Living in the Self offers retreats, courses, and offerings which focus on yoga, meditation, Tantra, and Ayurveda worldwide.

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Nicholas Currie

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Don't wait to attend any of the workshops or courses these two amazing beings have to offer! It is an honor to share part of this Life journey with them and to witness the universal wisdom of Yoga being shared and offered in such an accessible and clear way. OM

Elke Johanna

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Tiffany and Kristof share their passion and knowledge of yoga with grace, gratitude, love, beauty and intention. Thank you for your teachings and your blessings. I carry them with me always in my heart.

Lisa Hamilton

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It's difficult to put into words how much Kristoff and Tiffany of Living in the Self-have impacted and changed my life both personally and as a Yoga Teacher. Both Kristoff and Tiffany are true reflection of years steeped in Yoga and a divine expression of the essence of Love. If you are looking for a program that will nourish you, challenge you, educate you, inspire you and motivate while being seated in the heart of Classical Yoga - then look no further then Living in the Self.

Lisa Power

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What can be said? They have shown me how to transform my life. You will learn physical postures, but much more than that, you will discover that wholeness is not only possible, but it is your birthright. Fragmentation, emptiness and darkness are met with love, compassion and the tools to transform them into light. I've said this many times, but it is true that Tiffany and Kristoff have been my guides on a path that has saved my life.

Rochelle Andrew

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This training was such a beautiful and useful experience . It dove deeply into philosophy and healing benefits of yoga while remaining I I loved their 200 Hr yoga yeacher traini g . It dove deep into the tradition and philosophy of yoga while still remaining accessible to people from so many different backgrounds . I used what I learned in the training and have been practicing and teaching ever since . I hope to get to take another training with them soon . These guys made me feel so welcome! Since my training I also attended a very powerful meditation retreat and a sacred relationships retreat . If you have the chance to take a training or go on a retreat I would definitely recommend it !!!