Liz La Force

Liz La Force is an inspirator, intuitive healer, and teacher. She gives her sessions and individual and group retreats on Ibiza and on request elsewhere.

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Sabina Sirokovska Belgium

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My stay with Liz was fantastic. I arrived with heavy personal issues and left feather-light, with positive energy and good vibrations! (And a tan from Ibiza's beautiful beaches :-)) Definitely to be recommended.

Caroline v.d H.

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What an amazing journey it was, what a heart warming process. Liz has helped me to find the strength and the light in myself, in order to be able to move forward on a whole new level of happiness and state of being. Helpful tips, warm words, true findings – they all passed by in the week I spend with Liz. Having such a caring and beautiful personality around me for a week was not only a true gift;  it was one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. As one experience says more than a thousand words, I would recommend everyone open to such an experience to visit Liz! With lots of love and thankful heart!

Linda V.

Liz La Force website

My tree of Life, you have reconnected me with my roots again and firmly grounded them in the earth. You have straightened my trunk and removed the broken branches. You have helped me to remove the dry leaves so new ones can occur. Dear Liz, thanks to you I can grow towards the sun again. And even though I know I have to water my tree myself, I am intense happy to know that when I run out of water or need extra care, you are there.

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