The ancient Greeks said "Healthy mind in a healthy body". Holistic health: balance in body spirit, emotion mind, the whole approach of a person of life.

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6 Day HappyLand Yoga Campsite Retreat in Kanali, Preveza

July 30-August 4 | August 29-September 3

Instructors (1)

Martha Kosta

Reviews (3)

Greg Coles

from Great Britain, August 2020

"Thoroughly enjoyable"

Martha created a safe / warm environment where we could lose our inhibitions and just have fun for a week. A great way to forget about the not always positive news back home!

A nice balance between activities and rest time. Plenty of time to explore the beautiful beaches nearby.

Alexandra Bothe

from Germany, September 2019

"Wonderful Happiness Yoga Reatreat with wonderful people :)"

- lovely Trainer Martha Costa

- nice people

- funny games

- close to the beach

- very big tent with everything you need for camping

- everything was fine :)

Miranda Bartholomeou

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Above and beyond my expectations."

Martha is exceptionally warm, kind and knowledgable. She is extremely creative and passionate about what she does which showed in so many ways.

When I arrived, all the tents were up and ready to use. Each tent had a box of essentials in and even a folder of things to do and read.

The yoga itself was varied and was easy to follow and do.

In the evening we played lots of interactive games which were both fun and challenging, in terms of allowing yourself to be open and free. I learnt so much about myself and it’s definitely helped me see what I need to focus on for my own personal growth.

I highly recommend this holiday if you are open minded and willing to stretch yourself in more ways than one!