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7 Days Surf N Yoga Retreat in Maui, Hawaii

  • Light Journey, P.O. BOX 791353 Pā‘ia, Maui, Hawaii 96779, USA

7 Days Surf N Yoga Retreat in Maui, Hawaii

  • Light Journey, P.O. BOX 791353 Pā‘ia, Maui, Hawaii 96779, USA

Maui Yoga Retreat & Surfing

Retreats can be led by our healing team or self-directed, just by showing up and staying in our beautiful space. Stay with us and gain peace and good health by slowing down and getting good exercise in the ocean and jungles nearby, or take advantage of our whole package of healing and cleansing options. Add surfing and really have some fun! Gain strength and new skills or advance the ones you have. Whatever fits your budget and mindset. See some of the shiny happy people that have come away with renewed vigor, peace-of-mind, loving themselves more and all-round better health in mind, body and spirit!


  • Surfing classes
  • 2 meditation sessions
  • Daily hatha yoga sessions
  • Belief systems & awareness training
  • Garden fresh organic food / juices / herbal teas / soups
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 6 days with instruction
  • English
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Room amenities

Sweet garden unit that sits atop the property.

A studio apartment cabin with kitchenette and bath and separate sleeping area.

  • Diving
  • Hot tub / Jacuzzi
  • Massage
  • Massage nearby
  • Mountain biking
  • Sauna
  • Snorkeling
  • Spa
  • Garden
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Bicycle rental nearby
  • Car rental nearby
  • Shop nearby
  • Tour assistance
  • Tour assistance nearby

Private yoga instruction on-site or at The Studio Maui 1 mile away.

Raw food and healthy meal preparation and education.

Outdoor adventures available through our 'outdoor team': hiking, snorkeling, diving, zip lining, surf lessons, windsurf lessons, waterfall exploring, volcano crater hikes, horseback riding, road and mountain biking and more.

On your own, we can guide you to, shopping, restaurants, sightseeing all within 1 mile by bike to town of Ha'iku or 7 miles by car to our quaint and world famous windsurfing town of Paia.

Yoga day spa

Extolling unique features unlike normal day spas - sweat in an infra-red sauna overlooking the ocean, stretch in a personalized session for your body and current health, sip on organic freshly juiced greens that are great for alkalizing the body, lay in our peace garden hammock or bathe in our aromatherapy jacuzzi garden bath. Bring a buddy for hefty discounts. Bonus: then receive a massage in the ancient Hawaiian tradition. See you in peace and bliss.

Ala carte specials

  • Individualized hatha + partner yoga: 50 USD / person
  • Infra-red sauna - Cliffside with ocean view: 20 USD / person
  • Vibe machine: 15 USD / person
  • Organic juices: 7 USD / EA / person
  • Aromatherapy Jacuzzi garden bath: 25 USD / person
  • Sound healing - Tibetan bowls, tuning forks: 25 USD / person
  • Wheatgrass & coconut water: 5 USD / EA / person
  • Massage therapy such as Hawaiian Lomilomi, sports, cranio-sacral, lymphatic: 120 USD / person

Main entre

  • Yoga / sound + sauna + 2 juices: 99 USD / person
  • Sauna, juice, outdoor shower, peace garden: 49 USD / person
  • Yoga / sound + sauna + 2 juices + massage: 199 USD / person


  • Colonic hydrotherapy available upon request
  • Food and nutrition education: Recipes / alkalizing the gut / daily plans for home
  • Meet n Greet: We meet and greet you with lei, coconut water and we head to the beach for seawater initiation!
  • Post Cleanse coaching: by phone / email - for as long as you need it!
  • Seawater: Ionic trace minerals imbibed daily for cellular regeneration and flushing small intestinal tract


  • Review by S.P. from Hawai'i
    10 out of 10

    "Knowledgeable support is essential for a successful cleanse or fast. Lahela provides this support while giving the necessary space to each client for exploring what is going on for them. After the third or fourth day I began to see and feel drastic improvements in my body. This was motivation to continue. By the time I came off the fast, I knew that the "cleansing" aspect would be a part of my everyday life. I now look at food as support for the body and its functions rather than fuel for the body. I am so glad that I went on this journey and that Lahela was my guide. She was an expert and a friend! The benefits of this cleanse continue to have a positive effect on my life."

    Light Journey Retreats website, edited

  • Review by C.K. from Colorado
    10 out of 10

    "It was my second time to see you and drink in the enlightening and very significant learning. You are a gifted healer and teacher. I am a very different person since arriving 13 days ago."

    Light Journey Retreats website, edited

  • Review by S. from Utah
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you for helping me making it through my first fast/cleanse. You are an amazing lady with so much to offer. I learned so much form you while on my stay. I felt pampered and taken care of, your cooking is a 5 star health protocol, especially your soups, use of sprouted legumes and magnificent avocado dip. My body feels so clean from the inside. Thanks."

    Light Journey Retreats website, edited

  • Review by M.B. from Hawaii
    10 out of 10

    "I highly recommend this cleanse and purification program to anyone and everyone who desires to overcome disease and rudeuced life force. In just 12 days I have seen major changes in my body and a disappearance of dysfunctions that have been plaguing me for years."

    Light Journey Retreats website, edited

  • Review by S.L.D. from San Diego/Oahu
    10 out of 10

    "Laurel, you are an inspiration, truly an enlightened spirit. Your light is bold filled with genuine warmth and radiance that cannot be ignored. The reminders and advocations through how you live your life have taught me plenty by bringing my awareness into actions. I have broken patterns and created new mantras. This spiritual behaviorism is utterly effective and I am forever appreciative. Also, you have taught me how to sprout, to grow and cultivate food that lives up to the point of consumption. Before our meeting, I had not tended to my seeds and neglected them through methods of avoidance or fixating on the surface. Ihave learned that growing takes patience and nurturance, something that I have seeked for myself, but never put subsequent efforts into, until now. Mahalo nui loa Laurel for enabling such an amazing experience."

    Light Journey Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Michelle from Canada
    10 out of 10

    "I will always remember this trip for many, many lifetimes. the space and your kindness and loving heart, truly embarked a feeling of bliss during my stay here. Thank you so much for your guidance and our journey to Lanai. Swimming with dolphins was a magical experience. And our laughter and music and sleeping under the stars. I hope we have many more fun and exciting adventures together."

    Light Journey Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Allois from Micronesia
    10 out of 10

    "I came from Micronesia where I live. I came to spend some time in Hawaii and ended up spending some days with Laurel. I needed to re-charge my batteries, stretch, have some days off the coffee and beer. I got a little taste of what she provides to her guests. She will spoil you and she knows how to do it. the food was the best I have ever tasted in my life. After 2 or 3 days I felt more energy, not as hungry and really alive, ready to go. If i could only cook like that! I am going back to Oahu today with a total new perspective of how to eat healthy and the difference it can make in your life. Thank you Laurel! "

    Light Journey Retreats website, edited