Lanzasurf: Surf, Yoga, Massage, Meditation, with accommodation in the idyllic setting of Famara Beach, Lanzarote. Unforgettable Holidays. Reconnect with nature!

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Evandro Muñoz de Medeiros

Gordon Carey


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Clémentine Arquillière

from Germany, October 2021

"Amazing surfcamp in Famara"

The team in Lanzasurf is considering each surfer as a member of the family and it makes you feel welcome, the surf lessons were intense which makes you work on specific techniques and progress very quickly.

Laure Poulet

from France, October 2021

Everything was perfect. Teachers are really kinds, the accommodation is located near to the beach and I enjoyed staying in this positive energy. So, I recommand Lanzasurf.

Simona Zanini

from Switzerland, August 2021

Dejan, our surf instructor, was so positive and passionate about surfing that he let us feel very comfortable and at ease during the whole time and gave us such constructive feedback. He even took photos and videos every day to improve our skills! We loved the time with him and the other Lanzasurfers - it felt like being with an amazing big family! We stayed in the surfhouse apartment with another couple and it was perfectly located as it was so close to the beach and the surf school. The evening yoga sessions with Marco completed our days perfectly - we enjoyed every single moment on the island! We would recommend Lanzasurf to everyone.

Salomé Roch

from France, April 2021

"Great stay "

Great stay with Lanzasurf, the bungalows are very welcoming, just a few meters from the beach and the surf and yoga instructors are both professional and friendly. Thank you for an amazing week !


from Germany, November 2020

"Amazing and magical place!"

The guys are super friendly and helpful!

Love the location of the surf houses just next to the ocean.

It's fun and cool and I want to come back.

Nastassia De Baere

from Belgium, August 2020

"Just amazing!"

I had amazing holidays thanks to Lanzasurf. The surf classes were just perfect, the teachers are super professional, patient, kind and funny (special thanks to Dejan, my teacher). They take times to explain everything about surfing (board, waves, stand up nicely, etc) and when it comes to practice, they are always with us in the water, which is helping a lot. I never had such a good time surfing (even if I was a beginner). The yoga classes are also super nice, especially after a day of surf. Anyway, i recommend it 100% you will find a nice atmosphere, nice people and professional classes. Big thanks to Lanzasurf !! Nastassia

Etienne Zanetti

from Switzerland, July 2020

"Amazing Experience"

Wow - during my 1-week stay I had an amazing experience surfing with these guys!

I absolutely loved every moment of it! As you arrive for your first lesson and get to know everyone, you immediately feel part of their big surf-family. The team is friendly, professional and highly skilled at teaching you the basics of surfing. I was especially impressed in how they accurately kept track of everyone's progress once in the water and individually providing feedback on what to improve next. As soon as I took the next wave I felt an improvement each and everytime.

You really felt the entire team's passion and for surfing and their genuineness in teaching and commecting people with all aspects of the surfing culture. I spend most of my 6-days lessons with Dejan as an instructor (what an incredible man - I love you!!!). Everytime I or others hit a wall he just had a magical way of putting me and everyone else back in the right mindset - which is such an important part of the enitre learning process. The way he transposed and educated us on all aspects of becoming a better surfer was so captivating and motivating that I eventually added 2 more surfing lessons because I felt so inspired on furthering my technique.

Ultimately, I was totally in awe in how they also helped everyone to connect outside of the lesson to further enjoy the island's attractions and make my stay most memorable. At the end of it, I was totally not surprised to hear that many people I was taking the class alon

Julia Ryvkina

from United States, March 2020

"Excellent vacation "

Everything was great. Dejan is a great surfing instructor and very good human being. Yoga was excellent. Highly recommend

Jos Taylor

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"3days Surf clinic"

The instructors, Raul and Gordon, were amazing. Couldn’t be more friendly or more knowledgeable. I learnt so much in 3 sessions, I really noticed my progression and I know feel way more confident in my surfing.

The accommodation was also great, basic, but clean, tidy and very comfortable, with a great balcony and excellent views.

Can’t wait to return in the future!

James Mummery

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"Can't recommend enough"

This was my first time surfing, and I absolutely loved it. Lanzasurf make the experience very easy, hassle free and lots of fun. Good lessons, great vibe and really good focus on both teaching you how to respect the beach and the surfing community alongside actually surfing techniques. Famara is a wonderful location, and the waves perfect for a newby. Met lots of wonderful people, and made the experience really enjoyable for a solo traveller. Thanks Lanzasurf!

