Liz La Force

San Carlos, Ibiza, Spain

Liz La Force is an inspirator, intuitive healer, and teacher. She gives her sessions and individual and group retreats on Ibiza and on request elsewhere.

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    • Jeanette

      BookYogaRetreats website

      Liz has a bright awareness, but she is down to earth at the same time. Clear, transparent, to the point in her directions and actions. Thereby she creates a save environment, combining a firm base with an open attitude, ready to receive whatever comes up. Doing what she does best; sending love and light into the dark places in your body. I was able to let go fears and bad memories in her healings. A lot of tension dropped and definitely, energy shifted. I feel reconnected to my true self. As a result, I was so completely relaxed that two days later at work, my colleague said she had not seen me like this before. Even after a busy week, another colleague described me as Zen.Being trained as a coach and therapist myself; I tend to be selective when it comes to allowing people in, enabling them to help me. As a sensitive person, I tend to prevent myself from people messing up my energy. There are not many spiritual healers I trust. I would recommend Liz though. As far as I can see she is pure, honest, and able to see through all layers, able to (re)connect (you) with your soul. She is gentle but also directive when necessary. As she has dealt with her own struggles in life, there seems to be no need for her to feed her ego with helping you. Therefore, she is able to focus on you and redirect your attention to your own process. I have appreciated that so much. So thank you so much Liz, I am curious where this road will take me. I feel I have just started, although I am on the way for a long time

    • Elena

      BookYogaRetreats website

      For me was the very first time and meeting Liz was really enlightened. Her approach was very soft but at the same time incredibly intensive.Knowing your true self is a long journey sometimes quite hard but this is the only possible way to reach your heart. Liz made me start this path. Her guide was precious and the location, Can Marti, absolutely magic.

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    • Sabina Sirokovska Belgium

      BookSinglesHolidays website

      My stay with Liz was fantastic. I arrived with heavy personal issues and left feather-light, with positive energy and good vibrations! (And a tan from Ibiza's beautiful beaches :-)) Definitely to be recommended.

    • Caroline v.d H.

      Liz La Force website

      What an amazing journey it was, what a heart warming process. Liz has helped me to find the strength and the light in myself, in order to be able to move forward on a whole new level of happiness and state of being. Helpful tips, warm words, true findings – they all passed by in the week I spend with Liz. Having such a caring and beautiful personality around me for a week was not only a true gift;  it was one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. As one experience says more than a thousand words, I would recommend everyone open to such an experience to visit Liz! With lots of love and thankful heart!

    • Linda V.

      Liz La Force website

      My tree of Life, you have reconnected me with my roots again and firmly grounded them in the earth. You have straightened my trunk and removed the broken branches. You have helped me to remove the dry leaves so new ones can occur. Dear Liz, thanks to you I can grow towards the sun again. And even though I know I have to water my tree myself, I am intense happy to know that when I run out of water or need extra care, you are there.

    • Saskia P Netherlands

      Liz La Force Website

      Actually, I do not want to be woolly, and rather be with both feet’s on the ground. However, you have brought me “home” in this retreat. An intense process was it, but I am grateful that my resistance, anger and restlessness did not kept you away from guiding me through it. You have me given me something very precious and that will continue to move me. Actually unimaginable special what you have done. I have enclosed you in a piece of my heart. Many thanks!

    • A traveler Belgium

      Liz La Force website

      Full nerves and with a frightened heart, I took the step to go on a retreat with Liz. Me, myself and I were on Ibiza. Alone. Away from home, alone for the first time, first time on a retreat with someone unknown to me.I did not know what to expect, but I felt this was the right choice for me.When I arrived at Lizs place, she welcomed me with open arms and a hug. Immediately, I felt safe and ready to share my story.At the first healing session, I was impressed by her knowledge and power of to feel. All she said hit the nail on the head and shook me up immensely. Emotional, confused, clarity and peaceful. I felt it all at once.My inner world set upside down and the next couple of days I felt like in a bubble. I had never been so far away from myself and yet so close to my core at the same time.The insights that Liz gives you a tremendously clarifying and you start to look and experience at life and yourself in a different way. In the beginning of this process you do not know how to feel, but along the way pieces are falling into place, everything makes sense suddenly.What a wonderful experience, that has turned my life into another direction. I am not there yet. I still fall and get up again. However, I am closer to my core and have found peace. A peace I did not experience for years.Liz does something with people. Something that is hard to describe or catch, but it starts transformation processes.What a beautiful human being.

    • Christel and Robbert

      Liz La Force website

      Christel and I were lucky to be “guinea pigs” for the first healing & detox retreat offered by Liz and Jill. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted, invited into their home as very welcome friends, we felt at home immediately in this tranquil environment. Although I was a little sceptical at first, Liz delivered on her promise, guiding us through her healing sessions with authority, providing personal insights, feedback and options for further growth. Her no- nonsense style is balanced with her passion, love and care for what she is doing. The treatment left us both physically exhausted and but light at the same time, feeling relieved and “clean”. Apart from a single session each, we also did a guided meditation session together for which Liz took us to a very special place – an experience which we will not forget for its impact as well as surroundings! Along the way, Jill took care of our inner being in a different way, supervising the kitchen, creating a tailor-made detox menu taking into account personal characteristics and preferences, basing herself on the Blood type diet. Offering a very diverse menu of well thought out biological drinks, food and snacks, she made us feel healthier by the day! Creative not only in terms of menu, but also in the way it is delivered – inside, outside, as a picnic to go – whatever suits your daily (holiday) needs!

