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Lauren Lee offers immersions that take you on a transformational journey through the body, mind, and heart through yoga, holistic health, and soulful travel.

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Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee is an E-RYT 500 teacher and founder of Raise Your Beat, who leads transformational yoga and wellness events. Her highest aim is to inspire and empower others to step into their most authentic selves through a holistic vibrant lifestyle. Her classes are intelligently sequenced and infused with intuition, a dynamic blend of alignment, breath, contemplation, and philosophy. Lauren follows her heart through her various projects and collaborations. She leads retreats around the globe which integrate yoga, workshops, and tailored activities.

Kirsty Norton

Kirsty was born to move. She grew up in South America, UK, and Bangladesh, so travel and culture is in her blood. Yoga helps her to move and flow through life, experiencing the full velocity of it all. Kirsty has dedicated her life to energy, study and evolving and brings spirituality, vibrancy and freshness to all of her teachings. She has created 'Embrace Your Essence', a series of lessons aimed at revealing the spirit that shines bright within us all. She is currently writing a book about the same subject. Kirsty has taught for 14 years in the UK and around the world on retreat immersions.

Lucy McCarthy

Lucy McCarthy will be hosting and guiding you during this retreat.

Rose Baudin

Rose Baudin, a world renowned master yogini, will be hosting and guiding you during this retreat.

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Lisa United Kingdom

Lauren Lee website

Going on retreat was one of the most unique and special experiences I've had, and I am lucky to have shared it with both my mum and sister! Waking up each morning knowing that the day ahead was dedicated to cultivating more self-love, peace and freedom in my body and mind, was quite an amazing sensation.

The retreat curriculum was well structured, but allowed for free time during the day to relax and enjoy the incredible surrounding nature. Beginning and ending each day with the yoga practices, and sharing the practice with the group, built a strong sense of community which continued to grow over the week. ‍ We arrived as strangers from various parts of the world and left as friends who will all cherish the memory of what was shared on our week together.

Lauren and Kirsty created a truly tranquil and transformative retreat which was easily adapted to all varying levels of yoga. Their passion and enthusiasm for yoga was both encouraging and inspiring. Their gentle, but expert teaching showed the knowledge and wisdom they have each gained through their own practice and dedication to yoga. I am already looking forward to my next retreat with them!

Sharon United States

Lauren Lee website

Lauren and Marla fostered a beautiful sense of community, calm, and tranquility during my retreat with them. They both have a way of sharing their wisdom that is inspiring and eloquent but also leave the student feeling confident in their ability to incorporate that wisdom in their lives. The depth and breadth of knowledge that these two women have was apparent throughout the retreat and was delivered in a way that is accessible to all students no matter where they are on their path.

Orly United States

Lauren Lee website

For most of us, we come home from a trip feeling rejuvenated and inspired to make a change only to find that inspiration fade...this was certainly not the case with Tropical Transformation. Over a month has passed and I smile each day as I think back on what was truly a transformative adventure. But a retreat such as this is only as great as its leaders. Tory and Lauren are not simply organizers of a trip, they are teachers, mentors and motivators. The care, attention, professionalism and dedication shown was above and beyond. It was the connectivity and friendship that blossomed that made this not simply a trip, but an amazing journey. It was the exact medicine I was looking for, infusing me with strength, empowerment and energy I was searching for. From the exceptional yoga classes to the thought provoking workshops and sessions, to the camaraderie within the group - one thing was better than the next! I've never take a yoga class before and I left with a love and appreciation. I never thought much about caring for my health and left with a deeper understanding of the importance of both physical and mental health, along with nuggets of wisdom that I can easily apply into my everyday life. Prior to this trip I was feeling tired, beat and as though I lost a certain spirit or energy I always had. Through Tory and Lauren's unwavering kindness and dedication, this retreat helped me to reconnect and tap back into a strength I had inside of me all along. All adventures must come to an end, but it's the truly transformative ones that leave you feeling as though it's just the beginning.

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