Christine Crowley

from Ireland, January 2020


Great place, great people, great fun! Lanzasurf staff are super friendly, very helpful and great instructors 💗💗💗


from United Kingdom, December 2019

"Knowledgeable and experienced teachers!"

Knowledgeable and experienced surf tutors give a mix of useful theory and individualised practical feedback, enabling the development of your technique throughout the week. The school also offers a good variety of yoga styles (including aerial yoga) that balance out the physical demands of surfing, as well as a great massage to iron out the everyday kinks. Overall, the school’s team deeply care, sharing their passion and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere!

Holly xx


Anna-lena Kamb

from Germany, September 2019


All in all it was a perfect vacation! Nice people, beautiful place, fun surfing and relaxing yoga, nothing more to wish for!

Raluca-elena Roman

from Germany, August 2019

"One of the best experiences "

The instructors are very professional. They are very helpful and they have patience with you.

Really nice people, easy to talk to and you have a lot of fun with them.

I was at first afraid of the waves and stressed out, because I did not succeed at first, but they gave me the confidence which I needed to go further and try again, until I managed to stand up on the bord.

It was the best choice for me to book Lanzasurf, so I definitely recommend it.


from United Kingdom, August 2019

I had a fantastic week. Professional and punctual classes, helpful and responsive team, beautiful setting. Great sense of community, but also good for some alone time.

Alex Tuttolomondo

from Italy, August 2019

"Great team and great experience!"

Perfect place to learn how to surf and enjoy some yoga, lots of good vibes and smiles with the lanzasurf family.

The team is super committed in teaching you the best surf technics fitting your level and making sure you are enjoying your stay. You can't image how satisfied will you feel at the end of the course.

Yoga classes are perfect to stretch your body before and after any surf class. Ensure sure you try all the different yoga styles.

Make sure you book your accomodation for a couple of days more than the surf classes. You will enjoy a small break to let your body recover. Ask the team to book a car for you and visit this stunning island during the break.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you soon.



from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Great fun in a special location "

Famara beach is a unique landscape. The instructors were passionate and enthusiastic. Surf lessons were fun. Yoga sessions were very relaxing and I loved the airial yoga one. Met lovely people and had a very energising and refreshing week. Thank you all in Lanzasurf family:).

Zoe Carson

from United Kingdom, July 2019

I thought I had had surfing lessons before - I was mistaken! The guys at Lanzasurf are incredible instructors, in different ways. Marcio (not sure if I spelt that right!) is probably the most passionate person I’ve ever met about the ocean, and Dejan was meticulous in his teaching. Dejan in particular really focused on improving what you individually needed to work on, which almost felt like private lessons.

I am most definitely not a natural surfer, so don’t worry if that’s you too! They adapt to your level, be it beginner or something else. If you want to learn properly, this is the retreat! The yoga was excellent too, very chilled & focused on recovery from the surfing. The instructors were lovely & I particularly enjoyed the aerial yoga!

I did 5 days in a row of surfing, which I probably wouldn’t recommend - a day off would be better to recover a little.

Julia Parry

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Excellent surf tuition - stunning location"

Famara beach is amazing - one of the most beautiful locations you will find - and the Lanzasurf instructors are excellent.

Francesca Mangia

from Italy, February 2019

"Excellent instructors that really make you love this sport "

Dejan and Gordon have been excellent instructors: they are able to transfer the passion for this sport. Thanks to them I really learnt much more than expected, from the theory to practical tricks and techniques that I finally managed to put in practice.

Michael Frach

from Germany, December 2018

Very good surf-instructors, beautiful atmosphere, nice little surf houses.Goin out with the surffamily and discovering the island. :) Thanks a lot for this amazing week everyone!

Marta Piñero

from Spain, September 2020

"Tendré que repetir y alargar estancia!!"

La calidad de instructores de yoga y surf es brutal, geniales, tanto a nivel técnico como en el trato personal. Y las instalaciones son muy buenas, en un lugar inmejorable

Aurélie Pignon

from France, December 2019

Les professeurs de surf et yoga sont tous excellents.

Sympa de changer tous les jours pour compléter notre apprentissage après est-ce bon pour le suivi et la progression notamment quand on est débutant ?

Le concept de la surf house est très sympa après j'aurais bien vu les toilettes séparées de la salle de bain car nous sommes 8 par logement.

