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3 Days Weekend Writing and Yoga Retreat in California

  • Land of the Medicine Buddha, Soquel, California, USA


Writing and Yoga Retreat California

Laura Davis would like to invite you to the fourth annual “Coming Home” weekend, designed to help you go deep within and replenish your body, mind, and spirit. Many of you race through your days, feeling breathless, off-balance, and like something is not right about the way you live. Individual aspects of your lives have meaning, but taken as whole, you often feel breathless and propelled through life with an overwhelming sense of “too much.”


  • Restorative yoga
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Writing workshops
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Beautiful retreat center
  • Vegetarian meals

Skill level

  • Beginner

Good to know

  • All ages are welcome as participants.

  • 3 days with instruction
  • English
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You will be accommodated at Land of Medicine Buddha, Soquel, California, USA. You will be staying in either private or shared rooms.

Land of Medicine Buddha is a beautiful, peaceful retreat center located in Soquel, California. It is 15 minutes from Santa Cruz's famous beaches and two hours south of San Francisco. There are extensive walking trails, redwood trees, and beautiful temples on the property.

Nearby places

  • Santa Cruz beaches, 15 minutes
  • San Francisco, 2 hours
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Beautiful retreat center
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Restorative yoga
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Writing workshop

What would it be like to stop and rest, to take stock and renew yourself, using your body and your creative voice to rediscover who you are beneath all the obligations and commitments and doing? This weekend in the beautiful redwoods of Northern California will give you that opportunity. Restorative yoga and writing exercises will help you delve deeply within, helping you explore these and other essential questions:

When was the last time I felt completely and deeply alive?

What do I truly value in my life?

What do I need to let go of?

What would my life be like if I truly stopped my momentum?

How can I feel deeply relaxed and connected to my body?

How can I learn to deeply relax and renew? To restore myself on a daily basis?

What steps can I take to access my deep inner wisdom?

How can yoga and writing help me integrate my body, mind, and spirit?

To benefit from this retreat, you do not need to consider yourself a writer, and you don’t need to have done yoga before. Beginners at both disciplines are welcome to join.

Additional information

For more information, ask your questions directly to Laura Davis, who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Send Inquiry button to send a message.

  • Flights
  • Transport to and from retreat center

Three daily fresh and organic vegetarian meals are provided.

  • Enjoy walking in nearby redwood forests.
  • Visit beautiful temples nearby
  • Mountain walking / trekking nearby
  • Beach nearby
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
For information about the booking conditions, please send Laura Davis an inquiry.
  • Review by Pauline Zunino from Pennsylvania, USA
    9 out of 10

    "The Coming Home retreat provided the perfect opportunity for connecting with myself at a very deep level. I experienced an awareness I haven't been able to find anywhere else. I truly came home. If I had to summarize the weekend in one word, it would be "transformative.""

    Laura Davis website, edited

  • Review by Julie Anderson from San Francisco
    9 out of 10

    "If your life seems to be pressing in on you and time to unwind is scarce, a weekend with Karyn and Laura at the Land of Medicine Buddha is just what you need. Freed from your electronic leashes and immersed in a world of sentient beings and ancient trees, you can breathe here - really breathe. And in that breath, you might just return to yourself."

    Laura Davis website, edited

  • Review by Debbie Owen from California, USA
    9 out of 10

    "In our busy modern lives, we have lost a sense of connection to those things that nourish us acceptance of our innermost feelings, a deep, long belly laugh, a sense of belongings, and the power of community. This retreat transported me away from the day-to-day distraction within just a few hours of arrival and held me transfixed and timeless as self and awareness grew effortlessly."

    Laura Davis website, edited

  • Review by Stacey Hendren from California, USA
    9 out of 10

    "To couple yoga with writing - along with the notion of mindfulness and rest - was a powerful combination. My writing and my self-awareness benefitted exponentially from this retreat"

    Laura Davis website, edited

  • Review by Mary Lasher from California, USA
    8 out of 10

    "The writing prompts enhanced the yoga experience and vice versa. It was a perfect mix. This weekend retreat taught me how to slow down and be fully present with myself in a busy world."

    Laura Davis website, edited

  • Review by Allison Summers from Casuarina, Australia
    10 out of 10

    "Your retreat provided me with great adventures, a healing connection with others, the chance to deepen my writing, and the opportunity to heal my mind, body and spirit. I got to experience and connect with a wonderful nourishing country and its people. Your magical retreat taught me to never give up before the miracle."

    Laura Davis website, edited

  • Review by Elya Braden from Santa Monica, USA
    9 out of 10

    "This trip is unique. It's more than a chance to explore Bali; it's a way to go deeper into yourself, to be awake and aware. This was a complete travel experience: learning and seeing the culture and history, action and adventure such as snorkeling and hiking, self-care through yoga and massage, facials, and pedicures. And this is key, the writing with Laura helped me experience the trip more fully and to become a better writer. It was a wonderful way to connect to the other participants."

    Laura Davis website, edited

  • Review by Rosemary Christian from Santa Cruz, USA
    8 out of 10

    "Writing and yoga were a great combination and created a wonderful balance. One fed my mind and the other fed my body. Both fed my spirit."

    Laura Davis website, edited

California, United States

Laura Davis and the Writer’s Journey leads transformative trips around the world which incorporate writing, travel, cultural immersion, and travel.

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Arrival: Friday November 11, 2016
Departure: Sunday November 13, 2016

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