Light and Bliss is a travel and wellness company providing handcrafted experiences set against beautiful landscapes, which combine yoga and adventure.

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Chanya Tuchinda Thailand

Light & Bliss website

I stopped by at Lululemon and found Light & Bliss brochure, so I decided to join the program. I came to Bali expecting a relaxing, nature-inspired yoga retreat. I learned and extended myself, cleared my mind and nurtured my soul. The Yoga was fantastic! I learned so much about yoga and meditation in such a short time. I loved the vegan food, trips, staff, spa treatments, the group, room, everything has been wonderful and unforgettable. I would like to thank my new friends for helping me to see this. I am so grateful and can't wait to come back again

Lora Rainey Australia

Light & Bliss website

I had such a wonderful and soul-cleansing experience at the Light and Bliss Yoga retreat. The instructor was amazing and challenged every level of practice, the food and accommodation was top notch, and I met friends from all over the world. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to recharge and explore the practice of yoga! Thank you Light and Bliss!!

Farin Salleh Singapore

Light & Bliss website

It was my first yoga retreat with Light and Bliss but definitely won't be my last! You can tell that a lot of heart was put in the planning - from the IG worthy location to absolutely gorgeous dinner menus every evening and picturesque lunches by the padi field. I was a little worried about doing yoga as I didn't have much experience before the trip but they made it really comfortable and suitable for all levels. Had an amazing time making new friends, trying out new experiences and found my own bit of light and bliss at the end of the three days. Thank you.