Le lunch est surprenant (fruits et barres chocolatées) mais c'est très bien pour repartir l'après-midi sans être trop lourd.

Barbara Leguet

from France, August 2019

"Beyond expectation "

Everything was super great : the team, le surf classes, the surf house & this beautiful island. Everything to spent Good vacations

Sheila Hollinger Lueoend

from Switzerland, July 2019

"Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt - es lohnt sich!"

Das ganze Team, egal ob Administrativ, Surfing oder Yoga sind mit Leib und Seele bei der Sache. Sie unterrichten alle mit Herz und mit know-how!

Erika Ballais

from France, June 2019

"Such a great experience "



from Spain, May 2019

"amable , personalizado y muy rejante "

clases en grupos pequeños y en familia con mi hija de 6 años

Mariella Kunst

from Netherlands, May 2019

"Onvergetelijke vakantie en voor herhaling vatbaar"

De combinatie yoga en surf binnen een school wat slaagt in het creëren van een familie-gevoel.

Laura Becker

from Germany, March 2019

"overwhelming experience"

My holiday with Lanzasurf was one of the greatest experiences I ever made. Staying at the Surfhouse was a good decision, I met so many beautiful people and had a lot of fun. Furniture etc. is basic but comfortable. The surf lessons have been absolutely amazing, my teachers were Dejan and Gordon who both have a really calm and relaxed way of teaching. Also they're never too serious and always reminding the group to have fun. I can really recommend doing the Yoga classes too, since it is a great preparation for the surfing day.

Many thanks and love to the whole lanzasurf-team and especially to Dejan and Gordon who always made me feel safe and motivated. You guys taught me important lessons for surfing and life! I will take many of your advices with me wherever I go, especially the most important: just try to look cool :-) i will come back for sure! Aloha,

peace and love from Laura

Johanna Meister

from United States, March 2019

"Active and relaxing week in famara"

I really liked, that everyone was very motivated to make it a perfect holiday for me. Carol organised an amazing horse ride for me and she arranged everything for that I asked for. Dejan was patient and every time in a good mood and motivated to show us how to surf, with his knowledge. How he teached us I could improve my surfing. Lanzasurf created a beautiful place in famara with good vibes where it was easy to connect to people and have a good time.

Marco Schwarz

from Switzerland, February 2019

"Best surf camp: Lanzasurf"

I learned a lot from Gordon and Dejan about surfing but also about the sea and the waves themselves. The lessons were instructive and very entertaining and funny.

Sabryna Tremblay-cantin

from United States, February 2019

"Surfing paradise"

Just everything ! The spot, the surf lessons, the teachers... everything was nice. This has been a fun and relaxing week. A special thank to the surf teachers (Gordon & Dejan), who are very competent and help us a lot to improve our techniques.


from France, May 2021

"Super nice retreat a surf and yoga was perfect "

L énergie positive du lieu


from United Kingdom, December 2019

"Perfect surf camp to learn to surf "

I liked that the instruction and teaching is given in and out of the water. The individual attention able to be given to each surfer is good because the group sizes aren’t too large and the fun atmosphere added to each lesson by the instructors made every day enjoyable

Elizabeth Clark

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Great location and instruction"

The location was perfect to learn to surf. Famara has a lovely vibe, a supermarket, lots of cafes and restaurants and quite a few surf shops.

The surf instruction was great all of the instructors really invest their time in getting to know you and assisting with your own personal style.

The yoga was very nice every morning and I got to experience aerial yoga with silks which was special!

I travelled alone and felt perfectly safe meeting like minded friends in the apartment. We gelled well together as a group and socialised most evening together.

There’s lots of space and time for relaxing or running! The location is slightly baron with a magical feeling.

Domenico Corsaro

from Spain, March 2019

"Recommended, Great experience and great people "

All the staff of Lanzasurf is very friendly, professional and welcoming. You really feel like with a group of firends. They teach you how to surf but also they share their experiences and transmit their passion. Carol is very kind and professional. I also recommend the yoga class either in the morning or in the afternoon because it really make you feel better and the instructors Evandro and Marco are both very good.

Joan Higgin

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Brilliant surf experience "

The instructor were really great encouraging and friendly .

Yoga teacher sandra was fantastic also

Maria Candelaria Lombardo Attias

from Spain, August 2020

Las clases de surf fueron estupendas. Dejan es un gran profesor, con muchísima paciencia y dedicación. También tuve algunas lecciones con Edu y fue genial! Sin dudas repito en algún momento!!