Limnisa Greece offers space and silence to do yoga in a safe, supportive environment to find enough quiet time to be creative and mindful.

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8 Day Yoga Holiday and Writer's Retreat in Peloponnese

Available in August, September & October

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from Germany, October 2019

"A Tranquil Experience by the Seaside"

I throughly enjoyed my experience and would recommend it to those individuals looking for a peaceful place to collect ones thoughts, journal/write, relax and absorb the natural beauty.

It was the perfect combination of solitude and interaction with the hosts and other participants. Our hosts were friendly and helpful, yet unobtrusive. This helped create a good environment to write and reflect.

The food was thoughtfully preparing and presented, and everything from the retreat was fresh and delicious. Thank you!

Joe Steele

from Germany, October 2019

"Unwind. Relax. Reconnect & Recharge."

The Limnisa retreat is the perfect place to slow down and take stock. The moment I entered the villa I started to calm down, slow down and just relax. The pace of the retreat is slow and methodical; yoga most mornings (with a focus on breathing and mindfulness), great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The villa is on its own little cove which is perfect for refreshing dips in the sea, snorkelling or just floating in the waves. Myself and everyone I was on the retreat with felt a surge of writing inspiration here, you don't need to worry about anything. Sunset meditations, excursions to the peaks of the peninsula and the volcanoe all help to keep your mind engaged. Mariel and Phillip have really struck a nice balance between relaxation and activity. It's also a great place to meet other writers, share, listen and learn. I really recommend it for anyone in need of a break, anyone wanting to spend some time on a project, or just in need of inspiration.


from Great Britain, September 2019

"Wonderful place, people and experience "

Everything was thought of, the property and gardens are beautiful, perfect writers retreat x

Pip Brennan

from Australia, September 2019

"Writer retreat steeped in inspiration"

The structure was loose but effective. No talking until 1.30 so it really helped create the space to concentrate. Paradoxically it was great to have other writers to talk to. Being fed was wonderful and having such a gracious and lovingly put together space was very special. While I was a bit taken aback by the remoteness and lack of good signal, it really helped to unplug.


from Great Britain, October 2018

"Very good writing experience"

Great writing stations all over the property inside and out. Communal eating with very good vegetarian food.

Ingrid Skovgaard

from Denmark, October 2017

"Wonderful place!"

Limnisa is such beautiful poetic pearl! The perfect place to reflect and recharge! Mariel and Philip are such wonderful host with such gentle care, esthetic understanding and skills to spread loving good and generous feeling, as well as really well informational logistics. They really know how to create the perfect inspirational and rechargeable settings. I would love to come back again, and I will certainly recommend it!

Jolyn Van Gameren

from Netherlands, September 2019

Het eten, de locatie, de eigenaren die ontzettend vriendelijk zijn. De hele sfeer die er hangt is ontzettend prettig. Het is mooi aangelegd en de hele baai is ontzettend rustig en mooi.


from United States, June 2019

"Perfect place to think, rest, write & just be"

Everything is done with care

Marjorie Larose

from France, May 2019

"The perfect place to work and recharge. "

Mariel and Philip goes out of their way so you can have the best conditions possible to work on your writing. Everything is designed so you can work in a peaceful, inspiring, benevolent environment. The house and the surroundings are gorgeous, the food is wonderful and the yoga classes helps you relax and focus. This was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. Many thanks to Mariel and Philip!

Judith Bovendeerd

from Netherlands, October 2017

"Go quiet - eat mindful - be happy"

The atmosphere is great thanks to Muriel & Philip and the lovely variety of their guests. The location is stunning, everything is done with the utmost care! ♡♡♡