8 Days Forrest and Yin Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

  • Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center, Montezuma, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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Reconnect with Yourself Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

  • 5 days with instruction
  • Take a load off and reconnect with yourself. Immerse yourself in healing, good clean living, and the joy and spaciousness that are there for you when you put down your worries and your stress. This exciting retreat with Lola Rephann in Costa Rica will focus on emotional and energetic healing and release, building strength in body, mind, and spirit, and self-discovery, all while having fun and super-charging your existing yoga practice.


    • Daily yoga classes
    • Meditation sessions
    • Surf and salsa dance lessons
    • Complimentary relaxation massage
    • Farm, butterfly garden, and zip line tours
    • Beach and waterfall excursions
    • 7 nights’ accommodation
    • Daily organic meals

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Anamaya is truly magical. Atop a cliff, just above the tree line canopy, with views of the Pacific Ocean, rain forest, and wide open sky, Anamaya eases you into a state of ease, relaxation, and enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life. The retreat center is designed to help you relax completely. There is no noise pollution or light pollution.

    The rooms are elegantly designed with every detail focusing on protecting the environment. Most of the rooms have breathtaking ocean views and Anamaya is proud to have used non-toxic building materials, organic fabrics, and local artisans to complete the stylish and intimate accommodations. There are also an ozonated pool, infrared sauna, and two yoga decks for movement and body therapy. A week at Anamaya will recharge you and help you reconnect to what's really important.

    Ananda cabina

    The Ananda Cabina is Anamaya's most spectacular accommodation, with the most amazing ocean views, great privacy, a large beautiful bathtub, and a sleeping loft. The room has two single beds that are an extra 10 centimeters long for adults (the same length as a king size bed), and when put together, they can make a king bed for couples. On the right, you can see the ladder that goes up to a sleeping loft that also has an extra-long single mattress.

    The Ananda has panoramic ocean views with glass walls on three sides. There’s also a small desk for two people. The view from the Ananda’s bathroom is one of the best in Costa Rica and will surprise and amaze you. One of the most beautiful bathrooms at Anamaya, it has a beautiful sculpted tub. The glass walls on the left side all slide open, and in the front it’s open to the air and view.

    The Ananda cabina has a small Zen garden in the back with a Buddha, helping to create a very peaceful environment. Built on the hillside, the Ananda has many walls of glass to let in maximum light and airflow. Although it has air conditioning, it’s really not needed because of the excellent, eco-friendly design.

    Bali cabina

    The Bali cabina is the most popular and romantic cabina at Anamaya, and is usually the first booked. It was actually designed and made in Bali, then disassembled and shipped here to Costa Rica. The garden bathroom and deck were built in Costa Rica to finish the cabina. The Bali cabina has one of the most beautiful views of any cabina in Costa Rica, creating a very romantic feeling.

    The color theme of the Bali Cabina is red. The floor is locally-grown ‘melina’ wood, which is naturally impervious to termites and other wood-eating bugs, and was stained with red to help create the very exotic look.

    The Bali cabina has a single hammock with a spectacular view of the waves breaking on rocks below. From here, you can also see the mainland of Costa Rica, all the way down towards Jaco and Quepos. On a lucky day, you may see whales or dolphins, and most of the time you can hear Montezuma Falls to the north, which is only a five minute walk from a private path that starts behind this cabina.

    The garden-style bathroom is a favorite part of this cabina's tropical architecture and design, and not something that guests usually have in their home. The garden bathroom in the Bali house is the largest of the bathrooms at Anamaya, with a very large tiled bathtub.

    Gaia house

    The gaia house is one of Anamaya favorites. There are two lofts, each with its own ladder to access it, and there are two small, but beautiful bathrooms and two showers. The entire front of the gaia house is sliding glass and screen doors, that can all be opened up for maximum breeze and light.

    The gaia house is simultaneously very modern and rustic, because of the combination of smooth white concrete, polished stucco, and organic materials such as the rough wood posts. The house has two bathrooms, each of which has a toilet and a sink, and a glass wall opening to a small internal garden. The guests love the showers which are open to the ocean and jungle below.

    Ganesh cabina

    The ganesh is one of the smallest cabins in the property, but has a great ocean view, and a private rooftop deck, making it a very popular cabin. It’s ideal for solo travelers or a couple. The bathroom is very special as well, as it's fully open to the view and elements on one side. All the furniture in ganesh was made in Costa Rica and was designed especially to fit this room.

    The ganesh room has lots of light due to the large windows and beautiful view in the southern direction. The bathroom has a spectacular view open to the ocean and the jungle below. This cabina is very unique in that it has its own rooftop lookout with a hammock. Enjoy privacy and one of the best views you’ll ever see while relaxing or reading a book.

