt streamlined into place, exerting no pressure on me and allowing me time and opportunity to "just be.""

    Lotus Village, edited

  • Review by Gary

    "I had a super relaxing time at the retreat. The food was amazing, and the retreat is in such a fantastic setting. Tania and Lucas have such loving positive energies, and I came away with some new life skills, feeling fully refreshed and energised. The visit to the local market was a bonus, as well as the late night rain-dance with thunderstorms on cue!" website, edited

  • Review by Sandra from Portugal

    "This was my first retreat and I went in with no expectations, but this retreat filled me with so much energy and "good vibes" that I never imagined was possible. I learned to make myself a priority in my life again and to treat myself with love. This retreat was life changing for me in how I feel about myself, how I see myself and how I should live my life! I highly recommend it!"

    Lotus Village website, edited

  • Review by Sam from Germany

    "An amazing weekend, calm, relaxing and powerful. Feels like you're in a protected bubble. I enjoyed the balance between activities and free time. Thank you for helping me see things I couldn't see before and giving me tools I can use to start making changes in my life. I loved the concrete approach and your caring and loving energy. Thank you."

    Lotus Village website, edited

  • Review by Caroline from UK

    "What an amazing weekend we had here. From the moment we arrived a feeling of peace and relaxation took over and our busy lives were soon a distant memory. Tania and Lucas took care of our every need, the food was delicious and Yoga in the garden before breakfast was amazing. A healing session with Tania totally blew me away, she is amazing. Next retreat, Bali,how excited am l!"

    Lotus Village website, edited

  • Review by Gary from UK

    "From arriving to departing, a very enjoyable and relaxing stay. You made me feel at home. Food was delicious and the trip to local market was cool. Thank you guys for the fantastic weekend. Feels like I've had a full system reboot. Learnt lots from you both and you have such positive, loving energies you have such positive, loving energies. I feel Inspired and ready to take on the world. I will be back soon."

    Lotus Village website, edited

  • Review by Carlotta from The Netherlands

    "Fun, loving, intelligent people who apply different alternative approaches in a very pragmatic and taylor-made way. Thank you for sharing this week-end, for your commitment, honest feedback and of course, the raindance! "

    Lotus Village website, edited

  • Review by Myriam from Ireland

    "I loved the weekend, and feel ready for a change. I loved being fed and taken care of. I really had a feeling of being taken care of. Thanks!"

    Lotus Village website, edited

  • Review by Angela from Australia

    "I enjoyed that it was small, personal & flexible. It was good to know that the timetable wasn't rigid. There was also time to just be free, relax and do your own thing if you wanted. I loved sitting at the table for meals and just talking and laughing with Tania & Lucas about anything. The food was divine... and plentiful."

    Lotus Village website, edited

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