      Overall, Liz and Jill really operate as a very passionate, loving and close team, offering their guests a very soothing environment to come to SELF, balancing love, attention and privacy perfectly! A very personal, warm and rewarding experience, don’t miss this unique treat visiting Ibiza!!

    • Filomeen

      Liz La Force website

      Since two day I am back in the Netherlands. I have had 10 wonderful days on Ibiza. The first 5 days I have spent with Liz.I was pretty excited to go to Ibiza for 10 days by myself. Imagine I would be bored to death, or I could not find the house, or I would not like Liz, all scenarios going on in my head because I was going to travel by myself, but I knew somehow, that when I continued to breath quietly, it would all be fine. Just be open and see this as a new experience in your life.After half hour drive I saw Liz standing on her porch to welcome me and immediately thought yes, this is a very friendly woman, with whom I will get along very well.After a short tour in and around the house, we sat down for a drink. To get to know each other. I do not know what it is with Liz, but she is such an open person that you want to be as open as she is. And wish to tell her things about yourself, that bother you. After a short cosy chat, the first session would in the morning.After a lovely breakfast Liz told me that I only needed to lie on a massage table. She would touch some points on my body. I thought thats something I can do. Afterwards we talked about what she had felt. No idea how she does it, but she was right about my feelings, the things that I find difficult and I already noticed after the first session more peace in my body. The rest of the day I was free to do things for myself.Liz gives many nice tips where to go for beaches or food. The next day we went meditating on a very beautiful spot on Ibiza. The meditation was a little bit more difficult for me, but I gave 100%. Liz always looks at what suits you best. And therefore the last day we did again a healing session. And we did some other exercises and she gave me tips and tools to continue my development.What I have achieved for myself. Well among other things, I had a doubt for a while now about my work. Liz taught me how to listen again to my inner voice, what feels good. We often forget nowadays to listen to our inner feelings and continue the rat race.After 5 days with Liz I still needed to find a new place to stay on Ibiza. Liz has helped me with this too. She even drove with me to the Bed and Breakfast. Because I was afraid I would not be able to find as it was off the road. Really Liz is always there for you and by being with her, I also gained self-confidence.How she does it, is still a question for me, but sometimes are just good for you and you do not need to think too much about it, but just need to experience it.What is Liz for a woman? A special beautiful woman, who gives a lot of love, who helps you to reconnect with yourself. Who helps you wherever she can. I am super happy that I have met her in my life and she gave me the push in the back that I needed to feel the strength to continue my life.Many thanks for all!

    • Britt

      Liz La Force website

      While deciding what to do this summer, I felt like it was time to go back to the core of my existence and finding my true anchor. As being a down to earth dependable busy woman, this was a major step out of my comfort zone. Once I made up my mind, I immediately came across the website of Liz and it felt like this was meant to be. Before I knew it, I was in a plane to Ibiza feeling very nervous and doubting myself why I had made this scary decision. As soon as I met Liz, I knew why that was and I felt like this was the best decision I had ever made in my life. What a hospitable, warm, loving, open and truly caring women she is and how lucky am I that she decided to put some of her valuable time in me. She took me under her wings and gave me more than I could ever hope for. With her caring and warm personality, she cracked me open and showed me how every person in this world is beautiful in his or her own way. She showed me that being true to yourself is the greatest gift in life. She showed me what the loving human touch can do and how important it is to listen to your body. She showed me how emotional, pure and peaceful you can get when you let go of all your judgments and just be. She really liberated me and showed me how to dream again! She showed me that I can become as powerful, free and happy as Liz is and gave me all the tools to strive for this ultimate life goal. So did I find my anchor? Definitely! Even more than that, Liz gave me inner peace, hope and inspiration. I have a different view on the world now and I will always be grateful from the bottom of my heart for Liz! If you love yourself, seek for more dept, peace or inspiration in your life I strongly advise you to go and see Liz because I know that this is the best decision you can ever make for yourself!

    • Wendy van Toorn Netherlands

      Liz La Force website

      I have got to know Liz through my sister. At the beginning, I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. What kind of a lady would she be, what would happen. Those questions and insecurities went quickly the moment I saw here and my beautiful inner journey started. I notice that since my sessions with Liz, I make wonderful steps in my development. She has enabled movement in my body, mind and soul that other coaches could not.Her open, cheerful, and above all down to earth personality makes you feel at ease and open yourself up for the sessions immediately. This combined with her healing gift Liz knows better than anyone to touch you in a unique beautiful way .I, therefore, decided to do a 1 on 1 retreat with her past June; the advantage of a 1 on 1 retreat is that the sessions can do their work while you are in a tranquil environment, without the daily distractions.Because you receive several sessions in a short period of time, Liz can guide you to the core of issues, and you are able to make beautiful steps. For me, this was an intense experience where I received beautiful insights.My slogan after the 1 on 1 retreats was: I go home as a renewed, better version of myself! That is something I wish everybody!

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