    Garuda's nest

    The garuda’s nest is Anamaya's most spectacular cabin, built high on a tower with expansive views of the ocean and jungle canopy. Because it’s so high, it sways a bit like a tree house when the wind blows or people walk around in it. So don’t book the garuda’s nest if you find that idea unnerving or you’re afraid of heights. This one is for the most adventurous guests only.

    The cabin has two single beds in the main room, or the option of a king size bed, and there’s an additional queen bed in the loft above. Below the cabin is a large five by five meters wood deck with a hammock.

    Hanuman cabina

    This cabina was named after the monkeys frequently seen in the canopy in front of it. The hanuman has a beautiful view of the ocean, and an open-air designer bathroom. One of the beds is built into a very unique niche, very queen-like. This cabina is ideal for two people, each with her or his own luxurious bed, but also works for three to four friends or a family.

    Jungle cabina

    The jungle cabina, or jungle room as it's sometimes called, is Anamaya's favorite, even though it doesn’t have the ocean views. It’s one of the largest cabinas and the design, decor, and lighting are all very unique and beautiful. But what really makes it stand out is that the bedroom section is build high above a steep slope, making you feel like you’re in a tree house high up in the jungle canopy. This section has three walls of glass to really connect you with the outside.

    Lotus cabina

    The lotus is one of the most popular cabinas because of its ocean views to the east and south. The room has the best view of any of the cabinas at Anamaya. It has a deck with chairs, a hammock, and a hammock chair.

    Mantra room

    Located underneath the lower yoga deck, mantra room has the most privacy. It has a queen size bed and a private bathroom, with a view of the ocean, and a tree in front that’s a favorite of the monkeys.

    Master suite

    The master suite occupies the top of the main building at Anamaya. It has vaulted ceilings, a balcony with an incredible eastward ocean view, and an internal balcony looking over the main sala (or living area) of Anamaya. The top of Anamaya’s main building is the master suite, with phenomenal ocean views and gorgeous interior architecture and design.

    The room has air conditioning, a ceiling fan, and vaulted ceilings. It’s also well-insulated so not much lighting or AC use is needed even on the hottest days.

    Prana cabina

    The prana cabina is a favorite cabina of visiting couples or solo travelers. It’s cozy and private, with incredible south-facing views of the ocean and southern Nicoya Peninsula. The prana room faces nearly directly south, with a view of both the sunrise and the sunset. The prana room’s view includes a distant visa of Cabo Blanco national park, located at the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.

    You will find the prana room down two flights of stairs, a short distance from the main building. It has air conditioning and a ceiling fan, but most of the guests only use the fan. Prana is one of the coziest cabina. Despite it’s small size, the prana room has everything you might need and is a favorite of couples who come for retreats at Anamaya. The open closet has a small desk with an ocean view, and there is also a private deck with a hammock.

    The prana room is one of the most eco-friendly cabinas built in Costa Rica. All the materials are non-toxic, even the stucco was specially made for Anamaya without the usual fungicides. Anamaya combat mildew and fungus instead with good airflow, lots of light, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. The deck has a hammock offering a gorgeous view of the ocean and the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.

    Serafina room

    The serafina room is a small room next to the master suite. It has a custom-made bed with an over-sized single mattresses designed for adults. The style is of a Balinese daybed. The serafina room shares a designer bathroom with the master suite. The room faces west, and is very basic so it’s usually a lower price option for most retreats.

    Temple cabina

    The temple cabina has two small rooms on each end, and a bathroom shared between them. The cabina is an incredibly beautiful wood structure, with tons of intricate detail. It can be set up with two twin beds, or they can be put together to make a king sized bed for couples. The room faces out towards the jungle, with a wall of glass on one side.

    The temple is made primarily from ‘melina’ wood, which is a wood that’s farmed in the local area. Melina wood has a natural insect repellent, so no poisons or toxins are used to treat it. The temple is surrounded by lush landscaping dripping with vibrance.

    The casita

    The casita was the first structures to be built on the property by Geoff and Karen McCabe, two of Anamaya’s owners. It is an extremely well-designed house for the tropics, with lots of light and airflow, and a large deck with views of the jungle and ocean. The casita is set apart from the other rooms, and offers the most privacy and the most space, and is surrounded by gardens. Surrounded by jungle, the casita also has organic herb and vegetable gardens.

    Like most of the construction at Anamaya, the casita is designed to be very beautiful at night. Costa Rica’s skies are extremely clear, and when there are no clouds, you’ll be able to clearly see the milky way and other astronomical features. The interior of the casita has an arched door and arched window connecting the bedroom with the sala. The outside bathroom includes a shower, a sink, and a toilet. The inside is the same. Feel free to take a shower in the rain. It’s fun!

