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Bringing together a full spectrum of healing approaches, Lifted Life Yoga Center offers a safe and inviting space for personal discovery, physical harmony, and inner stillness through yoga.

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Robin Simmonds Mikels United States

Lifted Life Yoga Center Facebook page

Best little yoga place around. You might expect amateur instruction at such a tiny place, in a little town. However, you will find professional and even expert quality instruction, with care for their students at this great yoga place.

Nichole Tandy United States

Lifted Life Yoga Center Facebook page

Lifted Life Yoga is nothing short of incredible! I was a nervous wreck my first time stepping into a yoga class and the minute I walked in the door I was welcomed with open arms and my anxiety melted away. The instructors truly care about the well being of their students! All age groups in classes and all yoga levels are taught! I have been attending for the past 5 years now! Go check it out.

Marshall Miller United States

Lifted Life Yoga Center Facebook page

One of the best Yoga Studios around! The instructors are top notch and very knowledgeable. Lifted Life Yoga will leave you hyper aware of much more than just the physical benefits of yoga. Go check it out.

Garon Larson United States

Lifted Life Yoga Center website

I just had to tell you that last week when we got that huge snow storm, I shoveled a lot of heavy snow and in years past, the muscles in my back would be killing me after something like that. I totally shovel differently now, I consciously engage my abs and use my core and take the strain out of my back. I shoveled my driveway, my neighbour's driveway, and had to shovel in front of my office to the next day, and my back didn’t hurt one bit. I am so happy! Yoga has really helped by back feel better, my posture is better at work, and I’m learning to apply it to other areas of my life! I have seen the positive effects of Yoga on my life. I was thinking the other day about the decision I made to try Yoga, I was really nervous and didn’t know if I should even try it. The first few weeks just about killed me. I don’t know if your routines used to be that difficult or if I got that much better or learned not to fight it as much, but the big difference! Keep up the good work. I always recommend your studio to people. Thanks!

Rebekka E. United States

Lifted Life Yoga Center website

Just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised, I was amazed!-at how I feel and Heal on a regular basis attending Lifted Life Yoga. Say “YES” to a transformative experience.

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