Lindsay Foreman Yoga

Lindsay Foreman Yoga empowers students to discover their potential through yoga, Acroyoga, workshops, and local and international retreats.

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Lindsay Foreman

Lindsay is a yogi, foodie, and educator focused on making a change in the community by working with local food businesses, teaching sustainable green living habits, and inspiring others to take care of their body and natural environment. Lindsay believes that when you consciously breathe, you surrender to the present moment, you let go of what has been holding you back. Your breath helps you shift into a space of accepting and honoring yourself. From this state of being, you are able to open to the growth and freedom you wish to achieve.

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Cindy L.

Lindsay Foreman Yoga

I have been attending Lindsay’s vinyasa flow class once a week for seven months, she is one of my favorite instructors. She has a great energy and I feel that she taps into a powerful woman energy inside of me. I think it has to do with the combination of poses we do: core exercises, hip openers, graceful balancing and a goddess pose is always thrown in. As I write this, I have already scheduled her class for my post-work workout. I know I am in for a challenge, but I will come out of Lindsay’s class feeling accomplished and encouraged to come back. I have had a few one-on-one classes with Lindsay, she is very perceptive about my body’s movements and carefully guides me into poses outside of my normal practice. I would absolutely recommend attending Lindsay’s yoga class, she is simply a wonderful instructor.

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