    During this retreat, you will enjoy two yoga classes daily. The daily morning practices will be Forrest yoga-inspired Vinyasa, a mindful approach to Vinyasa yoga designed to go deep into cellular tissue thru long-held and challenging pose sequences. Lola will also teach alignment-oriented Vinyasa yoga, a practice designed to help you become more embodied and find correct alignment in the yoga poses, which helps the prana (vital energy) circulate thru the body and mind.

    The evening sessions will be a combination of Yin yoga (a slow practice of long-held poses designed to target the fascia, or connective tissue, of the body), gentle Hatha yoga, and meditation. The fascia is where you store emotional as well as physical trauma, and true healing must address these deep layers of cellular tissue.

    Lola may supplement the evening practices with shamanic journeys, techniques to help tap into the collective and symbolic mind and draw guidance and information from deep within the subconscious.

    • Anamaya farm tour
    • Beach and bonfire excursion
    • Butterfly garden tour
    • Waterfall hike
    • Zip line tour
    • Lola Rephann

      Lola has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Lola’s teaching is informed by stillness, mindfulness, listening to the body, and moving from a place of spirit. Lola studies primarily with Paula Tursi of Reflections Yoga in New York City and Erica Mather, a Forrest yoga guardian in New York City. Lola is an e-RYT at the 200-hour level. She has amassed well over 1,000 hours of teaching experience working privately, in group classes, and in corporate settings throughout New York City and Hudson County, New Jersey.

    Anamaya is located at one of the highest points in Montezuma overlooking some of the best ocean views in the area. The retreat center is only five minutes from downtown and several beautiful beaches.

    Montezuma is in the Puntarenas Province located at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and began as a small fishing village. The area began to attract tourists in the 1980s because of its natural beauty, waterfalls, variety of activities, and opportunity to relax. Montezuma is also known for its yoga community as well as its creative and healing arts.

    Nearby places

    • Cobano - 20 minutes
    • Malpais - 25 minutes
    • Montezuma - 5 minutes
    • Playa Las Manchas - 7 minutes
    • Playa Los Cedros - 9 minutes
    • Santa Teresa - 25 minutes
    • Boating
    • Cooking classes
    • Hiking nearby
    • Horse riding / rental
    • Massage
    • Sauna
    • Spa
    • Surfing
    • Swimming pool
    • Zip lining
    • Air-conditioned rooms
    • Beach
    • Garden
    • Hammock
    • Kitchen
    • Restaurant
    • Yoga deck
    • ATM / banking nearby
    • Board rental nearby
    • Currency exchange nearby
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Hair dryer
    • Toiletries

    There is a fixed menu offering different breakfasts, lunches, and dinners each day. Anamaya can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or those who eat fish and chicken, but they do not serve red meat or accommodate a full raw diet. Almost all of the food is local and organic, with more and more coming directly from their own farm.

    Anamaya means healthy in Sanskrit, and the restaurant is dedicated to creating tasty healthy meals that the resident genius chefs, staff, and guests dream up.

    Anamaya’s restaurant and dining experience is unique. The chefs and kitchen staff prepare the food in the prep kitchen and then bring all ingredients into the main lodge kitchen where you can watch, learn, and sometimes even participate. The chefs will teach tricks to anyone who cares to learn.

    Horseback riding

    Montezuma and Costa Rica are famous for their horse culture. The area’s cowboys, and cowgirls, still use horses to round up and move their cattle from pasture to pasture. You will be put on horseback to ride down the beach, and visit the remote and undeveloped Playa Grande, Playa Cocolito, and El Chorro waterfall, which pours off a cliff and splashes into the sea. An additional charge of 40 USD is applicable.

    How to meditate workshop

    Meditation has countless proven benefits, ranging from reduced anxiety to enhanced empathy and improved immunity. If you’ve been interested in meditating but weren’t sure where to start, this workshop will help.

    Start with a short Yin yoga practice to open the body and quiet the mind, then learn several simple methods of meditation. You will meditate for about 20 minutes using a few different techniques for quieting the mind, so you can experience which methods work best for your temperament. There will be time for question and answer session so you can ask questions that come to the mind of all beginning meditators.

    This is a 75 minutes workshop and the cost is 35 USD.

    Open the gates workshops

    The hips and legs are both incredibly powerful and often, incredibly tight. Viewed as gates to the energy centers, the legs can either help you tap in to your strength and creativity, or tension there can feel like a block to full self-expression. Release the hips and legs and connect to the power of your first, or root chakra, and second or sacral chakra, the creative center.

    A vigorous Vinyasa practice designed to open the hips and legs will lead to poses that target long held tensions in hips, legs, and low back. Emerge with a deeper connection to your sense of strength and creativity. This workshop is a perfect remedy for those who sit at a desk a lot and feel tension or stress in their low back, hips, and groins. This is a two-hour workshop and the cost is 50 USD.

