LeelaYogaRetreat provides Tantra yoga retreats for small groups and private Tantra yoga classes tailored to your needs, personal interests, and concerns.

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Natalia Khoroshun

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Maria R P De Sousa Pinto

from Great Britain, July 2020

"Wonderful relaxing experience. Perfect Instructor."

I loved this retreat.

Natalia is a very lovely person and a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor. She taught us to the full extent of our beginners level, making sure that we were in correct postures, teaching us theory and basic principles, adapting her routines to our level, trying to stretch our bodies and intellectual interest to our maximum capacity. She has a great desire to teach and share her deep knowledge. She was careful to chose beautiful locations and to go deep into each of the twice daily sessions.

Natalia and our ship captain Stephan went our of their way to make sure our week was memorable. They chose beautiful locations for beach, sailing and evening meals and even beach barbecues. They are wonderful company.

Perfect. I highly recommend.