Light Me Up Retreats

Light Me Up Retreats is a tribe of seekers committed to providing a space for spiritual transformation and self-actualization integrating multiple modalities.

Instructors 3

Nathan Poole-McCullough

Nathan Poole-McCullough is a public speaker, motivator, health coach, and spiritual teacher. Nathan has a masters in Philosophy from Kent State University. His area of specialty was phenomenology and metaphysics. He's a certified holistic health and well-being coach and entrepreneur. His passions are holistic approaches to well-being, radical self-love, deep identity transformation, self-awareness, and conscious entrepreneurship.

Heather Keller

Heather is a registered nurse who discovered her gift for making energetic connections and helping people heal themselves. Her childhood dream of digging up jewels as an ‘archeologist’ has emerged into helping others uncover their own soul’s purpose. Intensive integrative yoga therapy and energy medicine combined with ontological coaching are her tools. She passionate about utilizing these practices to assist with healing of the planet so she created Ja’al Global Healing Project, an organization with a mission to save lives of women and newborns in Isiolo, Kenya.

Alexandra Sirocky

Alexandra began her yoga journey in 2008 after sustaining a neck and heel injury from years of competitive dance. Through practicing with awareness, intention, and proper alignment, she was able to receive deep healing not just on a physical level, but also mentally, energetically, and emotionally. To her, yoga brought an inner discovery of the self, her true self, and was a stepping-stone that sparked the path of becoming a teacher and spreading the message of natural healing and wellness to the planet.

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