    Tortuga Island adventure

    Fishing, boating, scuba, and snorkeling are all staples of the Montezuma experience. Anamaya can charter a local boat to provide you with an assortment of fun activities in the Costa Rican waters. You may see whales, dolphins, or a sea turtle. The chef will cook any fish you are able to catch.

    Included in the retreat package is one 60-minute relaxation massage to ease the tense in your body.

    • 1 60-minute relaxation massage
    • 1 cooking class
    • 3 daily clean, organic meals
    • 7 nights’ accommodation
    • Anamaya farm tour
    • Beach and bonfire excursion
    • Butterfly garden tour
    • Daily yoga classes
    • Holiday feast and circus performance
    • Salsa dance lesson
    • Surf lesson
    • Waterfall hike
    • Zip line tour
    • Additional spa treatments
    • Airfares
    • Airport transfers
    • Extra excursions

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) from which you can take a domestic flight to Tambor Aiport (TMU) in Montezuma. Transfer from this airport is available upon request.

    Arrival by bus

    There is a direct bus service from San Jose to Montezuma. This bus leaves every day from the Parada de San Carlos in downtown San Jose at 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The cost is 12 USD. The bus station is a 20 minutes taxi ride from Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO). The bus trip takes about five and a half hours in total.

    There is one rest stop between San Jose and Puntarenas. In Puntarenas you must get off the bus and the driver will hand you a ferry ticket and a laminated card that you need to get back on the bus. Follow the bus crowd onto the ferry for a beautiful one and a half hour ferry ride. Upon crossing the gulf you will disembark in Paquera. Follow the passengers to the other side of the ferry terminal to re-board the bus and continue the journey to Cobano.

    In Cobano all passengers going to Montezuma switch to another bus, which takes you the final 20 to 30 minutes to downtown Montezuma.

    Arrival by ferry/boat

    To get to Montezuma, you can hire a car and take a ferry ride. The journey takes about one and a half hours in total. The ticket price for adult is 810 CRC and 485 CRC for kids. The cost for automobiles with driver is 11,400 CRC. The ferries have an air-conditioned passenger deck complete with snack shop and restrooms, as well as a large outside viewing area. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased.

    You are advised to get to the ferry about 30 minutes before it is scheduled to leave to help make sure your vehicle gets a space on the boat.

    Arrival by shuttle

    You can arrange a shuttle transfer from Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) to the retreat center. During the high season (December to April), the shuttle departs Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) at 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. This costs 50 USD per person.

    It takes one and a half hours from the airport to the ferry in Puntarenas. The shuttle driver will buy your tickets and help you board the ferry. You carry your luggage on the boat with you. The ferry also takes one and a half hours. Enjoy a beautiful boat ride with views of the sunset over the mountains. You will board another shuttle on the other side in Paquera, which welcomes you to Nicoya Peninsula! From Paquera, the ride is another one and a half hours to Anamaya.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Lola Rephann - Forrest Yoga & Wellness an inquiry.


    • Review by Ana from Jersey City, USA

      "I moved to the Jersey City area a couple of years ago and found the yoga scene to be fairly dismal. A friend introduced me to Lola and we have been practicing yoga together with her since. Lola is the ideal yoga teacher, she clearly is knowledgeable and knows her craft, but is also patient and works with your physical limitations while encouraging you to take your practice up a notch, each time. Not to mention her adjustments are spot on! A private or semi private lesson is a great setting for practicing yoga and is well served by a strong teacher-student understanding."

      Lola Rephann - Forrest Yoga & Wellness website, edited

    • Review by Shivani from New Jersey, USA

      "I have been a student of Lolas for two years, and I am a better person for it. She exudes quiet confidence, genuine caring, and inspires me to reconnect with my body, mind, and soul. Her ability to modify poses to address my strengths and weaknesses has been extremely useful. I leave each class feeling calm and energized. And, just for the record, the Thai massage is awesome!"

      Lola Rephann - Forrest Yoga & Wellness website, edited

    • Review by Ivy Raff

      "If I had to sum up Lolas classes in a word, it would be revelatory. I have learned so much about my various bodies - both subtle and physical - from her. Lola has the rare ability to teach abstract things in a concrete way such that you will, for example, learn to feel the exact location of your base chakra, along with other things that make you go oooh!. Her voice is soothing, her adjustments are spot on, and she often treats us to some juicy restorative poses at the end of class. She embodies kindness and creates a respite from the cold hard city."

      Lola Rephann - Forrest Yoga & Wellness website, edited

    • Review by Neal Climenhaga

      "Lola has the presence of a native speaker of yoga, is versed in several approaches, and is well able to convey the connections and threads between body and spirit. Her teaching always has a deep soothing rhythm to it even as she encourages her fellow yogis to go towards the edge of their comfort zone."

      Lola Rephann - Forrest Yoga & Wellness website, edited